Decorate for Halloween with the Best of Them

Halloween is NEXT week! 
Whooooo's excited? ;)

TCI likes to provide ideas for tactful decorations for each holiday, and Halloween is not to be left out!

These are a few of our top favorites:

Click the link for a tutorial on each DIY idea!!

Post your spook-tacular designs on our Facebook page! We'd love to see!

The Ease of Glamour ... Making Beautiful Spaces Livable

At Traci Connell Interiors, we make it our GOAL, and our JOB to be sure to deliver 
a quality product to our clients. 

What does that mean? Well, we are here to tell you.

Many/most of our clients have pets, children, or simply like to entertain. We recognize the lifestyle and want to make it doable WHILE having a gorgeous interior home.

We have many ways we can incorporate durable products into our design. Over the next several weeks we plan on showcasing our favorites!

(FiberSeal fabric protectant on sofa)

Our Kravet rep was recently in our office with these BEAUTIFUL fabrics. Not only were they beautiful, but listen to this -- These indoor fabrics had over 50,000 double rubs (fancy way of saying they will withstand ... a lot) , but they are so soft and pretty and when used INDOORS make for the perfect combo of glamorous and durable.
Better yet was the lush feel of the navy outdoor fabric on the left... the texture was super soft and if it can withstand rain and mildew... then certainly sticky hands. 

Stay tuned for more resources we use daily in our design to make your home 
more livable and while keeping that luxurious look... your friends will never know!

It's all in the Architecture - My Visit to Sorority Row

This weekend was Parent's Weekend for Zeta Tau Alpha at University of Texas, so you better believe I was there in a second. Seeing Avery and enjoying the weekend was a highlight... but also the beautiful Zeta sorority house!

The black and white architecture is so bold and beautiful in many ways. 
It is classy and never going out of style.

What a gorgeous "home" away from home. My older daughter, Ashley, lived in the house about 9 years ago... and it is still standing:).

After a little research of other sorority houses and hear-say, we picked up on the brand new Phi Mu house at University of Alabama

The new $13 million dollar house is a gorgeous gray and white escape for all these ladies at Alabama.... I mean WOW!  

This chandelier used to hang at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City!

The mix of traditional with modern finishes is just right up our alley of design. This makes me want to throw my name in the hat to redo a sorority house... must be where the big bucks are!

They did reuse much of the old furniture from their previous house, and we think it all meshed great together.

Study and hang out rooms are throughout the house, well equipped and designed for lots of use.

So sorority houses MAY be lots of fun, but they also have well designed places as well! I'm sure this was a pretty penny:).

Mixing Brights and Whites - A Little Color Therapy

Using all white is becoming quite the fad lately but we've found many ways to break the "white" and be BOLD:

Pops of color, accent walls, trim work, etc

But what's your color of choice?? Read on to find YOUR hue:

Represents hope and is the best mood enhancer you'll find

Fearless and energy is what orange brings and opens the conversation of any dinner party

Red is the color of love. Its loud, bright and can be a scary choice for clients. Be Bold!

Easy-going and unexpected and the perfect balance to cool white paint

Reminds us of the sky on a sunny day. Vibrant, serene and natural

What's your color of choice??

Client Project: A Modern Earthy Escape

It's that time again! Client project features - we love to showcase our latest and greatest to give you a sneak peek at what we are working on.

Together with Ron Davis Custom Homes, we conquered what we like to refer to as an "earthy" design with clean, modern lines. 

Check out a tiny bit of the design below and stay tuned for the full reveal once we get pictures back from the photographer!

The Gray blue cabinets paired with the natural wood "X" detail island creates such a marriage between modern and organic that we love and want to create more and more

Below are a few of the pages from our design presentation:
Inspiration for the kitchen featured above:

Line drawings dictating where our carefully hand picked finishes will live.

Like we said, stay tuned for more of this wonderful home ... 
we leave you with the front elevation to this masterpiece:

We received this excited email from the happy couple that purchased the home:
"We just purchased the Ledgestone house! While there is no doubt that Ron builds beautiful homes, I have to tell you that the design decisions are what convinced us this is the one for us. After seeing a number of homes featuring 'earthy' colors, it was so wonderful to walk in and see all the greys and blues, the clean design, (and those incredible fixtures)."

Fab Fall Favorites for the Win

Fall has finally arrived and with a new season comes new ideas, fresh design and open minds.

Here at TCI we like to look to many places to inspire our design. 
Home decor

We've scoured around for our favorites that inspire us. 

1. Camel hat, gray wool scarf and all black ... we can incorporate this color scheme into a pillow design asap.

2. Natural fibers and wood box containers ... we will make it our goal to combine wood elements with natural greenery in small accents and unique places.

3. This orange, taupe and white wool throw blanket brings warmth, style and functionality to any room.

4. Not everything has to be soft and warm ... throw in a little excitement with metal and lights!! This metal FALL marquee sign will brighten up your space in a flash

Pumpkin spice latte anyone?

A coffee cup of scented wax will fill home with the best little aroma for the fall season. Not only is design and decor essential to an autumn home, but also the candle of choice ;)

Get festive for fall! Enjoy the season!

Light It Up: Brighten a Dimly Lit Room

Do you have dark rooms in your home that you need to brighten up??

We've found some beginner tips on how to achieve this look ... and the simple, efficient and practical way!!

1. Embrace White
May sound like a no-brainer but using white and lots of it will always open up a room. Don't limit yourself to just the walls ... be sure to add pops of white in the furniture and artwork as well!

2. Wash the Walls with Light
Sconces, lamps and more ... using light in a useful way to brighten a room is very important. Make sure you know which areas to brighten. Washing the walls will help bounce the light around the room.

3. Cool Blue Color Scheme
The color blue brings in cool tones without darkening a room with a dingy yellow that may make a room close in. It also reminds us of the sky which is a wide, bright and open thought 

4. Accents of Black
Yes this may seem strange, but adding small bits of black helps to contrast the white and pop the brighter areas. Find thin, small accents that accomplish this purpose.

5. Change out your Lightbulbs
This may be the easiest fix of all. Change out your yellow light bulbs to a whiter, cooler light

Brighten up your home before the winter for a fresh, bright and happy feel this season!
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