We are giving back! IDS Impact's Latest Project - CARE

Traci Connell Interiors is so excited to team up with Barbara Gilbert Interiors to make the latest IDS Impact Project a SUCCESS!

We are taking The Center for Animal Research and Education to a new level! (Take a minute to read about this awesome facility that creates permanent homes for
 over 50 large exotic animals).

As long time members of The Interior Design Society, together our firms are creating Safari suites that will be rented out to those looking for a true adventurous experience to raise money for this organization that is run completely by donations. 

On one side of the suite, the inhabitants will overlook live lions and the other side, live tigers. An experience not for the timid! 
We are happy to be giving back to our community and be able to use our talents.

The suites are beginning to come along and the exterior paint is underway!

Barbara and I were able to walk the space this week and meet the director of this 
wonderful establishment!

A few initial space plans were sent to us to begin working on the design. 

This layout shows how brave the suite-stay actually is. Surrounded by the cat enclosure ... the suite is nestled between two very large cat cages.

Stay tuned for more in this series as we continue on this journey of creating a 
beautiful suite space!

Bring out the Spring Design

With last weekend being beautiful and sunny, we got a whiff of Springtime here in Texas! 
Of course, Texas proved to be Texas yesterday as it was rainy and cold....

But in order to lift our spirits and remind us of Springtime again, we leave you with a few tips on freshening your household for Spring!

1. Freshen up your color scheme!
This we can help you with... give us a call to turn your color box upside-down!
Check out more of this project on our Houzz!

2. Indoor Plants .. bring the GREEN inside:
Whether a modern faux plant, or a succulent, bringing the outdoors - in is always a good idea.
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3. Brighten your space with new and unique lighting:
Lighting is the backbone of a home, and switching out a few fixtures might be just what your home needs this spring.
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3. Throw in a good springtime candle ... here's a few of our favs:

4. Florals can be good... embrace them:
A modern floral ... they DO make those. These beautiful drapes are proof!
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5. Rethink your walls ... with the addition of wallpaper:
A boring wall will scream Wintertime in a flash. Bring life to your walls by adding wallpaper or pattern!
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Falling in Love with the NEW Red

In honor of Valentines Day last weekend, RED has been ALL OVER.
It's on every corner, in every grocery store .... everywhere.

But CAN red be a good choice on your interiors? It's something we've tried over and over to get away from ... in the "old" way. But we're ready to introduce red in a "new and improved" way!

Here are 3 reasons why red CAN be a stunning choice!

1. Red can be fresh and modern

2. Red brings life to a black and white room

3. Red is rich and luxurious

Fall in Love with RED!

Newest Color Combo of the Day

We are always on the lookout for new, hot, awesome color palettes.

Something that makes our heart skip a beat and eyes light up --- what is it?!?

White and Warm Off-White!

We love it for 3 MAIN reasons above all else:
1. It results in a restful atmosphere

2. It creates a perfect balance of contemporary crispness and traditional charm

3. It's an effective way to make a room feel big and breezy without its ever getting boring

You should TRY it!

What's your STYLE?

We get this question a.LOT. 
How do I know what my "style" is? What IS my style?

Well that is OUR job to help narrow in to what your "style" really is, or what you like to see in your home. 

If you are curious as to what you might be drawn to, 
check out these questions and tips to give yourself a head start!

1. Consider the mood you want to create at home.
Do you want minimal, clean and open, or warm and cozy? This says a lot about the color palette you may be drawn to, or types of accessories you'd use in your home. Also, the lighting plays a huge factor in this category.

2. List the sort of things you’d choose if price were no object.
What are you drawn to? Shiny and flashy or rustic and vintage? When you take money out of the equation, many times you can get to the root of the "style" you are going for.
(sneak peek of a new TCI project!)

3. Look to your wardrobe. 
Believe it or not, many people dress like they decorate. Are your clothes simplistic and solid, or multi-colored and decked out?

4. Pay equal attention to what you don’t like.
This is very important. Most people can tell us what they DON'T like, but have a hard time telling us what they DO like. What you don't like is equally important because we base many things off this.
(sneak peek of a new TCI project!)

Good luck style-hunting!

The Ultimate Teen Hangout

When you're a teen ... a space is everything. 

A place to "hang", dream, imagine and invite friends! And what more could you want but to have that place in your own home??

We have completed a few of these "teen hang outs" and want to share our top 3 tips for creating a space your teen will love. Check out the rooms designed by TCI below as well!

1. One unique statement furniture piece:
Having that cool stool, or floating chair, or banquette style sofa --- is more "cool" than the parent's even realize. It's the little things ;)

2. Pillows, pillows and more pillows:
These add comfort, color and the kids can throw them around without damaging ANYTHING 

3. Bring the walls to life:
Whether it's through wallpaper or a statement art piece, the walls speak volumes and teens LOVE that.

Do you have a teen in your life?!?! CALL US!

Copper Craze of 2016

What's the newest, hottest metal of 2016??


We've been incorporating copper throughout our designs in unique and fun ways!
 This fun and new project has unlimited places to add in this metal!

It can be used in furniture, lighting, appliances, accessories and much more. We love the new color it brings to the table ... not gold, but a more muted COPPER.

Here are a few places and spaces we think YOU can incorporate COPPER:
In everyday utensils!!

Lighting is one of our favorite places --

But how can you top bath fixtures and plumbing? Swoon.....

Yet ... this tops it all. An entire copper range and hood. WOW

This beautiful arching floor lamp screams grace and beauty ... 

Instead of the expected polished nickel on a wood and metal table ... why not choose copper for the unexpected?

Have we converted you yet??
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