I Spy .... An Architectural Flaw

We walked into an architectural review of one of our high rise projects and our eyes were met with this drawing ....

Can you spy the strange design flaw??

You got it?? The microwave!

You'd have to be 10' tall to be able to use that microwave functionally.

We quickly realized how many people (even professionals) forget how important location and function are .... and how they go hand in hand. 

As we researched into microwave placements more and more, we found several interesting ways to functionally use a microwave uniquely. 

1. Under Counter.
Depending on how high you counters are, a simple built-in under counter microwave 
can do the trick

2. Built - In Cabinet : 
Building in a microwave at arm height in a bank of cabinets can provide storage below and above a useful appliance

Another great example:

3. Above Counter:
 Quite different than the TALL placement we were stunned with in our architectural review, this microwave is shoulder height and ready to use.

Where do you prefer your microwave?!

Perfect Palettes: Find the Right Color for your Space

Finding the perfect palette is the number ONE thing that will make the most of your space.

It's the first thing your guests notice as they walk in your door. So what can you do to ensure you PICK THE RIGHT one?!

1. Look at areas of the room that can't be altered - A beautiful whitewashed fireplace set the tone for the cream with a blue outflowing from the center
TCI Project

2. Decorative pieces that take center stage - With flanking art pieces that encompass navy and deep gold/khaki, the rest of the color scheme in the bedding fell right in place
TCI Project

3. The importance of undertones- Select a bolder color and then use neutrals with undertones of the same color temperature
TCI Project

Fail-Safe Color Palettes:
Black and White - Always classic and a simples easy scheme to implement

Monochromatic - Grays, whites, and more shades of gray
TCI Project

Bold Naturals - Earthy colors will always strike a cord and please the eye
TCI Project

Why White Bedding is Wonderful

When we are asked to design a bedroom, we are first ... THRILLED to be apart of the journey for that client, and second .... realize the importance of designing a bedroom.

A bedroom is a safe haven, a personal place for each client and we like to make it speak their story.

The main focal point of every bedroom is just that ... the bed! So how do we make the focal point beautiful AND livable? 

One of the first ways we like to do that is WHITE BEDDING.
TCI Project

WHY white you say?
Because first and foremost its BLEACH-ABLE. We choose washable bedding that you can easily clean in the comfort of your own home, and not worry about dry cleaning, or worse.. not washing at all. 
TCI Project

It goes with ANY color scheme. We can choose any and every accent color to pair it with and that white bedding will fit right in.
TCI Project

Many people desire for their master to be a retreat. To be spa-like or a high end resort feel. White bedding is the key to capitalizing on that feel. 

And lastly, white is always bright. And bright appears clean, crisp and happy. So why NOT?

Call us to transform your dream master bedroom retreat!

The key to beat the summer heat... and enjoy the outdoors!

If you live here in Texas, you know it gets hot ... and not enjoyable.
But we have a way to make it a little more enjoyable.

A Sunroom!
We've put together a few tips on how to create the best and most comfortable sunroom for your summer play ... read on to find out!

1. Utilize Windows: Make sure furniture against windows have low backs and great views through the open windows in a sunroom. The windows MAKE a sunroom.

2. Hanging light fixtures. While windows bring in all the daylight necessary for a sunroom, nighttime can be just as romantic in a sunroom! With a unique hanging fixture, you can add interest to the ceiling and lighting all in one!

3. Add Drapery: Drapery softens everything. Whether it is a roman shade or traversing outdoor panels, this can add color, texture and class to your sunroom instantly

4. Use the sunroom as a multifunctional space. Not only does it have to be used as a sitting area with sofas and pillows, it can easily be used as a dining space as well!

5. Look UP - The ceiling can be one of the most interesting parts of a sunroom, Because it is "different" and not a normal part of the home, many times the ceiling can be painted, wood slats added or even designed!

6. Neutral can be good too. Having soft and monochrome colors can be a calming vision for a room that you sip your morning tea and read the Sunday paper in.

Now, who wants to start a summer remodel project and add on a sunroom??

Your July Checklist!

Summer is HERE and in full swing around!

 And JULY has arrived, are you ready to finish out the summer strong? 
Here are a few tips to get started on the right foot!

Reorganize the Kitchen: Move seasonal appliances like ice cream makers or smoothie blenders to the front and create a "snack bar" for the kids home from school.

TCI Project

Make Space for Summer Crafts: If you provide a dedicated area for the kids to work you'll have a better chance that they won't sit in front of the TV all day.

Organize School Garb: Time to put away the stacks of papers and folders in a neat and tidy fashion.

TCI Project

Lighten up your Decor: Roll up the heavy, dark colored rugs and replace 
with bright and white.

TCI Project

Refresh your Bathroom: Need a new shower curtain or a fresh set of linens? 

TCI Project

And Lastly
Make your Summer MUST-DO List! Local attractions, foodie places... you name it!

Client Project: Design Delivered Boho Teen Bedroom

Our most recent online design project has been put into action and we can't wait to see pictures of the final product. 

These clients entrust us with their space, send us all the measurements, inspirations, and photos of things they like, and we take the reigns and turn it into a dream space. 

For this sophisticated 13 year old, her dream of a boho chic bedroom hopefully came to life!

We were able to fit a sitting area, along with her bed and a vanity space all in her room.  The color scheme of blue, blush and cream with pops of mustard and COPPER metal rang through the design.

With gray finished wood, wall hung tapestries and specialty lights hung around, the "boho" design was created.

We chose to incorporate copper as the metal as it is not a flashy color, but blends nicely with a blush color scheme.

We supply the client with all the necessary drawings as well as links to their product so they can go and purchase everything and install it themselves!

Check out more about our Design Delivered package here!

Copper CRAZE

What's the newest, hottest metal??


We've been incorporating copper throughout our designs in unique and fun ways!

 This fun and new project has unlimited places to add in this metal!

It can be used in furniture, lighting, appliances, accessories and much more. We love the new color it brings to the table ... not gold, but a more muted COPPER.

Here are a few places and spaces we think YOU can incorporate COPPER:
In everyday utensils!!

Lighting is one of our favorite places --

But how can you top bath fixtures and plumbing? Swoon.....

Yet ... this tops it all. An entire copper range and hood. WOW

This beautiful arching floor lamp screams grace and beauty ... 

Instead of the expected polished nickel on a wood and metal table ... why not choose copper for the unexpected?

Have we converted you yet?? Stay tuned TOMORROW to see a recently completed Design Delivered project where we incorporated copper into everything!

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