Find 2: Peacock Park- an Olde Surprise

What is it about this Vintage Chic look that keeps calling my name?

I stumbled upon this new showroom while on my day trip
to the Dallas Market Center and was enchanted by 
the creative merchandising and charming displays.

Enter Peacock Park, who's owner founded the company
due to her love of all things worn, tattered, old, torn-
and of course, French.

Can someone please just hire me already to design a room using this stuff?!!!
I need to get it out of my system
(then, I will quit blogging about it:)

Luv the curled, printed paper chain-

 Mirror idea is so cute
maybe a DIY project for you!

The sign below says it all!
My motto

If you love this romantic, European chic design style also,
check out my previous post here and here for
more gorgeous goodies!

Until next time,

Find 1: Custom Chairs that Wow!

Fun day at Dallas Furniture Market on Thursday... 
lots of snacks and oh-so- many buyers...
 but I enjoy the perks of braving the crowd.

Once in a while, I'm stopped dead in my tracks. 

~Photo break for the above~

Not only do I adore the color combination, but this chair
 is a go-to resource because it is....

A winning combination!

1: Simple:  Clean lines on the frame
2: Custom: Choose any fabric you love
3: Affordable: Use the focal fabric on the front or back only 
4: Functional: Faux leather goes on the seats for easy clean up!

I raved about this same style chair last year... so I must still love it!
Read that post here and see more examples of how to use 
it in your kitchen or dining room.

Greenhouse Fabrics sent me an extra book which has some of these
extra fabrics!  I say-
Go for it!

I also carry vinyls faux leathers in all colors-

... and I probably don't need to remind you of how I feel about nailhead-
read about it here

Tobi Fairley's twist on the same idea...

A bit simpler but classy-

Bold on the front and solid on the back-

Use the more affordable fabric on the back or switch it up!

Don't forget to customize the wood color as well:)

I'll be sourcing these chairs for my clients, More, More, Moore's
so let me know if you want some too!

Until next time,

Headbands in your Home Gym!

It has been crazy busy in the culdesac lately! 

While I've been selling furniture 
and shuffling kids, my next door neighbor, Sandee, has 
jumped into the entrepreneur business just like me!

 Sporty Girl Headbands
is her new project where she creates and sells
 headbands that allow you to... 
workout your body without "pulling out your hair"!

Check out and browse the headbands at

Custom orders for your school softball team, cheerleading squad, 
volleyball club or just to match your favorite running outfit!

Sandee is lucky enough to have her own home gym to test out
her sportygirl headbands and here are some tips from a 
previous e-newsletter I wrote on how 
Connell Interiors can help YOU create a space to sweat it out!

Be sure to-

Plan it out:

home gym

If you are lucky enough to have this much room for your equipment, 
planning proper space may not be an issue! If not, choose a corner 
by a window for a great view-

Check out your Form:


No windows in your workout area? 
Install a mirror to keep you on track.

Choose your Color Palette:


Two thoughts: Select warm yellows or cool blues and greens 
for a soothing feeling (maybe for your yoga mood) and 
brighter colors to inspire an intense workout!



Choose a corner in the gameroom so you can keep an 
eye on the kids at the same time.

and Must Haves:


If at all possible, install a television in your workout room, good flooring 
(either tightly woven carpet or rubber mats on hardwood), 
and proper lighting for a positive experience!

Send us a picture of your new figure and you in your Sportygirl headband!

Until next time,

A Way with Words-

Does your home reflect your personality? Does your home have a sense of humor?

I mentioned a while back that one of my goals is to encourage my clients and readers to 
include some of "themselves" in their homes...

I didn't think I did a great job of this in my own home... until I looked around- 
I certainly have a way with words!

and a few serious thoughts....:)

A great gift  is telling someone how you feel about them
or just brightening their day!

How many times have you run across something and said...
"That reminds me of 'so and so'....."

Me too-

Enter Etsy...
(click the link and spend an hour minute)

Here are my virtual presents-

(If you know me, you hear the above quite often!)

Place your order, slip the print in a ready made frame and watch the smile factor!

Until next time,

*Images via-, Moi

Best Deal in Town: In Home Design Consultation

One of my most popular design services is the hourly design consultation. This is where
I come into your home and suggest any thing you'd like related to design:

PAINT COLORS (most requested!), window treatment ideas, furniture arrangement,
remodel product selections, room layout, finish choices, accessory options,
move in services, and the list goes on...

Most of the time, we knock it out in one hour!

A custom home builder, Neil Blanchard, called me to give a little direction to his clients 
who are in the process of a MAJOR remodel in Dallas.

The kicker... authentic Arts and Crafts... as far as design style-

A bit different from the norm, but I loved it!

My clients had thoroughly done their homework but were stuck on a few things...
 wood finishes and paint color.

They were headed in this direction and we tweaked 
the wood finish to go a bit darker.

Sort of like this:

The main concern was:

How do we make all the wood surfaces work together?

As you can see in the above photo, the wood tone on the paneling and beams are consistent,
the furniture is also and everything contrasts the floor.
Winner, winner...

We did the same:

Darkened up the finish color which will contrast their Stickley
furniture that sits on the lighter hardwood floor. 

Take a peek at the custom backsplash above
and authentic lighting... love it!

We also chose cabinet hardware and a lighter cream paint color for the kitchen ceiling 
(instead of yellow) to accentuate the beams.

To give some flavor to the front part of the house, we chose
Sherwin Williams Mannered Gold to go with the 
warm amber pendants in the kitchen- it all flows!

Here are the drawings for the fireplace design:

Hiding that flat screen:)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Perry Pair and
wish them luck with the rest of the remodel!

I know it will turn out as beautiful as these rooms:

We accomplished a ton in an hour and a half:)

Until next time,

*Images via: Moi, Google Images

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