A "Glamper" -- Check it OUT

Yes, we know... we are laughing as hard as you are...

It's a "glamorous camper"

Come on guys, I only camp if i can camp in style, and when we ran across this new term and these images, we couldn't help but to share after a long Memorial Day weekend of many campers out there!

Check out what camping could really be like! -- I had no idea this was even possible. Now the opportunities are endless!

Little spaces = more bang for your buck


We love the pop of pattern throughout to bring life into a small space.

I mean ... this is just FUN!

For a classier approach, we are loving this glamper. (ha, I know, i just can't help but to use that word)

And our favorite, ... grays and yellows and white. Ah. I could "glamp" in this!

So whether you camped, or "glamped" this Memorial day, we hope it was wonderful!

TCI Takes TOP GOLF - And our Favorite Green Paints

TCI got out of the office last night for a little fun and excitement ....
at TOP GOLF ! We missed you, Jessie!!

In honor of the greens of golf, we take a minute to show you our favorite green paints and ways to put them to good use on the exterior of your home to brighten things up for the summer!

1. Siding and Porch Railings:
Sherwin Williams - Leapfrog

2. Doors and Windows:
Benjamin Moore - Electric Slide

Valspar - Mountain Botanical

Kelly Moore - Thai Basil

Take the plunge into a green this summer ... and while you're at it.. take a trip to Top Golf ;)

TCI's One of a Kind Entrances: Part 2: The Stairway

Continuing with our series on ENTRANCES and ensuring they make just the right impact to set the stage for a house ... we bring you STAIRCASES.

Did you know so much can change within a stairway to really set a whole 
new look?

Take this recent completed project by TCI for example, this clean and simple staircase is made up of many parts:

- simplistic balusters
- wood treads and painted white risers to set each step apart
- unique assembly of the baluster adhering to the staircase. Instead of just coming straight down into the tread of the stair, it wraps around the stair itself and is joined in beneath

Take a look below for several of our IN CONSTRUCTION staircases that are currently being built, and some tips to creating the perfect stairway.

1. Ease of turns and directions in a staircase - a quick and simple landing can provide just the needed break of the eye visually, and physically as you continue up the stairway

2. Geometric Balusters: We love getting creative with the baluster designs .. 
as long as it stays clean and simple. Nothing too ornate.

3. Mix of Materials: Mixing an iron baluster and rail with a wood step gives the 
staircase something to boast about.

(Two views of an in-progress TCI build)

4. Lastly, add something unique! This may have nothing to do with the staircase itself. Like this completed TCI project below: We are loving this modern wood floral that just transforms this wall and brings all the attention to this entrance!

Thanks for staying tuned for our series on Entrances!

One of a Kind Entrance: Part 1 :Custom Front Doors

One part of a custom home build is designing custom doors and staircases 
down to the "T"!

Here at TCI, we like to design CUSTOM doors because they are just THAT much more special and unique. 

We can draft out the design by drawing exactly what we want the door to look like ...

Take a look at this line drawing in comparison with the IN-PROGRESS construction shot
of our builds in Newman Village in Frisco.

Three TIPS to custom door design:
1. Repetitive Designs - This helps to give the door some "rhythm"
2. Geometric Shapes - Doors with geometric patterns become less busy
3. Effective Light Passage - Leave enough glass through the iron design for an ample amount of light to pass through.

For a more intricate design, check out this custom door below
in a new build in Starwood!

Stay tuned for custom STAIR RAIL designs next!

Design Delivered - Sweet Olivia's Bedroom and Playroom

Have you been considering re-doing a room in your house but you want to take a hands-on approach?

Then our online design package, Design Delivered, just may be the ticket!

This is our most recent project completed - a young girl's bedroom and playroom.

Teal, blush, and sunshine yellow.... how perfect can it be?!

Each plan comes equipped with a floorplan, wall elevations, and product links to each item sourced.

This playroom is just the sweetest little storage filled room I've ever seen.

We were able to incorporate so many unique pieces while embracing her favorite items.

Sweet Olivia, we hope you love your new space as much as we do!!

And find out more about our Design Delivered package here!!

Update Your Bedding ... and WHY!

We do a good amount of custom bedding and there are SO many reasons we love to make a client fall in love with their bedding.

- It MAKES the room
- It starts the color scheme
- It creates textures
- It brings in pattern
- Our clients will use it daily.

Recently, Houzz came out with a few more reasons that we loved and thought you might find interesting as well!

Read on to find out why BEDDING is so important.

1. Add a Small Amount of Pattern

2. Wake Up Refreshed

3. Go Classic Linen

4. Choose a Design Trend


5. Splurge on Silk

Do you need a refreshing bed? We can help ;)

A Special Mother's Day Table

This coming Sunday is a special day.
A day to honor Mothers!

So make her feel special by setting the perfect table and letting her enjoy all the pretties.

1. Pull out the Lace! 
Lace doesn't have to be old-fashioned, when used right it can pull a modern, classic touch to a beautiful table.

2. Blush.
The color Blush. We love it. Use it use it use it!!

3. Fresh Flowers:
Flowers always make a woman smile, so find the prettiest ones around and grace your table with a few fresh bouquets 

4. Pull out a statement piece.
Whether it's sentimental, or just beautiful, add a couple items that turn the table into a masterpiece!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the mothers out there!!

The Galley: A New and Exciting Way to Look at Your Kitchen Sink

We have an exciting new product to showcase!!
Read on to find out what this IS?!

I visited this upscale kitchen showroom in Dallas owned by a fellow colleague Kellye Kamp, Butter of Dallas, and was excited to see the high end kitchen products she offered to the luxury market. 

A networking group of industry leaders- LTD, Luxury Team Dallas

Not only are they high performing, but so unique. 

I fell in love with this kitchen sink, The Galley,  and will definitely be sourcing it for the new construction projects we have on the books.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and now, The Galley Ideal Workstation is the hub of the kitchen. Not just a kitchen sink, it is fast becoming the most important appliance in the kitchen and is literally changing the way people plan for and use their kitchens.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kitchen sink was more than just a sink? What if it was a super-functional, smart and stylish workstation where you could prepare, serve, entertain, and clean up all in one convenient place? The Galley Ideal Workstation is the answer!

From cutting boards, to strainers, and everything in between, this is SO much more than a sink. It can literally do anything and everything you need to do in a kitchen. And it's available in 6 different sizes!

What do you THINK of this incredible idea?! We are ALL in and ready to specify it.

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