Client Project: Serene Master Bathroom- Before and After

Before TCI arrived on the scene, this Plano master bathroom was not functional, dated and screaming for help.  After, we were able to transform it into a serene, spa like oasis.

Removing the wasted space around the built-in tub, adding a small water closet on Her side, pushing back the toilet on His to allow adequate room for a door, making the shower accessible from both side of the bath, reconfiguring the closet and raising the vanity heights appropriately all contribute to the underlying beauty of this space… the floor plan! 

The large floating tub provides relaxation & serenity. The large window and skylight flood the space with airy, sun-filled lighting highlighting the key parts to this design. By incorporating an art piece from John Richards and a soft Kravet fabric, the bathroom begins to turn into a perfect color scheme.


This gorgeous chandelier from Currey and Co really transforms the space. A free standing bathtub from Bain Ultra is one of our favorite additions to this bathroom and makes for a wonderful place to sit and relax after a long day.


The space was divided into a His and Hers sides however, the shower and tub were only accessed on Her side and the toilet only accessed on His, not to mention the toilet area was without a door! So naturally functionality was a key part of this remodel. 

AFTER: His and Her

We added wall sconces to the mirrors from Visual Comfort for both functionality and beauty.

The quartz counters from Silestone added a great impact without taking away from the other showstoppers in the bathroom.

BEFORE: His and Her

Making this shower accessible from both sides not only enhanced the functionality, but the aesthetics of the space with clear frameless glass surround.

AFTER: Shower

BEFORE: Shower

Through finishes and textures the design was amplified. Chrome details with natural limestone tile from Arizona Tile, soft greens and crystal lighting make way for this serene oasis. 

When all these concepts and thoughts came together, we have an incredible finished product ... 
ready for use!!

See more of this project HERE on Houzz!

Top 8 Picks for Outdoor Accessories

This week, I am getting to spend some much needed time with my family in Florida!

As we've sat and enjoyed the ocean breeze outdoors so much this week, it got me thinking about my favorite accessories for outdoor patios, gazebos, and porches.

Do you need some tips on how to make your back patio feel a little more homey this summer? Ready to do some entertaining but embarrassed of your thrown together porch? 

Put these accessories to WORK:
Pillows: Always incorporate pillows on your seating. Even though you are outdoors, you still want to be comfortable, and pillows add the touch of color and comfort you are looking for.

Colorful Umbrella: For your perfect pool setting. A pop of color above a couple of pool chairs is needed to complete your oasis.

Garden Stools: These became popular several years ago, but we love seeing them used in unordinary places. Like as bunching stools, or decor in a garden. 

Wire Outdoor Chair: Incorporating unexpected seating into a normal setting will almost always be a conversation starter for you and your guests you plan to entertain this summer!

"Ball O' Fire" Fire Pit: Depending on where you live, it might still get a bit chilly in the evenings, and what is more perfect than this modern fire pit?

Area Rugs: This is a MUST for any patio. It brings the indoors -- out! It softens the hard ground and provides a place to pop some color.

Planters: We LOVE planters. When you find the perfect succulent or fern to add to this modern planter, it will transform any sidewalk or flowerbed instantly.

Lanterns: What patio would be complete without an awesome lantern? This is one to love for sure. With it's modern lines and clean hurricane candle, we are swooning over this guy.

Now get to putting that patio together ;)

Bathroom Makeover Tips and a Makeover for Myself

Finally... I am knee deep in my very own bathroom remodel after listening 
to my shower head's constant drip for over a year... we are almost there! 
An interior designer planning her own space is a daunting task... we want 
everything and can't decide between the best of the best!

As I scoured social media for ideas, I came across many bathroom makeover tips that 
are snazzy, different , and unique.

First...a sneak peek of mine! The smoky antique glass, mirrored front custom cabinet
 shows a reflection of the tile work, free standing bath tub and 
modern plumbing fixtures. It is coming along 
slowly but surely!

Here are a few of our favorite tips from around the web!!

1. Shapely Tile:
We like to mix odd shaped tiles on flooring and walls. The abstract shapes lend an 
eye to new and different!


2. Sculptural Tub:
Some of our favorite bathrooms have freestanding, shaped tubs in them. We love the
look that they give and transform a bathroom with.


3. Statement Tile:
Finding the PERFECT tile can be challenging, but when you find it, you know it
will be the showstopper of the space.


4. Herringbone Flooring:
Changing up the ordinary to the un-ordinary is the best. A typical floor might be on
straight lay or brick lay ... but the herringbone trumps!


5. Statement Mirrors:
A mirror above the vanity can be simple, easy fix. Or you can change it up to something
quite unexpected and change a bathroom completely.

What would you add to YOUR dream bathroom?

Wine Rooms and Cabinets .. and a First Hand Experience!

Happy Summer! 
Recently, we have been working on several custom wine rooms and sleek bar areas for our build to suit projects, so my trip to Napa Valley couldn't have come at a better time!
(Great excuse to travel for work inspiration:)

First stop was the home of one of my favorite wines, Silver Oak, and they hit a home run for their bottle storage.  I love gathering first hand research and sipping along the way;).

The cave tour at Del Dotto was a treat as well since we tasted straight out of the barrels. 
If you haven't tried Alpha Omega or visited 
the winery, make it a must! It was definitely 
a pleasant surprise!

A Client Project - Custom Wine Room and Bar!

This custom wine room and bar in our lovely client's home has come to life with the concepts and visions from both our team and client!

From this snippet of their blueprint, you can see how the wine room and bar area serves as a connector between the Great Room and Study

We started from several gorgeous Wine Room concepts to get our wheels turning.

We loved the idea of using storefront glass to add a modern touch and showcase the collection.

From this point, we do what we do best at 
TCI...we provide great visuals for our clients
in order for them to see the space created 
before it is built.

We took the concept of showcasing three 
large specialty bottles and added the client's idea of a large lazy susan to the center... and it came to life.


For the Bar area, we loved this streamlined look that provided a modern yet organized appearance.

Thinking outside the box with the flip 
cabinet doors, 
 yet providing adequate storage for 
Scotch and glassware.

We can't wait to see this space complete!! 
Stay tuned for more ... ;)


TCI Needs YOUR help!

Because of the success Traci Connell Interiors is experiencing, our banker invited us to participate in the Mission: Main Street Grants with Chase Bank. If we were to be selected to receive a grant then we would be able expand our company even more allowing to employ more people as well as develop our coaching and mentoring program which will empower 100s if not 1000s of entrepreneurs to learn from our success at TCI.

Please take a minute and vote for us by following this link. The first step we need to take is to receive 250 votes.


White Countertop Options and Look-a-Likes

One of our favorite parts of designing any home .... is the countertops in a Kitchen and Bathroom. 
What we choose to use can make or break the space. So we always like to MAKE it ;)

One countertop that is fool proof is a countertop that is white.
But that opens yet another can of worms ... there are SO many white countertops.

Here are a few of the options we have to choose from and the differences between them!

1. Calcutta Marble : A white porous material with so much character and style. With subtle grey veining, that characteristic makes this marble easy to mesh with any style and design

2. Statuario Marble: This particular marble has many dark black veins that prove to be the star of the show in any room.

3. Statuarietto Marble: This marble is marked with a characteristic large veining that usually runs mainly through an entire slab. It makes for a beautiful statement piece of art

4. Slab Tile: Tile has come a long way in this day and a porcelain tile has actually been created to mimic a marble stone.

5. Caesarstone: For a much more simplistic look ... we choose white Caesarstone or Quartz to turn a design into something wonderful.

6. Super White Granite : A classic look that will never grow old. A Simple granite in many whites

Which will YOU choose??

Make an Entry Statement!

Your entryway is the beginning of your story, the opening to your home, and the start of your style.

At TCI, we like to MAKE IT COUNT.

The entryway of your home should speak for itself, never have to be explained and WOW everyone that walks through your front door!

How do you achieve that?? Well here are our top 4 Tips on how to get a leg up on your neighbor's foyer :

1. Be Bold with Colors and Lines: 
Don't be afraid to start out bold from the beginning. With an edgy console, and bold red/black color scheme, we turned this foyer into a new walkway

2. Create the Right Scale for Your Space:
This quaint foyer in a Dallas high-rise was still able to come to life with  a showstopper light fixture and the gold color scheme we love so much

3. Incorporate 3-Dimensional Wall Decor:
Being different is our game. What would YOU put in 3 niches in an entryway? We chose to change up the normal framed art with "spike balls" in an abstract formation

4. Choose Statement Accessories that are SURE to Start a Conversation:
These oversized sculpture circles are the showstoppers in this beautiful foyer.
New TCI Project Sneak Peek!

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