Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces: My Attempt!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I sent out an enewsletter yesterday and didn't want my blog readers to miss out...
especially if your Thanksgiving table is still empty!

Dear Genevieve from HGTV did use these brussel sprout trees
as part of a centerpiece on one of her shows, but we are planning to eat them!

Ashley really got a kick out of these!

Back to business...

Here are a few quick ideas to add some festivity to your table:

Candles to the Rescue!

Most of you have an abundance of clear floral vases
in the kitchen cabinets. Grab some white candles,
pick up some bulk nuts and arrange the
collection on greenery from the yard.

Use your extra white pumpkins from Halloween to
showcase your table. Add spray painted gourds and
more candles for an elegant, fall look.

Self explanatory! Indian Corn, a large hurricane
with a candle and raffia! Simple, yet stunning!

Head to the yard for colorful leaves. Use floral picks
to arrange them in foam and add, yet again,
more candles, fruit, nuts and berries.

Since I don't didn't have a plan for my table yet:), I thought
I'd save the centerpiece I may did attempt for last.
Brown paper and cutout letters display the reason
why we gather together on this special day.

Okay, I did attempt the above... here's "my quickie version" before the table is set!

I had everything except the sticky letters...
not my best work, but I was aiming for a
"Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece!"

Enjoy your day and take in the warmth of the
important people around you.

I am certainly blessed...

Missing you M, D, T and T,


Images via* Moi, Good Housekeeping, HGTV, Pottery Barn, Squiddo

"Fall" on your Table...

 What a beautiful sight in my front yard!

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year
and Mother Nature certainly shows her good side.

 After the leaves have fallen, use her leftovers for the focal point of your table.

Here are simple, elegant ideas for any time of the year:

1. Clear vases, sticks, wire and a few leaves... easy, yet stunning!
Thank you Rachel Ray:)

2. Flowers out of tissue paper and glued to the branches...
Great project for the kids!

3. Love this for an outdoor patio

4. This may be my favorite!  Spray painted branches with sweet birds!

5. And thank you to West Elm for showcasing metallics ...
super for monochromatic color schemes.

Which is your favorite?

Until next time,

A Warm, Whimiscal Gathering Space

Does artwork get much cuter than this?

Take a peek into the design process of my client Glamma who lives in Gunter, TX-

Any day now, Glamma will become a grandmother to eight sweet babies...
all under the age of 5!


She and her (patient) husband built an addition onto their already beautiful
home to create space for her three daughters and families to visit.

Not pictured is the stylish bar and extra bedrooms upstairs... it goes on and on-

Glamma has a keen eye for design and embraces the use of color...
a dream for me!

My goal was to help her fill these walls with artwork that was unique-
with a splash of whimsy.

We started with this custom mirror she had created and this awesome
venetian plaster wall color in the attached bath.

(Based on this alone, I knew I'd love this!)

The other factors we needed to consider were the upholstery on the chairs,
the existing area rug and the fabric for the roman shades.

It was only natural to bring on the turquoise... woo hoo!

Next, we took a trip to my favorite Go To art gallery

for one of a kind... off the beaten path...
down right special artwork.

We nailed it!

Glamma wanted to keep the space comfortable and a bit more of a grown up feel,
not necessarily a playroom look.

This custom piece by artist Steve Taft was perfect---

Unfortunately, the pieces didn't photograph well, but you can see
how well the set filled the space and added a custom look.

Another empty wall where we commissioned the talented
Elle Designs to make us this!!!!

So personal for Glamma's family:)

And the best of the best from Elle!

Together, we designed a showcase for the grandbabies which brings in
all the colors we are working with and a grande touch of whimsy!

(Baby MacKenzie is due any day now!!!)

One of the best features of these canvas beauties is that the photos are
developed on a foam board and Velcros on!

So yes, as the babies grow, the photographs can be switched out!

Love practicality-

(Funny, we created two blank canvas' just in case there any extras in the future!)

Just for kicks here is a true insider look at what "sometimes"
happens during the design process:

We chose lamps and made sure they were the correct color using a paint swatch -

... and cool, this is what came out of the box-
baby blue????

Dear Uttermost,

If you are going to change the dye lot on a lamp,
please contact the buyer before the order is placed!

Frustrated Designer

Plan B Resolution:
Replaced with this beauty and will ship directly to Glamma

It was so nice to be a part of a creation of a space filled with so much love!

Until next time,


Images via* Moi, Uttermost

Avery's Bath Transformation and a DIY Project Idea for you!

I wouldn't consider myself very "crafty"... I definitely used to be, until I had to
start using my time a bit more efficiently.

But Sunday morning at 6:23, I did a little craft project...
no cutting
no pasting
no sewing
especially... no painting!

My kind of project...

just peel and stick-

Avery's bathroom has come a long way, but of course Mom I thought it needed something...



(okay, I sort of forgot about this little DIY number... the mosaic only came in blue and white but we wanted to add the brown and tan, so we individually punched out some from the mesh and glued in the tiles we wanted. Worth it but our fingers were numb by the end!)

And After my craft project:

What an inexpensive, classy, whimsical way to dress up your walls, or doors:)...
and rip it off when you are tired of it!

(Note...when she got home from her "spend the night"...
she asked why there was tape all over her door. 
Four days later, it is still there:)

Wall decals are all the rage... see some inspirational ideas below:

How clever...

and under $50!

Absolutely love this clock idea... use one at the end of a hallway with a
 battery operated clock on top

Wow Factor!


A bit of the unexpected....

One of my favorite ideas which will save you hundreds of dollars...
a classic headboard... sticker? Yes!

Wall decals are perfect for kids rooms

Definitely wish I saw this when Austin was younger... I actually hot glued
a felt "road" onto the wall....arghhh

Turn a simple chair into a showstopper!

I've seen these Wall Decals all over town, so try it.... and if you already have,
send me pictures and I will post them!

Until next time,

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