Spring and Easter Tablescape Ideas

As the sun is starting to shine more often and the temps continue to rise ... 
spring is definitely in the air!

We found a few of our favorite colorful and happy centerpieces and table decor ideas from around the web ... take a look and take note if you are hosting a family luncheon this Easter Sunday!

1. The rustic, natural look: Bringing a woodsy feel to your table gives it a sense of comfort and ease. Toping it off with fresh flower and easter eggs bring it to a festive spirit.

2. Clean, simple and homemade: Something hand crafted is always special to the 
heart and beautiful on the table.

3. Shapes and characters: Why not add a bunny shaped napkin fold to your plate decor?!

4. An unusual but familiar icon: Instead of using the usual bunny rabbit, go with a fun 
and new icon... a spring bird!

5. Bright and Airy: Branches and pastels are always a positive point in spring and bringing that together with fresh springs and white ceramics is a stunning combo.

Happy Spring and good luck in table decorating this week ! ;)

Unique Wall Decor with a Sneak Peek of New Projects

 Lately we have been busy busy photographing projects! And we can't wait to share them!
But for today, we shall leave you with a few sneak peeks ;) Just to tease you!

Something we have been focusing on is adding uniqueness to our clients walls. We like to have conversations starters in new places. What are some ways we do that??

1. Glass plates - these add depth and color to walls in ways framed art can't!

2. Dimensional Blocks: This is a great geometric way to create order to a 
room without adding color chaos.

3. Texture: Combining wood and metal medias in different ways and pieces bring 
interest to an ordinary wall.

4. Acrylic antlers: Do these even need an explanation? HOW beautiful.

5. Metal Spheres: With dimension upon dimension, these metal discs create an asymmetrical appearance on an otherwise large empty wall that brings interest 
to this television wall.

Give us a call if you'd like interest added to YOUR wall!

Finding the Bohemian in Design

A design trend that we have been seeing spark lately is the
"bohemian" style in many ways.

Before we even knew it, we had created our own little seemingly bohemian room for my 17 year old daughter! See HERE for the full post on this surprise!

But what IS "bohemian" really? And how do you channel it??
We have a few tips to get you in the know on this new trend!

1. Embrace the botanicals:
Succulents, wildflowers, you name it. Bring these inside to celebrate all day long.

2. Don't be afraid of textiles:
Mix, match, and don't match all at the same time!!

3. Create a focal point and curate:
Figure out a small area to feature something unique and different, and create a story for it.

4. Bring the indoors out:
We always say bring the outdoors in .. but in this case ... open your indoors to the beautiful outside!!

Step out and be different. Thats what design is all about ;)

I'm Going for It: The Scoop on Shower Enclosures

Well it's about time ... but I am actually getting around to
And I couldn't be more excited or overwhelmed!

(I feel your remodel pains as I emptied out my entire bathroom and 
closet and carried it up the stairs... at least a 100 loads:)

 Be prepared to hear lots more about the plans and pains going into this remodel coming soon.

In honor of my bathroom remodel starting, we thought we'd fill you in on our favorite types of shower enclosures and WHY:

Go for Full Enclosure:
Soak in the steam and stay a while. We love the full enclosure for so many reasons, including warmth, cleanliness and streamline design.

Soften the Surfaces:
Be creative and show off your personality with some patterned shower curtains. This also creates a nice "frame" to your shower that would otherwise be hard and cold!

Be Creative in Tricky Spaces:
If you have a strange shaped space ... take note and start a new trend!

Pull off the Sliding Door Mechanism:
We love the "barn door" appearance on a shower, and are currently completing one in a 
bachelor pad project!!

Fold it Away:
You don't see this often, but in order to save space and mess, some shower enclosures can be created with a "fold away" mechanism that is unique and functional all in one!

Stay tuned to hear more about my BATH REMODEL and
 we know you'll all be waiting on pins and needles!!

Happy St Patty's Day!

Hope you are all wearing your green today ;)

In the design world nowadays, we hear a lot about "green design" and sustainable design. BUT this doesn't actually have anything to do with the color green ;)

So TODAY, on St Patricks Day, we are highlighting a few of our favorite "Green Design" projects ... that aren't necessarily the true meaning of "green design"

First, this gorgeous guest room at the W Hotel. Ahh. 
Green velvet polished nickel bed bench makes the room perfection.

Second, a gorgeous wall mural of a natural stone completes 
this room in a stunning fashion.

Third ... Bouncing the color green around this room accomplishes so much. The backs of the bookcases are our personal favorite.

Fourth - A TCI small game room that had a punch of green! With accessories and a green rug, we brought a little life to this neutral room.

And Fifth ... our favorite (we aren't biased) baby boy's nursery, Courtney's son Jett!

Wishing you luck on this St Patty's Day and hope you notice a little green in the design around you today!

New Home Journals : Courtney's House -- Moving In

HI! Courtney here --

Well it is finally official ... WE.ARE.IN.

Because of the craziest Texas-February-Weather ever ... the snow and sleet kept pushing our close date back, and back, and back. We thought we may not get in till summer if all this snow didn't melt!!

This is literally what our house looked like on closing day -- and believe it or not.. WE CLOSED in the snow! I was ready to rent everybody sled dogs, if they would just get to our closing.

After the chaotic closing, we finally got our things moved into the home. If you've ever moved before... you'll be with me on the fact that it isn't the most fun experience. 

We are now surfacing from the tops of boxes and miscellaneous items that we have no clue where they go and beginning to see our floors once again.

While we are NO-WHERE near done... we are getting closer. I've taken a few iPhone pics to walk you through our work-in-progress home. 

My favorite part of this kitchen might be the glass sphere pendants... or maybe the gray backsplash... either way, it's a toss up and I love how it turned out.

 The Breakfast Nook:

We are enjoying the indirect afternoon light we get through these windows and
 how it brightens up the space!

Like I said -- work in progress (and iPhone pics ... note climbing baby on side table), but this angle shows how our family room opens to the kitchen for great entertaining purposes.

This was where all our boxes sat while we unpacked them! So needless to say, this room has come a long way. While art and accessories are still to come, the fact that the boxes are gone, the furniture is in and the drapes are hung wins a gold medal in my book!


Our small home office serves just the purpose we needed it to! 
... Storage and a desk. And we love it!

NOW.... dare I show you the REALLY unfinished areas of the home?!? (I'm cringing just thinking about it)... ok if you promise you'll trust me that it IS going to come together.

The two biggest, last items we are waiting on to be completed are the 
stone fireplace/mantel and the TV installation guys.

As you can see from this angle .. there should be a wall mounted TV in between the two art pieces and the middle piece should be on the mantel that isn't hung yet. 
BUT we will get there.

This is our biggest wait. I, (of course) didn't order enough stone for the fireplace (note the missing tile up the sides and at the bottom), and the hearth stone (which will be a gray quartz slab) hasn't been cut yet.  So for now, we stare at this beauty and step over the pretty gray stained wood beam mantel sitting on the floor of our garage 
as we await these last pieces!

There you have it! Our work-in-progress, but oh-so-happy house. We are ready to see it finally REALLY completed ;)
 Stay tuned for REAL pics when it is done!

Creative Desks for Gloomy Days

If you live around Dallas, TX ... you know it feels like it has either been snowing, sleeting or raining for several weeks now! While we still get out and about to meet with clients and be creative ... we have been spending a lot of time watching the rain from our desks.

Why not have a really CREATIVE desk to work from?!

You desk can define what work comes out of you. Do you want it to be fresh, new and inspired? Start by finding a desk that is those exact things.

Here are a few of our favorites from around the web.

The Dip Desk:
With a perfect notch for a book or two, this desk separates the two work spaces perfectly for multiple users to function adequately.

The Reclaimed Wood Desk:
This screams natural. And natural always helps the mind feel refreshed and renewed.


The Nook Desk:
Having a desk custom made to the form of a nook can help by saving space but also opening up a new view to see through beautiful windows in the comfort of work.


The Well Lit Desk:
It is always important to have great lighting while working. No one likes to strain their eyes or squint at a piece of paper. This design shows a new and fun way to bring light into your space.


The Chalkboard Nook Desk:
Do you find yourself writing on post-it notes all day long? And then loosing those post-it notes? WE DO. Why not write it on chalkboard? That can't get lost, and it looks adorable.

Hope you feel inspired to go out, get to work, and be creative!

On this icy day... Why WHITE is the ultimate POP of color.

Well, because it's MARCH and it looks like THIS outside:

We decided to post about why we actually DO love WHITE so much!! 
Instead of using turquoise or blue to be the POP of color, 
why not use white to accent instead?

Here are the top reasons why:
- It adds drama to neutral colors - gives a clean fresh pop to the space

- If a room has lots of pattern, white will balance out the busyness.

- It gives the eye a break by separating light from dark

- It creates a softer appearance to bold colors.

- Even a little is enough: You don't need a lot of white for 
it to stick out and create the perfect mix of colors

Try it! (or just bring some snow inside) !!!

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