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Blast from the Past!

Before pic of my client Nurse Joany's living room in 2003


I've had these before and after shots on my website for a while now because
they show such a dramatic change.

Notice, that I took the picture from an angle where the left wall was exposed... due to the fact
that I recommended that my client purchase a large painting to go above the storage piece....
and Nurse Joany wanted to find exactly the right piece.

Fast track 7 years and I received such a pleasant surprise from my sweet Joany, a post written for her blog

Here it is:


Blank canvas


Paint and Brushes


Class in painting with acrylics


Arkansas Road Trip


Masterpiece completed

I understand that seven years is but the flap of a gnats wing when talking "art" so I guess I'm ahead of the game.
My 'Masterpiece' was created out of necessity. Our expansive, dull and boring living room wall was getting to me and on the advice of the fabulous Traci Connell with Connell Interiors, I was encouraged to purchase a large piece of art to place on the afore-mentioned wall. That was eight years ago.

Finding a painting my sweet husband and I both liked, for a price we felt comfortable with, proved futile. After attending various art fairs and galleries, it suddenly dawned on me that I could paint my own masterpiece. If it wound up looking stupid, I had the choice between displaying it or not. No big whup.

My inspiration began with a photograph from our Arkansas Road Trip. It was taken in the Fall of 2009.

A blank canvas and glass of wine...

An outline and a little color...

And now, the reveal...

"Arkansas Autumn"

I have to say that Nurse Joany outdid herself!  It is perfect for the room
 and perfect for Nurse Joany!

Until next time,

Images via: Moi, Nurse Joany

Traci Loves Turquoise

I know... I know... enough of the turquoise!  I've had a realization that since my maiden name was Turco, I do think it should have been spelled Turquo...due to my obsession with this color (which is of course ...second to my obsession with "Wicked").

Just when I think that I should find a new favorite color of the season,

my daughter comes home with this...

Remember the post I did a few weeks back after literally falling in love with the
Global Views showroom at the WTC... well if you recall, almost the
entire showroom was draped in turquoise and orange!

I do have to say I had a hand in naming the volleyball team "Cereal Killers"
and then of course,
matching cereal names to their personalities and physical features. 

My Avery is the setter on her team and is the smallest gal on the court...
earning the name "Mini Wheat"...
the creativity runs in the family!

Back to turquoise- I had the privilege of meeting with a new client for a few consultations
in her new home- and this "Dell Doll" has  lots of style goin' on!

This is an original art piece that she'd like to place over the mantle in her living room.

With a contemporary look on the rise, we agreed to go white on the main walls,
but paint the fireplace wall
 (with fireplace and mantle included)...

Moving into the adjacent dining room, I think I have her talked
 into pulling in the turquoise by
(drum roll please)....
wallpapering the ceiling! 

 Not all homeowners can pull this off, but Dell Doll has what it takes!

Here are some options:

or maybe...

which may give us a look similar to this- but in the dining room!

or this...

or if we are lucky... this!

While shopping this week, I did run across more glam paired with turquoise

Crystal Prisms Diamonds are a girl's best friend-


More beauties from Uttermost

Love the details!

I do hope she saves money in the budget to pull off the ceiling...

Here's one last pic today- a sneak peek at The Bachelor's dining room ceiling,
but in a faux finished Olde World look. 

It works!

Let's dress your ceiling- call me!

Until next time,

Images via: Moi, Caldwell Flake (thank you House of Turquoise), Bear Hill Interiors,

Bed Head!

After a wonderful and relaxing birthday, I am up early working on a few ideas for
a client's guest room project.  I think I want to work on this job now, because
I'm tired... missed Boot Camp (oops) and contemplating whether to go back to bed

So with "Beds" on my mind, my advice to you this morning is that the bedroom
needs to start with a great mattress headboard... period.

Gone are the days when the headboard needs to match the nightstands that matches
the dresser, etc.  You can still have a well put together design scheme with a
unique focal point at the head of the bed!

99% of the headboards I'm drawn to these days are upholstered...
-with or without a wood frame
-with or without nailhead trim
-with or without a lot of curves

To me, it will either be about the simplicity of the fabric or the
boldness of the print to create the feeling you want in your retreat
(whether it is your master bedroom or a room for guests).

Here is a custom look I created for a little princess... it evokes a castle
feeling complete with the rhinestones inside the tufting!

I have been collecting a few favorite headboard/bedroom ideas for a while that I'd like to share with you... mainly because my master bedroom needs a makeover! 

When we purchased our house, I went gang busters and redid almost every room
and bathroom, except for the master retreat. 
 I see this a lot- clients saving their space for last
I understand... I'm guilty.  On the flip side, I'm gathering my ideas and inspiration
when the day arrives for me to do it right!

Very simple and elegant- love the wings on the headboard

Add the Glam (or skip the base and footboard to save $$$$)

Words cannot express how I feel about this- notice what the white
cording does for the headboard... wow!

Perfect for guest or kids room!

So classic, yet will not break the bank-

I do have a thing for nailhead detail-

Here are a few more style pointers when considering a new headboard:

-Fabric upholstered headboards are ideal for comfort and can be customized to your look

-Leather headboards are good for bringing a sleek, modern look to contemporary bedrooms

-Metal headboards will give a room a chic, urban feel

-Wooden headboards can go either way- traditional feel or more modern like this beauty-

I'll keep saving pictures for my bedroom, but I am certainly ready to help you on yours!
Call me and we'll get started:)

Until next time,

***I apologize in advance for not having all the tags for these awesome rooms. I have been collecting them for personal use but couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Birthday Love-

Since it is my birthday:), I thought I'd share with you one of the things "I" love....

It all started with this...

at this little unknown department store...

mainly because of this!

Drum roll pleasssseeee.....

Not what you expected????

You see, I could be called a "Wicked Groupie" by now, because I seem a bit
obsessed with this Broadway show!  Ashley and I first saw it
when we were in London in December and were both blown away by the
music and performance... but it didn't stop there-

Fast Forward to a trip to San Francisco in the Spring... would you, Mike, please?


It was also fabulous in San Fran!

Now, who could resist seeing her favorite show right in her own backyard
(especially with the urging of a jealous 12 year old?)

Fair Park in Dallas!

Here's Avery the day of the show in June...

Excited or what?!

More composed for photo opp!

We met volleyball friends for dinner and the show - which didn't disappoint
(however, I would have to say that I was a bit spoiled in my seating assignment at the smaller theaters... I should have brought my glasses to the Dallas production
 Eyes getting old... guess that is what birthdays are for:).

Now, here is the kicker.  I have a work trip planned for New York City at the end of August and Mike and I are headed up a few days early to see the sights.  He's already told me he wants to see a show every night, but perhaps we could skip Wicked this time????

Can I?  I don't know? Miss Wicked in the Big Apple?  I really don't know-
Perhaps if I ask for tickets on my birthday, there will be no reason to discuss it further!!!!

222 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019 SHOWS SEATING

(Can I be more bold?)

I will let you know:)
Until next time,
Images via: Moi, Wicked the Musical

Crisp and Clean Design for my DINKs!

Another awesome room by Connell Interiors to show you!  One of my favorite client couples called last week to start another project in their home... this time, kitchen nook and living room window treatments.

I love working with my clients,  The DINKs, because they always have a realistic budget, love simplicity and will take some chances!  Last year we completed their living and dining room (which we cleverly turned into their tv room and office, respectively) and I left by saying, "Boy wouldn't window treatments look great in the tv room bay window??"

Nonetheless, they put the drapes on hold and moved onto their family room project.  I don't have before pictures of the family room but let me just tell you... it was completely empty from the start.  We worked off the colors of the front of the house which is currently on my website in the before and after section-

With this palette as the jumping off point, we transitioned the green and cream into the family room and added a splash of raspberry... oooh la la!

Ummm, favorite piece has to be the coffee table ottoman!

The entertainment armoire was custom designed by myself with the help of Kendra
at my "Go To" design showroom Resource Designs

We built it around the dimensions of the most important piece in the room according to
Mr. DINK, the flat screen television.  The company is called fittingly enough
(the possibilities are endless with the manufacturer... look for a newsletter or
blog post solely dedicated to them soon).

Aside from the perfect tv viewing, this young couple is all about function... lots of room to nap!  They both reclined on the sectional in the showroom to be sure they both fit!

So, onto the kitchen-

I'm thinking we need some color in there and here is the window
treatment fabric we chose for the tv room

Love this soooooo much!
Stay tuned!

Until next time,

Local Plano Dermatologist gets a Makeover!

Okay, maybe not a facial makeover, but a spacial makeover... (reaching??!).

Still getting back into the groove from vacation and am happy to say that I completed another commercial installation this week...this time at a dermatologist office in Plano.  While I love designing residential projects, corporate spaces are right up there with them! At times, we can step out of the botox  box a bit more- and for Dr. Skin, I believe we did!

For the record, the ultimate goal for Dr. Skin was to provide his clients the most comfortable chairs without breaking the budget.  We both agree that we tried every known chair to man but in the end... nailed it!

As most design projects begin, I started with completing a computerized floor plan to determine the maximum amount of seating we could include in the waiting room while still allowing adequate traffic flow.  With four options presented, Dr. Skin chose this plan-

Now, that we got the nuts and bolts out of the way, I was wide open for inspiration direction with this project with the exception of the carpet, walls and artwork. So I chose an existing piece that I loved and rolled from there... here it is-

The turquoise, aqua and gold lead the way which lead me to this beautiful fabric combination:

Here is where we started...


And where we ended:

Changes include more seating, more storage, more comfort and style!

(side note: Spiderman kid's nook was also existing:)

Check out the additional before and after shots of the reception area:





Interestingly enough when I was at Market a few weeks ago, I did happen upon the same color combination in a showroom and knew that I had struck gold with this project!

Another beauty by Sterling Industries

So, if you want to wait for your doctor in the most comfortable chairs in town, call me
and I will give you the scoop!

Until next time,

Images via: Moi

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