Rock of Ages: Oh, Constantine-

Another great evening out .... thanks to my cute concierge friend, Jenny!

This time we were treated to see Rock of Ages at the Winspear Opera House-
but first, we stopped in at Park on Henderson for some delicious drinks dinner.

... and made the show just in time! The musical was terrific and featured the Rocker 
you have to remember him, right?

This show was perfect for us since it was set in 1987 and featured
songs from Journey, Styx and Bon Jovi...
(def. showing my age!)

It is playing in Dallas until May 29... so go if you can!

My son is an avid guitar player, however, I would say there
were a few scenes that I think a 15 year old boy should probably skip:)

Just a few decor tips for you as I think about boys and guitars...


1. Remember the decals I have mentioned before?
Use them (love the chalk addition as well)!

  Get those guitars off the floor with wall hangers-
my son has three hanging and I will show you a pic...
when he cleans his room:)


plenty of options for bringing the guitars to the ground:)

Possibilities are endless when adding a bit of guitar decor to a
budding musician's space... from art prints to framed record
albums- the sky is the limit. Look for Part II on this!

Thanks again, Jenny and the girls... fun night!

Until next time,

Updated Vintage Accessories: For You?

I'm definitely having a "thing" with this vintage modern look...
not sure what it is, but I want it!  I want to put it in someone's!  Mine?  Hmmmm.... I'm trying to integrate some pieces
and do seem to be getting away with it.

Friday, I stopped by my favorite art gallery, La Montage, and visited 
with sweet Gaylynn and Kelly.

I'm always drawn to the unique gift items they have scattered
among the gorgeous art pieces. 

Here are a few:

The Queen and King will demand attention on your favorite buffet piece or counter-

This artist can also create these pieces using your vintage photographs-
way more interesting than just a frame!

These were my favorites- was it the bird? the blue? the jewelry? the cream?... or the finials?

I took a few peeks at the egg plaque on the left... I need it-

To further my fetish, I took a look over at Etsy to see if I could
find more of this look- and I scored!

How easy is this? You can buy all the 
pieces for $150!

Why not spruce up your light switch cover?  Wait- $5?

Adored these candlesticks as well-
Yes- $5.00 for the pair

Cruised some new blogs and found this sweet framed

Back to Etsy and saw these crafty burlap tags...

Are you ready for an updated Shabby Chic look in your home?
I'm inspired and ready to provide it for you!

Until next time,

Red, Light and Blue

Have I shared how much I love the color combination of
red and light blue?

We've chatted about turquoise and orange quite a bit, but I was reminded 
a few times this week that I was ignoring one of my faves-

#1.  I saw this party pic idea from the TomKat Studio and Tiny Prints...

and I was swept away... love it!

#2.  I had a client email a photo of a Persian rug he is trying to sell.
It is a steal and thousands below what he paid!

Call me if you want it for a good price!

#3.  I was catching up on my blogger friend's post over at
Traci Zeller and she just reported on the combo as well!

#4. Saw this on Apartment Therapy

#5. We had the Kravet rep at the office last week showing the latest
introductions and saw this beauty-

and Kravet Couture from their website

and this one... just for fun:)

#6. All of this reminded me of one of my favorite rooms
designed by none other than Tobi Fairley-
Queen of color and pattern

Truly, we can use this color combination almost anywhere
in your home!  Is it just me (and the other Traci) or do
you love it too?

Until next time,

Before and After: Allen Bowling Center

We all love Before and After shots~

Here are some good ones of my project 

The public space was over run by patrons who didn't care if
they damaged the game room or had no problem instigating fights
that warranted the police on a regular basis! The ceiling was tainted by
years of smoking and I can't even describe the smell!


A family focused atmosphere for birthday parties and group events.
Walls came down, the floor and ceiling were replaced, pool tables recovered,
the disco inset on the ceiling was removed, lighting changed, 
and talk about a paint overhaul!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post this year, our only
beginning inspiration was the existing carpet shown above.

Here's another angle-


This entire wall was removed and now here is the view!


Dark and Dreary

Fun and Festive

Thank you to my skilled contractor and uber talented muralist!

Swing into Allen Bowling center, buy a few rounds
and see the difference!

Until next time,

Happy Mother's Day and more~

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 

...and Happy Mother's Day to the rest of you Mom's out there!

I wish I had the privilege of spending today with my mother,
but distance has certainly gotten in the way-

On the flip side, I wish the one in the middle could spend the 
day with her mom, as well.  Yet again... the distance thing as well as
"the work thing!" Nonetheless, the two ladies above are two of the most 
important and influential people in my life. 

One who has been the best mom ever and 
one who will be in the future~

But... there's more

more kids that is-

I've had the great pleasure of spending my Mother's Day weekend with them-

First, Friday night with the little sweetie at 
her volleyball banquet
and Saturday with this handsome guy doing some charity work.

One of the best parts of being a mom is spending quality time with your kiddos.

Mom's of teenage sons in the Dallas area, if you don't know about
... take note of the message below

Think of it as Junior League... but with your son:)

We headed down to Victory Park at O'dark thirty Saturday morning, hoping to 
catch a few leftover glimpses of the celebration of the Mavericks playoff win in the Plaza-

My son and his friend did think they scored when the blonde Channel 8 meteorologist
came out to interview the boys about the 10 year anniversary of YMSL

The boys did compose themselves as we completed our charity work of creating
gift bags for 50 teachers who work in the downtown area

Complete with handwritten notes from the boys-

We had a great time,
headed to a double header volleyball game and then
I did something that made me happy~
planted flowers

My mom loves to garden and when I have the time,
I love it too~

Here's a shot of her yard in their last house

If you are spending your mother's day
potting your planters-

Here's a peek at a few that caught my eye...

Take the break and enjoy your Mother's Day...
you deserve it!

Until next time,

Images via*, Google images, Picasa and moi!

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