Quartzite … What's the Difference?!

These days there are so many options for stone, solid surface material, and the like! 
How do you choose??

Here's our low down -- to be brief:
Granite - Natural material that usually has quite a bit of movement to it and comes in a variety of colors
Quartz - Man made solid surface material that has a regular pattern or no pattern at all. Can come in lots of light colors as well, which is nice ;)
Quartzite - Our feature for today! - Pure quartzite usually comes in a variety of white to gray color ways, while some can vary depending on the natural surroundings.
We recently went "shopping" with a client for the perfect quartzite slab for her kitchen. 
These were some we found ;)

Can you guess why we love quartzite? 
Yep, you got it … it's gray and white! The patterns can vary from linear looks to busier to not much at all. There's something for everyone.

How usable is quartzite?? 
It is actually a harder stone than granite!
The main "flaw" you will find in quartzite is its tendency to etch in certain areas
- This can be due to acid or other substances used in the kitchen. 
- BUT good news -- this can be prevented!!
 - By using a honed finish instead of a polished finish. 
Honed surfaces on harder materials are much more durable for quartzite kitchen countertops.

Have you jumped on the quartzite bandwagon yet?? Jump with US!

Client Project: 4 Steps to a More Masculine Home

We have many clients that come to us needing help 
making their home look more "masculine" yet attractive. 

Whether it is a wife, who wants their home to be pleasing to the husband, 
or a bachelor who wants his home to be a "man cave" without the "cave"… 
we get this request often!

And it doesn't have to include a frumpy old couch and a lava lamp!!

So how do we do it?? Whats our secret??

Here are 4 tips we nailed down to create this look
for our Bachelor in Uptown:

Mix and Match:
We like to mix and match our metals, materials and times. For example, mixing 
the old with the new, using both bronze and polished metals are all ways to help 
a space feel less "formal" and add a masculine touch.

Textures - Leather, Wood and Metal:
Solid, heavy and seemingly "bulky" textures are perfect ways to incorporate 
attractiveness into a "manly" space. You don't have to go out and find an 
old brown leather couch in order to do this. We used a stunning 
charcoal leather on this sectional and a dark, thick coffee table 
to give this room a "heavier" feel.

Angles not Curves:
Pretty self explanatory -- Men don't want "curly q's" in their space. 
Sharp lines, quick angles and straight edges are the way to go.

Color Combos:
Neutral Base - Always start with a gray/taupe/beige neutral base and build off of that. 
If all the major upholstery pieces are neutral, you can create any color 
scheme in the artwork and accessories to bring some color into the space.

You don't have to turn into "Frank" off "Father of the Bride" to have an 
amazing, put together, and masculine home. ;)

Client Projects: Part 2: It's All in the Details - Accessories


...and a sneak peek to a few of our 
new finished spaces!

Part 2: Last post we talked about certain details within a design that can really accentuate the overall space… anybody remember what they were?!??! POP QUIZ ;)
Hint ** Cabinetry, accent pillows etc

Well guess what? There are other details that can also 
accentuate a space in a BIG way.

When placed correctly and selected wisely, the accessories in a room 
can really define the design.

Here are a few of our recently completed projects in Uptown Dallas
and Highland Park that 
showcase the fine details of accessories!

You have to be careful not to "over-accessorize" or "clutter"
Stacking books, and clustering vases are always good choices.

Color : popping color in the accessories is sometimes the most important 
place to bring in the scheme. Many people want to keep their upholstery neutral 
and have their "pop" throughout the accessories.

One simple sculpture on an end table and make a beautiful chair gorgeous!

The background of accessories is just as important as the accessory itself. 
This bookcase wouldn't pop NEAR as much without the accent blue paint.

Cluster "like" items. Whether it is a ball, a set of vases or a glass knot, 
when you cluster similar items together it helps to provide a method to the madness
and a way of order in the accessories.

Sometimes an accessory can be something different - such as this 
glass vessel sink. Without this statement piece, this otherwise ordinary 
bath wouldn't take on the unique appearance that it has!

When showing off a beautiful accent tile, sometime less is more when it comes to your accessory plan. Select simple, classic pieces, not to deter from the "wow" factor.

And sometimes, a simple, yet gorgeous lamp is all you need to put the icing on the cake!!

Have we convinced you on the importance of DETAILS in your design?? 
Let us help you create them!

Client Project: Part 1: It's All in the Details!


When designing a room, it's important to keep the overall picture in mind, WHILE focusing on the details. Yes, that's why you hire us! So that we can do all the critical thinking.

So what ARE "the details" ??

It could be anything from a light fixture, 
to hardware, to accent pillows!

Check out some of the "details" in our custom home build in Fairview

This giraffe wall sconce, by Robert Abbey, along with the custom pillows and 
roman shade bring this little playroom to life!

The custom antiqued mirror front cabinetry and crystal hardware 
give this little vanity such personality.

Why use a regular rectangular mirror when you can choose a 
fun shape to go on your adorable wallpaper?

This abstract shaped vessel sink provides a lot more interest 
than a simple drop in sink!

Everything about this laundry room screams details: from the wallpaper, to the drapery… who wouldn't want to do laundry here??

Paying attention to details really DOES matter ;)

Client Project: 4 Ways to Create a Good Design Flow in your Home

We are currently working on a home that has several large spaces…. 
that need to be filled!

Do you ever have this question??
The dilemma:  How to correctly separate these spaces while creating a clearly defined means of egress and way finding throughout the space…without confusing all your guests?

The answer:  We came up with 4 answers!! Read on to find out:

1. Start with your Entryway:
This is the first place your guests will see as they enter your home. Make sure this 
space is well organized and well lit. These are a few light fixtures we suggested 
to our client for his entryway:

2. Correct Placement of Color in your Furniture Pieces:
Bounce color around your sitting areas thoughtfully. Reuse certain "statement" 
patterns on pillows on a few different upholstery pieces to dictate a specific space. 
Utilize your artwork to pop the color around the room as well. 
For example, if your sitting area has shades of blue gray in the fabrics, place a 
piece of art with that same color directly in that sitting area.

3. Area Rugs:
This is a biggie! Area rugs are the best way to define a specific space. Anchor the 
front legs of the furniture pieces on the rug to "explain" what belongs to that area.

4. Focal Points:
Use the "wow" factors of your design to dictate the important spaces in your home. 
For example, our client has a stunning wet bar that he wants to be a congregation 
point for his guests. So we suggested using a 3Form product as an inset wall panel 
above the wet bar to create an unmistaken focal point.

Following these 4 steps are sure to win you "best entertainer" of the year 
award from all your guests!!

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