New Build Construction Excitement!!

We are knee deep in new builds, projects, tile, and fabric over here...and loving it!!

Last week we spent a full day doing site visits at 2 of our construction projects right now. This home is being built in Lucas and it will be absolutely gorgeous when it is complete!
A double staircase greets you as you enter the home.

The catwalk from upstairs looks down onto the to-be living room.

The kitchen cabinetry reflects a shaker style that will be beautiful when completed.

We are working on the furniture arrangement right now for this living room that will be open, inviting and functional!!

And believe it or not, this gorgeous room is the master bedroom!

Our working concept for this space to pull a splash of turquoise in with the natural creams, beige, and taupes throughout the living and dining room.
 These new builds are a chance to express lots of creativity and personality! We love our clients and can't wait to show you the finished product!

Layered Rugs - Tips!

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

We've been sourcing and purchasing rugs like crazy around here! Adding a rug to a room can spice up any space quickly. It adds color, texture and pattern to a room without having to add more fabrics.

We just purchased this Global Views Arabesque Rug for a client today, and can't wait to see it installed! ;) 

Fill in the BLANK.
This "new" idea is something I love!
When you have a "big" area of hard flooring, it is nice to be able to split it up, 
create contrast, and spotlight certain areas by the layering of rugs.

It also makes the room seem more plush, comfortable and inviting.

Start with Sisal: The best "base" rug, in my opinion, is a natural sisal or jute rug. 
These rugs come in a variety of sizes and still give a soft hand to your feet, 
but aren't overwhelming in color.

Choose a neutral base: Sisal rugs also come in lots of different tones of colors. 
Find one perfect for your room.

Make it Yours - Protect: It's great to form a pattern and style perfect for your room. 
But once you do that, you want to maintain it. That is another GREAT thing about layering. 
Rugs are easily replaceable and the smallest rugs is a great protector for the larger rug, 
or wall to wall carpet.

Go with Hide - Create Contrast: A big fad is to layer the natural rug with a hide rug.
Finding the perfect hide rug can be tricky, but once you do...very rewarding!
This also gives a great contrast in color from just a basic neutral rug in the room.

Spotlight something Special - Sheepskin: Use smaller rugs to set underneath the
"spotlights" in the room that you want to feature. Sheepskin may not be my favorite
aspect of this layering, but it definitely softens the room nicely.

Pick a Pair: Find two that you love and pair them!

Mix and Match: It is just great to mix and match patterns and colors.
Has anyone else done this in their home?? I love to see new ideas using this "new" technique!

Until Next Time,

Decorating with Woven Shades

We have jumped on the "woven wood shade" bandwagon!!
 We do this SO often in clients homes and are looking to use this on a 
new kitchen renovation we are working on at the moment!

Another "old' new trend that is up and coming! I love woven shades. They are casual, sophisticated and comfortable all at the same time!
But I have grown to love/realize that they can easily make a room much more comfortable without adding another pattern or color to the room!
Decorating with woven wood shades will add warmth and rich dimension to your living area. Their appearance is relaxing and inviting, adding sophistication to your home. - Ace of Shades 

Woven wood blinds, also called bamboo blinds are made of natural materials. They can be made of one or a mix of the following materials:
Matchsticks / Reeds

Shades can be ordered with optional edge banding or privacy lining for complete light control and an added decorative touch. - I love layering them with drapery panels. 
How to Measure for Shades:
For inside mount: To figure width, measure across the inside of the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the narrowest width. Find the height by measuring from the inside surface at the top of the window to the windowsill.

 For outside mount: Measure the outside width of the window frame. Add 3 inches for overlap. Determine where you'd like the shade mounted above the window. Measure from that point to the bottom of the window. Hint: Add extra inches to mount shades higher and give the illusion of taller windows. Caring for your shades Natural shades will last for years. Periodically vacuum them with the brush attachment to keep them looking their best. Also, beware of using shades in damp areas such as a screened porch or bath, as they can easily mildew.  

Very natural, and "green"/eco friendly!
Give us a call to let us help you find the perfect place in your home for a woven shade!!

Oversized Pendants

What are we loving at the moment?? Pendants!

We spend an entire day at the Dallas World Trade Center with our amazing client Fonda' Ronda on the hunt for some fabulous lighting for her new home!

We found some wonderful options!

While we were there, we also found other great lights to keep in our back pocket ;)
Here are some our favorite images from around the web!
Large, gorgeous pendants to add a huge WOW factor to your room.

From the industrial look...

To the classic mixed with industrial....
To the luxe elegance...
And simple cottage...
These fixtures add something really neat to any room, especially kitchens.
You can transform any look from ultra modern....
To classic contemporary...
To transitional!
What do YOU think? Loving the oversized pendants now?

My visit to Coastal Living's 2012 Ultimate Beach House

Things are going my way-
(no, this isn't my pool... but-)

As luck would have it, on the last day of our family trip to
Rosemary Beach, Fla.... guess what opened?

Yes sir! 

Not many people would get so excited over this, but other
designers and home enthusiasts- get it.

I didn't have to twist the arms of my mom and sister in law to join me-
their jaws dropped along with mine.

Such a nice beachy feel- all soft, coastal colors

If you haven't been seeing the fabulous shower systems by
Kohler, start to drool. Sweet surprise- many of the plumbing
fixtures were antique brass 

Yes, the seat is round

Most of the upholstery is made out of Sunbrella fabric. You've known it for
the outdoors, but it is huge for interior furniture as well. Soft and sumptuous
and easy to clean with soap and water (and bleach if needed!).

Striking tiled wall and mirror by Madegoods

Somehow missed taking full photos of the kitchen, but all of
the fabulous light fixtures are from Circa Lighting

Local photographer taking pictures for
the newspaper... he took lots of shots 
of me taking photos too. (I got his name
and number for pure business reasons)

Part of the prep kitchen... loved the Target dishes with
the beaded edges (who knew?). 

More from Kohler

One of my favorite features... most plumbing is hidden
by cabinet doors in the bath... why not add a 
drawer instead?

Beautiful bed custom designed by Reid Classics out of Dothan, Alabama

Maybe my favorite room- stash the kids-

Or maybe this one... Go ahead. Paint your ping pong table!

Upholstered furniture by Lee Industries- a front runner in 
earth friendly materials and sustainable processes

Sis in law, Nicky and Mom, Deanna

Another unique fixture from Circa Lighting
and... tons of woven wood shades throughout

Entry to another well used niche-
(note: one of my favorite features throughout the house was the fact
that all doors (interior and closet) were painted this charcoal grey color).

More creative space for guests

Lynx outdoor grill - it's the Granddaddy

Loved the whimsical feel of the outdoor draperies,
created naturally of Sunbrella fabrics

Installed this Kohler system in my client, New York, New York's house recently-
never occurred to me to use it outside!

The house should be featured in a fall issue of Coastal Living and for
more info on the house as well as the sponsors,
click here

What a great treat for me on my last day in charming Rosemary Beach!

Until next time,

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