Client Project: Blast From the Past

While TCI is whipping out new projects right and left, we love to look back in the play book for past projects that still inspire and intrigue us.

One of those was this wonderful client's Starwood home in Frisco.

We completed many rooms in their home, but one of the most unique pieces is this round 3 sided ottoman in the foyer of this gorgeous home

With a button tufted 3 sided back, and a subtle tone on tone gray fabric on the back and soft gray velvet on the seat, it turned out perfect in every way.

One of the best parts that makes a big difference is the large "button" on top of the 3 sided back.

Getting the fabric pattern JUST RIGHT took some detailed planning that paid off in the end for a stunning result.

What a perfect entrance to this amazing home!

Many thanks to this wonderful long time client.

Space Saving Series Part 2: The Bathroom

Continuing with our SPACE SAVING SERIES,

We bring you ... the BATHROOM.

Many bathroom spaces can easily become cramped, but there are plenty of times that they "seem" cramped solely because of the materials used.

See below TIPS we've decided are the best!

1. Wall Mounted Toilets and Faucets :

This saves countertop space and provides for a seamless look!

2. A Toilet/Sink Combo:
This one just cracks us up. I mean, how do you use this sink? Do you stand to the side, or straddle the toilet? Let us know in the comment section what YOU think!

3. The Floating Vanity:
Lifting the vanity off the floor doesn't "save" much real space but visually gives off a more open and airy feel which makes the rooms seem more spacious 

4. Clear Glass Shower Surround:
Similar to the floating vanity, a clear glass surround helps the room not to feel closed in or cut off.

Space Savers Part 1: For Small Bedrooms

One thing we always seem to need more of is storage.
Why do we all have so much "stuff", we shall never know. But finding ways to creatively disguise the mess and turn it into beauty is our job!

The bedroom is one of the places that always seems to attract clutter, but one of the places that you least WANT clutter. 

Here are a few tips we've found that come in handy when clearing the clutter from your bedroom.

1. Wall Sconces as Nightstand Lamps

2. A Chest as a Nightstand

3. Platform Beds with Drawers

4. Murphy Bed

5. Wall Decor Doubles as Storage Space

Stay tuned later in the week for a space saving BATHROOMS edition!

Bathroom Trends of the Day

We love to complete bathrooms and make them feel as if the atmosphere is a spa.

In order to give our best to our clients, we are constantly doing research to find new and impressive ideas to bring to a space.

These are some of the trends we have found that are being featured on Houzz as incredible bathrooms.


1. Faux Wood Flooring:
We love the look of these wood floor tiles that have come so far from where they started.

2. Brass Gold Fixtures:
Add a little sparkle to the bathroom with gold

3. Bold Shower Doors:
Whether bold showers or no shower doors, this look is one to be documented

4. Glass Block Walls:
This play on the 90's glass block is new, modern, and we love it!

5. Lighting Within Mirrors:
Not only does this provide great task lighting, we love the seamless design aesthetic it gives off as well

Check out more ideas HERE!

Get with TCI to transform your bathroom soon!

Client Project: A Refreshing Backyard Oasis

Welcome to a place this family can enjoy for nights to come!

With a lovely arbor to house this beautiful dining set, we can just see so many wonderful meals to be had here.

We picked a bright yellow accent to pop in the Texas summer heat, and we love pairing it with a teal!

Maybe our favorite accent is this black and white striped coffee table. AH.

Do you need a relaxing space to hang out in this coming fall? Ask TCI!

Client Project: Modern Design Build in Preston Hollow

TCI is THRILLED to showcase our latest modern custom build with

Read on to see just a few of the custom, unique details that we have incorporated into this stunning home and be sure to check out HOUZZ for ALL the pics.

Custom stair rails, and wood accent walls are just a couple of the details that are our favorite.

Modern elements in design builds are becoming the hot topic of Dallas and we are here to show you how we implemented many of these tips.

Wine Cellars - from nickel peg wine bottle displays, to glass enclosures, these wine rooms are the talk of the town.

Light wood flooring in contrast to darker reclaimed wood or gray wood accents gives a modern home a touch of texture.

Gray on gray. We like to mix the monochrome concept by adding different shades of gray throughout the same space.

Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper.

Backlighting and full-wall stone. What a stunning way to showcase a gorgeous stone, by creating a whole wall using it and lighting it in such a spectacular way.

Click on through to Houzz here to see more of our space!!

Client Project: Check out PREP Skincare for Girls at Stonebriar!

TCI was able to complete a FUN, NEW, and Different type of project than our norm.

And we LOVED it!

Do you follow us on Instagram?? (If not, you should here)
Several months ago, we posted THIS sneak peek of what we were calling
 our little secret!

What we couldn't reveal to you at this time was that this was a full pop-up store at Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco, TX.

Like we mentioned, this project was not our usual, however, after I met Kelly... the brainchild, energetic entrepreneur behind Prep Cosmetics,  I knew I wanted to be a part of 
helping her realize her dream. She motivates me to be a better business owner 
and her enthusiasm is contagious! 

PREP skincare specializes in a beautiful line just for girls.  
We created this pop-up store just for them. With bright color blocking colors, a black and white overall theme and the perfect location (just outside the food court!), these girls dream of a skincare line is coming to life!

Simplicity and boldness were our main points of reference as we began forming this concept. As people stroll through the mall, we want this store to stand out as new, unique and NEEDED. Start your kids young using sunscreen... every day!

If you are out in Frisco, stop by Stonebriar Centre, say Hi to Kelly and her daughter and try the amazing products out for yourself!!

Breaking Open a Bookcase: How to Design the Accessories

Designing bookcase accessories can be a tricky art!

But we are here today to tell you the in's and out's of a bookcase and how to make it look magazine ready!

1. Turn books on their side:
One little tip we always practice is not only rotating books from upright to on their side, but also facing pages out instead of spine out to give a look of uniformity

2. Add "objects":
"Found" objects, small sculptures, or unique items help to break up books

3. Bring in framed pieces:
Whether it is framed family photos, or framed art, we love to bring in color in this way

4. Repeat similar elements:
The key to a bookcase is to not get it too busy. By repeating similar patterns and elements you create a rhythm and purpose to the shelves

5. Love negative space:
Don't add TOO much. Embrace open and empty areas

Happy bookcase decorating!

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