Happy Thanksgiving from TCI

Thank you to our wonderful clients and colleagues for allowing us so much to be thankful for this year! 

Last Minute White Pumpkin Decor

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

For those of you that HAVEN'T moved onto Christmas decor already -- here are a few of our favorite scenes for your Thanksgiving table, if you need last minute ideas.

One of our favorite items at this time of year is a white pumpkin. It's fall, it's fresh, it's transitional, and it's not orange ;)

We searched high and low for our favorite white pumpkin settings around Pinterest and here is what we came up with.


A collage of pumpkins on candle sticks

Pumpkins mixed with fresh florals

Pumpkins used as the flower pot

And pumpkins mixed with white antlers!

Burlap and white pumpkins ...

Phrases and white pumpkins ...

Or a craft project made out of white pumpkins!!

Whatever your gravy is ... there's one for everyone!

Winter Storage Ideas for the Win

Well, here in Texas it is STARTING to feel a little cooler! 
(don't get too excited ... just in the 70's ;)

But either way, never too early to start thinking about the winter and ways to maximize the mess!

We have compiled 5 of our favorite storage solutions for the winter season!

Wood Log Storage:
Using wood logs as decor has actual become quite popular lately, so why not show them off in a stylish rack?

Boot Rack:
Because ... yes, I'm guilty. I have one too many pairs of boots. But come on, who doesn't?! They do tend to get thrown in the bottom of the closet at times, and lose their shape ... but not now thanks to this boot rack with inserts for the boot leg!

Holiday Storage 3-Pack:
Christmas is around the corner, so thinking ahead to when it's time to break everything down, check out this 3 in 1 solution for wreaths, ornaments, and wrapping paper
 Hanging Hat Bin:
Who doesn't love a good hat in the winter? They can be cute, stylish AND warm! This adorable bin hangs on your closet rod with a chalkboard sticker on front to label your goods

And our personal FAV:
The Little Black Dress Scarf Hanger:
Scarves are winter's necklaces and we've all got plenty of them. How amazing is this scarf solution??

Enjoy the options!!

Design Delivered - Online Design Project Featuring a Gorgeous Master Bedroom

Some of you might be familiar with our online design package called "Design Delivered".

If you're new to the idea you can read more about it HERE on our website! 
The Reader's Digest version of the package :

For those clients that want to DIY and be more heavily involved in the implementation process. We take all your thoughts and suggestions, then create the perfect room for you using retail vendors and compiling the design into one presentation with drawings and images. An excel spreadsheet accompanies the package and includes links to each product sourced so the client can purchase it themselves and install it all themselves in their home!!

We recently completed a beautiful master bedroom that we can't wait to share 
with you today! 
The client wanted a new, fresh, transitional look. The rest of their house has a tuscan feel to it, but they wanted their bedroom to be a more streamlined, semi modern look.

We always start with a floorplan to visualize the space and assess the needs of the room!

A blue-gray color scheme was implemented and accentuated in the wall paint, bedding and mostly artwork! Art can speak so many languages when used to communicate a color scheme.

New, straight-lined furniture was selected and gives the room a new backbone to begin with. Horizon artwork and a series of mirrors help to give life to the newly painted walls.

Accessories can also help to bring a room together with just the right touches of blues and grays. We opted for roman shades on the windows in this room as there wasn't space on the side for drapery panels to fully extend.
We also help select lighting if needed. In this space we chose this drum-shade fan that gives the room a modern feel while still allowing airflow with the fan mechanism inside the shade!

Do you have a room or rooms that need a make over? Are you a DIY-er?? This package could be for YOU too!

Craft Room Organization Tips

One of the most fun rooms in a house, is usually a creative room ... 
somewhere you can express yourself, be free and colorful. 

What room is best used for this purpose other than a CRAFT ROOM?!

Such a space can easily get cluttered, overused and "trashy" quickly. Which is why we have researched ways to help keep this room in tip-top shape at all times
Here are 8 ideas from Houzz that we love and can easily implement in our own design studio daily!

1. Stand paper rolls in a basket

2. Sort loose papers in clear front pull out drawers

3. Use fabric bags to keep current projects together

4. Sort fabric by color in wire baskets

5. Organize spools of thread on wall racks by color

6. Use a peg board on the wall to hang materials and tools

7. Sort small objects in canisters with screw top lids

8. Repurpose a tiered cake stand as a portable caddy for often-used materials

Happy Organizing!

Painting Your Walls Multiple Colors - Why?!

We are here to answer that question!!

Why paint your walls multiple colors??  Because that goes against every ounce of our being to actually say that ;)

Well there is a time and place for everything ... and multiple wall paint has it's place!

1. Delineate a Space - 
Choosing colors that coordinate with the color scheme and "arranging" them on the wall can help to make the room "understood"

2. Draw the Eye Up
Do you have tall ceilings or want to accentuate the height of the room? Paint the top half a special color!

3. Create a Unique Space:
This would be perfect or a nook or kids bedroom.... The ombre look is all the rage!

4. Set the "Scene" - 
This particular room was turned into "story time" by a faux chair rail effect using paint

5. Accentuate Proportions - 
Without the paint in this room, it would seem very small. By using bright colors in unique places, it brings out larger spaces that you didn't know existed!

We like this idea -- but definitely only when following these rules!! 

How To ... Give your Kitchen a WOW Factor

So much goes into a kitchen.
- cabinet design
- tile
- stone
- plumbing
- lighting
- appliances
..... and thats just to mention a FEW!

We are knee deep in kitchen designs, so we picked some of our
favorite ideas to share-

So how do you bring all this together and make it PERFECT?!

Here's a few tips from Houzz that we like to put to good use!

1. Create a Focal Wall
By using materials or paint, one single wall can turn into the center of attention and make the rest of the kitchen seemingly less important

2. Use Bright Accents 
Using simple kitchen utensils OR with linens you can pop a neutral kitchen into high gear

3. Mix Materials
We love the look of this kitchen as they mixed raw wood with painted wood.

4. Make Task Lighting a Focal Point
Lighting is always a crowd favorite. You set the style of your room by your lighting ... 
choose wisely

5. Clear Up the Clutter
No one likes a kitchen full of junk, or countertops so packed you can't even cook!

Which tips will you implement first?!
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