Stylish Sinks!

Who takes pictures in public restrooms?  I do!
I know, pretty random, but I could not resist!

Check out this sink at the Jacksonville Airport-

No, wait... it gets better-

There really is no sink!  Not sure why I was so fascinated by this... but I was!
Basically, the water ran off gently to the back of the counter- weird.

This lead me to snap a few other quirky things that caught my eye
(our flight must have been delayed)...

The entrance to the restroom

Just balls... easy peasy

Do it yourself idea: Paper airplane collage
Get our your glue gun and make a statement in your son's room!

Back to sinks... since you do need them in your house! 
Many of you are in the remodeling craze, so here are a few sink options by Kohler for your bathrooms.


Pretty, but practical?  Stick to handwashing only and install in an bath
that is not frequently used by kiddos!

Another great looking vessel, but watch the wet floor!

Wading Pool

This  new unique design features very shallow sinks to accentuate the beauty of flowing water!

Another wading pool option:

Wall mount

These are increasing in popularity... a bit of the unexpected for your guests-

Integrated Tops
No separation between the sink and the countertop... most practical!
These tops are often used with a furniture style vanity.

Another Integrated Top-

Gorgeous for the no kid zone!

So, if you are in an airport now, go in the restroom and check out the sink
If it is cool, take a pic with your phone and email me!

I'm headed to NYC this week, so we'll see if JFK can top JAX.... I doubt it:)

Until next time,

Images via* Moi,I

Install on the Wall!

You may never see me without my camera.  Most likely because I never know what will inspire me
and my hands are usually too full... so I snap instead! 

Here's another great find at the Dallas World Trade Center for you! 
Maybe you are not into yellow statues... BUT
what you may be able to use is the idea of the wall grouping from Ambari.

I am a fan of a bit of the "unexpected" and it is easy to accomplish!  The idea is not to have a single
piece of art hanging in every space but to vary them around the room... perhaps a grouping
of smaller items on one wall, a large piece over the mantle and pieces stacked vertically on another. 
Switch it up!

First of all... love the color combo, but check out the impact that the silver squares
have on the space.  Number one, you cover a lot of ground and two, the look can be
achieved inexpensively!  If you are brave, head to Home Depot for some spray paint and
 foam board (or metal sheeting if you dare) and viola! 
A grouping to die for!

  Another look I love... certainly because it is different! A muralist completed the look by painted
the branches but you can group these flowers together for a big impact as well!

Here's a favorite that I installed a few years ago using plates from Global Views

Inspiration to get your collections out of the attic and hang them on the wall!

Mirrors are a great to use in this application

Take advantage of vertical space always!!!  On the right, simple prints framed alike- you can do that!

In a craft room? Teen room? How about framed album covers for the media room?
Golf calendar pages for the study? It goes on and on!

Just remember when installing for "this look", it has a gallery effect so you want less space in
between each piece to get that WOW Factor!

**Leave me a comment below of your most unusual wall collection. I will share the posts
so you can have more great ideas for your hidden treasures:)

Until next time,

Images via** Domino magazine, Lonny and Moi

"HOT" Tubs

107 degrees!  Really?

Ok, DFW... I think it is hot enough here!  I write this at 5:30 pm when my son is outside at football practice... yikes.  My last reminder by text was "Drink lots of water!"... we shall see.

We thought we'd escape the heat by going to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels,
which is the largest water park in Texas.

We thought wrong-

The sweat was dripping all weekend long... in the car, in the tram, in the lines, in the water!

We started out Saturday night in the quaint town of Gruene.. an artsy, historical town
known for it's quaint shopping, good food, live music... and sweat.

Here's the crew-

And here's my crew waiting to eat... typical, Big Sis "telling it like it is", Brother trying
to get a word in and Lil Sis ignoring them both-

Dinner at the Gristmill... which is a must but AC would have been a bonus

The natives were restless-

And the day was done...

Unfortunately, I don't have pics from the water park because...

A. Not all of my family members want to photographed in bathing suits and...
B. I was not going to bring my camera any where near running water

If you can't stand the heat where you live...
get in the tub! 

Here is some eye candy of some fabulous bathtubs-

Ultra elegance by Bain

Can an adult fit in there? Another beauty by Bain

Turquoise gem by Jason International

Love the teak by Lasco

Teuco treasure...

Must be at a Teuco

Here are some tips for you to stay cool from ... without an air conditioner...
Just add water!!

Ball up and soak a t-shirt in the sink, wring it out, put it on and sit in a lawn chair (or other chair that lets air through to you) in
front of a fan. Re-wet as it dries. Make sure not to soak it with cold water. It can be colder than you think. Instead use lukewarm
water so you get cool without freezing. Using a synthetic shirt will ensure no "wet T-shirt" look. 

Wear a short sleeved shirt and put water on the sleeves. If there is a breeze or fan blowing on you, you can actually get cold.
Use a squirt bottle, the sink or hose if outside to keep your sleeves wet. If you are outside and wearing long pants and you
put water on your legs, the water will cool your legs.

Fill your bathtub with cool water and get in. Once you are used to the temperature, let some water out and refill with cold water. Keep doing this until you are sufficiently cold. Your body will stay cool for a long time after you get out.

Or just soak your feet in a bucket of cold water. You can do it almost anywhere and don't have to stay in the tub. The body radiates heat from the hands, feet, face and ears, so cooling any of these will efficiently cool the body.
Hope that helps a bit... think cool thoughts:)
Until next time,
Images via- Schlitterbahn,,, moi

A Sweet Look for a Sweet Peach!

Feeling domestic and noticing the ripened peaches on my counter, I was inspired to make a
 homemade Peach Cobbler... in honor of my new client, Georgia Peach.

I solicited a helper and we got busy (with help from my laptop and
 Southern Living, of course).

We follow directions well:)

Ready to go in the oven...

And it was delicious... I do have to say!

***Admittedly it was called "Easy Peach Cobbler"... cuz that's how I cook!
Get the recipe here***

My client just moved to Starwood in Frisco from Alpharetta, Georgia... and being a
Georgia Peach, as well, I knew exactly the decorating style she was accustomed to! 

After looking at different color palettes for her empty family room, we decided to
freshen things up with a lighter wall color (BM Lenox Tan), updated geometric
print swivel chair and ottoman by Charles Ray, media console,
colorful pillows and anchored by a neutral sectional
Not many new homeowners want the same look they had in the old house!

This is where we started:

A classic club chair (adding an optional swivel base and upgraded seat cushion)
in the cool geo green upholstery! 
The multi-colored fabric is for the sofa pillows... lots of colors to pull from!

Next was the rug and sweet Georgia Peach is thinking it may be too much pattern-
we searched a bit more but I LOVE the non traditional floral by Feizy...

Here's another rug option- a version of a trellis pattern. This line is custom sized to any
dimensions we want and is affordable to boot!

On to art which has been fun! After trying a few pieces "live" in the home
(thanks Gaylynn!), we decided on this transitional beauty!
***Note: Room in Progress!***

And this in the dining room~ love the size and texture

As you know, decorating is done in layers and next we will tackle lamps,
reupholster existing pieces, mirrors and occasional tables.

We, Georgia Peaches, will get it done!

Giveaway! CSN Stores $60 Gift Certificate!

Another Giveaway!

As a bonus to you, I am writing a follow up to a blog post from a few weeks ago. 
I showed you how to make a statement when redesigning your bedroom
by starting with the headboard.  Now, I'm going to tell you
where to buy them... on the cheap!
Check out these amazing upholstered headboards!

This  actually has a slipcover for easy washing and switching out!  $249

Soft curves... $369!

Queen size with a low price $309! Love that nailhead:)

Visit my previous post for the Look and get it for Less at

Wait, there is more than this great tip... there's free stuff too!

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Here are just a mere few of what they have to offer:

A little background here- I started my design blog, Classic... with a twist,
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Back to the Giveaway- in order to enter and win the gift certificate,
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Good luck!

*CSN Stores contacted me to host a giveaway. I did not receive any payment, compensation, or products for my participation, and my opinions are my own.

Art Speaks!

Quick Update:  The Cheetah Couple goes Bananas!
(Can you tell I have been watching repeats of the Rachel Zoe Project?)

We are still working diligently at the home of the Cheetah Couple and
coming to an end in most rooms we started. 

I admire them for several reasons:

1. They get what they want... Custom to the hilt!
2. They think out of the box
3. They test me:)

Here is the dining room in progress-

Note: Chandelier is gone and I'm waiting for a brainstorm as to what to put in the corner by the chair (the color chair initiated the color palette for the home... they've had it for 25 years!)

Sooo... to enhance the gorgeous venetian plaster, we had to find just the right art piece.

These are just a few that I proposed:

See the pattern here?  Soft, calming colors to keep with the
monochromatic scheme in the room-

Not so much...

While at the art gallery, the Cheetah Couple absolutely, positively
both fell in love with this piece!

Definitely not what I had in mind, but a freight train couldn't stop them and in the end...
It is a keeper!


Thank you Cheetah Couple for pushing my limits (or perhaps off a cliff!).

Here's a sneak peek at a few other art pieces going in their home:

Painted on tempered glass... ahhhhh

Custom painted from an inspiration photo- LOVE!

Across from dining room

And as always, thanks to Gaylynn at La Montage for your patience and guidance!

Finishing up... Here's to you, Cheetah Couple-
a toast from me and an addition to your wine bar!

Until next time,

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