Pantone Color of the Year 2017 - Greenery

It's that time of the year again -- 
Time to reveal the COLOR of the year from PANTONE:

Each year, this color sets the stage for design all over the map. What will pop up this year with a new idea, spunk or creative thought?

This year is GREENERY by Pantone. 
Needless to say, Pantone is setting the stage bold this year. No blush (last year) for this coming year. They want us as designers to speak out, not be afraid of color and be ready for the unexpected.

"Greenery, seems to be an instant hit for those looking for a revitalizing, back-to-nature hue that brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones."

The above quote, couldn't be more true. How fun is the "zest" for this color? From paint (check out those kitchen cabinets), to backsplash (see below!) .... this color can be used wide and high,

We are looking forward to places and spaces that NEED this new life. Are you feeling green today??

New Design Trends for 2017

2017 is just around the corner!! 

What are the trending topics for the new year? Everyone is always looking for something bright, new, fresh and unique to break out in the new year.

It's easier to "step out of the box" when you can see a visual of what it may look like in the end. At TCI we strive our hardest to equip our clients with the best visuals possible, whether it be a drawing or samples, to give them an end goal.

Read on to see a few finished projects from Houzz that achieve these top trends for the new year!

1. Satin Brass

2. White with Off White

3. Pantone's Color of the Year- Greenery

4. Splurging on Entryways

5. High Tech Toilets

6. Graphic Floor Tile in Kitchens

So many new things to try, ideas to come up with and ways to stretch the imagination! 
2017 ... here we come!!

Glamour-Guard your Christmastime with Pets

Merry Puppy Christmas from Buxley! 
We knew your Christmas wouldn't be complete without seeing this face!
(Ashley's sweet "son")

Our TCI family alone has many pets ... and if we were to all get together WITH our pets, I can be sure to say, we would need every surface protected in our home.

We've educated you guys on our Ease of Glamour, as we like to call it ... and how we take as many glamorous precautions as necessary to protect your beautiful design, and you never even know it!

These puppy images, courtesy of Crypton Fabrics, showcase just one of the simple ways to make sure your pretty fabrics stay just that, .... PRETTY.

What is a good Christmas present for your fellow puppy lover this season? A gift of livable luxury design is always a plus ;) TCI can help you out with that!

If you're in need of a few fun ideas, check these out that we found -

Peek-a-boo Art

His and her coffee cups

Kitty measuring cups anyone??

Our personal fav ;)

Prep for your pet loving Christmas can now be checked off your list!

The Best, Worst, Tackiest Christmas Decorations

I'm sure most if not all of you have been to some type of tacky christmas sweater party this season.... 
Those parties always give lots of laughs, and best of all ... great ideas.

So we decided to take a break from the normal tips and trends here at TCI and give you a good laugh!
What's better than tacky christmas sweaters?? Tacky Christmas DECOR.

And you can bet we found some winners. Get ready... prepare yourself, and PLEASE don't ever do any of this ideas seriously.

Yep ... frosty IS now your refrigerator. 
2 things are so wrong with this picture. First, the obvious. Frosty has taken over, and 2nd... if you still have a white fridge, please contact us ASAP so we can help remodel your kitchen ;)

Who doesn't love a good DIY candle holder?? Cheap, easy, and colorful. Yikes

I've always wanted to see Ole St Nick right before I use the bathroom, glad someone came up with an idea to help me achieve this goal.

Please, please, please put one of the elf feet on every chair leg in your house. Your dogs and cats will thank you ;) 

And lastly, just WOW. This must be the barbie dream house Christmas decorations ... surely. I hope.

Hope you've all been inspired, to go and create GREAT Christmas decor ;)

How To ... Care for Fresh Christmas Trees

Are you an artificial tree or freshly cut tree person??

A fresh tree can have so many qualities that prove to be beautiful and unique.
And no one can deny that fresh balsam smell.

So what can you do to ensure the best for your fresh tree??

Houzz had some great pointers that we would love to share:
1. Get it in Water Fast

2. Find the Right Stand:
Make sure it fits comfortably in the diameter of the stand and hold enough water for 1 quart per inch of stem diameter.

3. Water a TON. 
The bigger the tree, the thirstier it is!

4. Find the Right Place:
The tree needs to stay as cool as possible, so finding a cool place away from a window or heat vent is desirable

Happy Christmas tree decorating!!

Holiday Ideas to Practice without Breaking the Bank

With Christmas decorations, gifting and all December brings, it often tugs at our wallets more than we bargained for!
So how can you make the most of the holidays WITHOUT being a grinch?? Here's a few ideas we have found to be useful!

1. Go vintage
2. Shop Local
3. Find one amazing thing and give it to everyone

1. Use sprigs of greenery as decoration (cheap and beautiful)
2. Let the food be the decoration - warm loaves of bread!
3. Tea light candles always set the mood 

Host a Crafting Party
- This gets everyone in the mood and you knock gifts out right and left

Good luck and may there be no Bah-hum-bug's in your life ;)

Thursday's Tip of the Day - Yoga Rooms!

Per our "Ease of Glamour" campaign ... we strive to create spaces that warm a home, create unity and provide useful purposes.

Finding that "niche" that the client loves or hobby they enjoy is a fun task we love to uncover. You'd be surprised how many people love to do random, FUN things!

One of the spaces that we think is unique is a work out room. Many homes have such a place that is devoted to their health, but even more specifically is a YOGA room. 

Having requests for these can be tricky and interesting. Research is our first thing on the list to make spaces such as these top notch.
These are some of our tips to take to note while designing a Zen place.

1. Plenty of natural light: Let the light flow through any window you are able to create.

2. Well ventilated area: The actual temperature is up to the person themselves, but creating a space that moves air easily is a necessity.

3. Adequate space - Typical yoga space is 9'x 9' to have full range of motion for all the poses.

4. Warm color tones: Create something pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul.

5. Create a set apart space: You don't want to be posing around something cooking dinner, if space allows, create a room set apart from everything else.

Hows that for a random Thursday tip and trend?? Don't we all wish yoga rooms were in our future??

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