Market Madness: Day Three- Beautiful Bedding and Perfect Pillows

A New Bedding Line for You!

I stumbled across this great bedding and pillow line from Daniel Stuart Studio at Market last week and loved the variety of options!  It is affordable and very custom-

Constance Sky Bed:  Classic Style

Another look for Constance... like the addition of the rug

Ashley Floral Sienna Bed... love the coral color

With or without the faux fur pillow!

Walnut Creek Blue Mist Bed (check out their great lighting as well)

Fabulous pillows to put with the Walnut Creek bedding

The Sunflower Pillow

How fun are these?

Just a few more custom selections...

And a bonus pillow feature from Bougainvillea:

For your snappy side...

Quick tips for using pillows in your decor:

  • Purchase throw pillows in a variety of fabrics, including prints, stripes, paisley, floral and solids. Combine small patterns with large prints.
  • Fill empty corners or empty floor spaces with piles of over-stuffed pillows.

  • Place a patterned throw pillow on a solid color chair or sofa, or a solid color pillow on a patterned chair or sofa to add contrast.
  • Arrange throw pillows in groups of odd numbers such as three or five, rather than the more traditional pairs.

  • Add a splash of color by mixing a few small throw pillows among the larger ones. They are practical and can be changed often for a quick re-do.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Until next time,

Images via: Moi, Daniel Stuart Studio

Market Madness: Day Two- Creative Cabinets

Can you paint by number?

Another item that caught my eye during my Dallas Market visit was the hand painted
cabinet.  We all like to have pieces that are a bit out of the ordinary and express our
personal style, and these painted jewels do just that! 

Here are some great finds from Guildmaster. Try the dart board version in a little boys
room to store clothes or in a gameroom to hide toys.

With a little creativity and a lot of time patience, you could make this a do it yourself project!

For the young teen in love... ahhhhh-

Paisley, Stripes, and Florals... you name it!

Next batch is courtesy of Sterling Industries:

For my your foyer....

More fun and games-

Love the fresh green and chocolate together... Hello Beach House!

Magenta and those stripes!

Great curves!

Last pic is from an importer from Mexico... great kitchen options at great prices!

All of these great chests can be ordered, however, if you want more originality,
let's make it custom!

Call me and we'll brainstorm together (and then call in my muralists!).

Until next time,

Images via: Moi

Dallas Summer Market: 5 Days of Favorites!

"What is Market?  Is everything really cheap? Is there food? Can I go?"... these are some of the questions that I hear repeatedly about "Market" in Dallas.  It is actually an event that takes place twice a year at the World Trade Center in downtown Dallas, where furniture reps (as well as clothing, jewelry, etc) showcase their up and coming products for buyers from all over the world.

No... it is not cheap!  These are mostly designer furnishings that are of high quality and mostly only offered to the trade, however, affordable options are abound as well.  Lots of fun food, drinks and people!

My challenge to you is to report my Favorite Finds to you in Five Days!  I am so inspired by what I found, that I'd love to share it with you!

About midway through on Friday, I told my friend Barbara that I'd like her to take a picture of me in a room setting that matched my shirt (not sure why that came out of my mouth but....), so we turned the corner toward my favorite showroom, Global Views, and boy was I happy!

Turquoise and Tangerine Galore!

A new favorite color combo for me (also used in our Jonathan's Place project)

May be much for your family room, so how about tangerine in a guest room?

Great buffet for your dining room or entertainment cabinet

Fun way to add impact to your wall... grouping like items

Think about displaying accessories vertically in your home...
stacking items on display boxes will do the trick

Another thought... turquoise and orange at your beach house or uptown loft?

For your more conservative side, keep bedding neutral and
add a punch with pillows and accessories

A detour from our traditional light fixtures!

How fun is this? Maybe not quite so practical, but we can steal the ideas for
the glass containers and trays at least...

Couldn't resist a touch of whimsy!

Very satisfied after being treated to a yummy lunch of pasta, salad and Fred bread!

Thank you Global Views for the inspiration of fabulous merchandising and terrific products!

Stay tuned for the next four days of fabulous finds-

Until next time,


Images via: Moi

Up the Stairs Update!

Finishing touch on Mrs.White Walls iron baluster project I showed you last week.   The wood banister was stained dark and the project is complete... take a look-



What a transfomation for Mrs.White Walls!

Until next time,


Images via: Mrs. White Walls

Cowhide... Inside!

When I mention Cowhide Chic, I'm not referring to Western-themed decor since we live in Texas!  A huge design trend is the addition of animals prints which add a new level of pattern and texture to any room.  I've been eyeing hide and faux fur creations in stylish accessories from throw pillows to frames and better yet... gracing loads of furniture.

Here is a custom art piece we installed last month for my client, Fairview Fox, and I would label this design style as Rustic Elegant... (or Hill Country if you prefer!).  Check out the combo of textures:

An abundant of favorites!

Close up of cowhide addition... faux, of course

Okay... wow!

Custom dining table... this could be yours... call me!

Show stopper for your library or smoking room:)

Talk of the office... a desk chair for sale!

Cowhide Floor tiles- a mix with an urban beat

If you want to skip the faux fur, here is a stenciled stool... a do-it-yourself project

A small piece can go a long way-

So, go for it.. start with a pillow:)

Until next time,

Images via:  Moi, Room and Board, Flor, Google images,

IO Metro welcomes IDS!

This new, hip furniture showroom graciously hosted the monthly meeting of the DFW Chapter of the Interior Design Society... and boy, was it a treat!

IO Metro Furniture is catering to a crowd that desires a Pottery Barn/ Crate and Barrel look but with a bang!  As many of you have heard me say, "Bigger is better and less of it!"- which is exactly what I saw in their showroom. 
Unique furniture and large accessories that make an impact in a room.


Love the accessories on the mantle-

The wall decor format is a favorite "go to" of mine

Our group was treated to a catered lunch and a tour of the beautiful showroom, which not only has striking items but they are very well priced.

Have you ever seen Nesting Dining Tables?  How great for entertaining!

Beautiful presentation

Now... less food, more decorating!

Simple, yet Stunning!

Just for me:)

So many things on the credenza, but it works!

More love...

If you are looking for a simpler look, try this design style.  Visit IO Metro near the Galleria in Dallas or at the new location in Fairview off Stacy Road.  If you don't trust yourself or need hand holding, call me and we'll get "Hello Metro" look together.

Until Next Time,

Images via: IO Metro and Moi

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