Breaking Open the Art of Bookcase Accessories

Designing bookcase accessories can be a tricky art!

But we are here today to tell you the in's and out's of a bookcase and how to make it look magazine ready!

1. Turn books on their side:
One little tip we always practice is not only rotating books from upright to on their side, but also facing pages out instead of spine out to give a look of uniformity

2. Add "objects":
"Found" objects, small sculptures, or unique items help to break up books

3. Repeat similar elements:
The key to a bookcase is to not get it too busy. By repeating similar patterns and elements you create a rhythm and purpose to the shelves

4. Be Monochromatic in Color:
TCI Project

5. Love negative space:
Don't add TOO much. Embrace open and empty areas

Happy bookcase decorating!

Modular Art Panels

"Art is whatever you want it to be"

We love taking this quote to its limits. What CAN art be? A canvas? ... A framed treasure? OR a whole WALL of beauty.

That's what our vision was for this custom Dallas build. How could we turn an ordinary wall into something new and improved?

A modern take on an egg crate pattern, turned paintable and hangable = time for this wall to get crackin'!

With walnut bands below and above our strip of modular panels, we brought texture and color to this room in more than one way.

Cutting, measuring, and getting it just right for the final installation of this beauty.

Stay tuned to see the end result!!

LED Lighting in the KITCHEN

Lights are the future of spectacular kitchen design!
You may have heard of different types of lightbulbs buzzing around the market these days, but we are here to tell you why LED lights can be the best decision for YOUR space.

We love to use LED strip lighting in glass cabinets or under-cabinet lighting.
These 3 reasons will convince you this IS the best decision!

1. Energy Savings: 
Extended use lighting such as LED's will increase your lifetime of a bulb
See more of this TCI Project HERE

2. Size:
Underside of cabinets are getting less and less deep and the 1" deep lighting design has needed a change. LED's come in a variety of different sizes for this specific need!
See more of this TCI Project HERE

3. Color:
Beautiful, light and WHITE design is all the rage right now, and we are needing to move away from the yellow lighting that cast "dirty" light on stunning design. LED's shine a soft white light on whatever their design is!
See more of this TCI Project HERE

Are you a LED believer??

The 411 on Grout Colors

It's that small detail that usually gets forgotten until the last minute... grout color.

You might spend hours selecting and sourcing the perfect tile ... but the detail that is grout can make or break even the most perfect tile!

So what's your choice. We are here to tell you the in's and out's.

White on white. 
This gives a small room a larger appearance. It gives a streamlined, clean and slab look.

Gray on white.
A soft approach to revealing the shape of a white tile.

Or even a particular lay of tile. Brick lay can come to life with a contrasting grout color

Black on white. 
For a REAL pop ... go for the stark contrast of black grout to show off that unique herringbone or brick lay

Black TILE - 
Reverse the rules from above --
Black on black for the streamlined effect

Look down! Black on WHITE! White grout makes these hexagons REALLY stand out.

Gray on COLORED tile. 
A soft, clean approach to deciding what will contrast with the color. Instead of trying to figure out what hue matches what hue, go for gray to match it all!

COLORED grout.
Feeling bright?!?! Be Bold!

Pick it right and you'll have the perfect combo of tile and grout!

BE BOLD with Color in Bath Remodels

Go Big and Bold!

Adding color in the bathroom is a fantastic way to show a personality, brighten up a morning routine and go crazy for color!

Ways and Tips to Integrate Color from TCI:

Colored Acrylic Pulls:
This is one of favorite. Bring in colors from around the bathroom in the hardware!

Be Bold with Pattern in Color:
Bringing in color isn't the same until you put a pattern with it. Really honing in on those tiny details will change the whole room

Use a LOT of it!
This rainbow mosaic in an otherwise WHITE room is to die for.

Check out a few of TCI's BRIGHT colored bathrooms an how we brought in the color!

Offsetting a bright orange wall with orange tile patterned in the shower brought a new life to this bathroom.

Tile and Paint Color are perfect complements to each other:
We use the two to bounce off each other and create color stories throughout the space.

Would you like to take a plunge into color with TCI?!

Back to School - Your August Checklist!

Can you believe it?? 

This summer has flown by and before we know it, everyone will be getting back into a routine.

For me, my new routine will look quite different as all my birds have left the nest!

Here are a few tips we've found to help get you back on your feet for the fall:

1. Organize Family Photos

2. Set Up a School Station

3. Clear out the Kitchen for Easy Week Night Meals

4. Clean out the Closet before Fall Shopping

5. And Schedule some Time to Do Nothing!

Happy End of Summer!!

A Day in the Life -- of Site Visits

Some of our favorite parts of creating custom spaces for our clients is seeing the walls come to life! 

Site visits = seeing our visions become reality. Lately we have been on.the.go from one house to another making those visions happen!

What do we do in a site visit?? Take a little peek around and see a day in the life...

Exteriors -- 
- Double checking those windows, any particular paint checks...

Tile - This bathroom has started to form that vision with the inlayed niche and geometric glass tile. 

Trim work ... has been on board this house and is quickly framing each area with care

More *heart eyes* for this beauty of a shower! This Preston Hollow house is pulling out all the stops!

And pouring out into the bathroom floor, is that same beautiful pattern! The care and time taken to lay these tiles speaks for itself.

Picking paint this site visit -- getting in the natural light of each room always helps the decision become final!

Just wait till this wall of geometric beauty is filled with a coat of paint specifically selected for it! Stay tuned guys... its going to be good.

Styling Tips - Console Tables

Styling your tables can always be a stump for many people. 
We are taking time to share our top styling tips for each type of table :
A Console Table - Buffet and Sideboard

Try any of these 3 tips and you will have an instant updated look in no time.

1. Traditional Transitional Look -
Pair 2 tall buffet lamps on either side and swap out a large vase in the center with season-appropriate fresh flowers

2. Large Scale Art -
Instead of worrying about what to mount above the console, try resting large art on the console and leaning it on the wall behind

3. Functional - 
Many times a console can double as a mini bar. Find a tray you love and display your favorite spirits

Off you go to style the first console table you see!

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