Client Project: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Scores!

This client has an easy name "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader"... 
and she really is a doll!

I started working with DCC about six years ago and completed
several rooms in their beautiful Starwood home.  She called me a few
months ago with a dilemma... what to do in the game room.

They had just purchased the large sectional 
(which looks like a giant baseball glove to me)-
and it looked like it was swallowing up the entire room!

Look at the before:

And After:

We still need to add a few touches... upholstered ottomans 
and a few floor lamps... but it has come a long way!


You have gathered memorabilia over the years 
and it collects dust in boxes.  


Hang it on the wall!  We incorporated all her
 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader loot and put it on display!

(I have to say, she looks pretty good:)

Custom diamond shaped panels for the curved wall
(another solution for a hard to fit space)

Star studded window cornices!

Thanks to the artwork by La Montage and my great team, Fred and Paula,
this install definitely scored a touchdown!

Until next time,

Client Project: A Design Plan in Action


Today is the day- the first day of school. It is quite a difference having an eighth and tenth
grader heading back... not many butterflies since they know everything. period.

Our plan is double drop off and then I hit the ground running.
(*note: Son will be driving in less than 3 weeks- yes!)

First stop is to finalize paint colors at a great project I have been working on-
a new dermatologist office in Plano.

I completed the first office last summer and this one is shaping up
just as beautifully as the first...view here

Here's a peek at our design in progress:
 Take a look at the sequence here. Good design starts with a good plan-
 The inspiration for this project was the cream fabric with the sunburst pattern-
which was a great jumping off point for color

 Furniture is ordered and artwork is next

One of my points in showing you this is that if you are a visual person,
then you might need this planning approach as well.

Seeing the mix all together may put you at ease until the project
is installed and you are pleased:)

So, stay tuned and see what this turns into!

A big thank you to David, the general contractor, for finally
turning on the air conditioner. Walking out drenched and having to reshower
after being at the work site was getting old!:)

Call me to start planning your new space...

Until next time,


I have so much to show you... great client projects across the board and interesting new jobs... 
I'm excited!

That's going to wait because I'm feeling a bit sappy:)

This is what I want to say today...

Sometimes the business just "clicks" and right now I feel it.

It's because of my current clientle... YOU ROCK!

Thank you for the trust...
Thank you for the friendship...
Thank you for taking chances...
Thank you for the giggles...

I feel great leaving your homes:)

Until next time,

The Ghost Chair

Enter the vanity stool idea from the youngest daughter.  

My initial thought..."Just one more thing to clutter her already cluttered bathroom"

My solution..."The Ghost Chair!"

Basically it is invisible which is what she needs in there-
(you can typically see the clothing on the floor right through the chair:)

The original owners of our house built this bathroom with their twin 
boys in mind.  Yes, there are two vanity areas in this bath but no knee
space for the gal to sit and primp... a must for a teen ager!

I'm liking it so far!

The trend is catchy... these acrylic ghost chairs are everywhere
and as slight as they are- they make quite a statement!

Images via Decorpad

In the design world, we do see furniture made of lucite
(which is actually a brand of acrylic patented by Dupont)

Here are some shots from the Atlanta Market:

Found this great pic on Patricia Gray's blog and I love how
she included tips for cleaning acrylic and lucite...
Try using hot soapy water and a polishing cloth first-

Don't use Windex! Novus Polish is the product you should use.

As far as other furniture made of lucite, I could go on for days...
(maybe another time)

Sneak peek-


(via Material Girls blog)

The best part is that acrylic = affordable:)

Until next time,

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