Get Organized and Look Good!

I don't know about you guys - But each year, I tell myself I WILL  
be more organized THIS year.

And I'm on a mission.... I'm headed into my own master bathroom remodel, 
so it's time to clean out the clutter and when it goes back,
it needs to go back in STYLE!

Here are 4 good reasons to be organized and HOW to do it while looking good!

1. Use colorful boxes to hide the "junk":
Just the soft rainbow of coordinating colors makes me happy. AND makes me want to keep being organized (that's the key... if it's pretty, it makes you want to keep it up!!)


2. Labels, Labels, Labels:
Not only do they help to sort different items, it also helps the brain to see everything in an organized fashion and not in disarray. 


3. More Pretty:
Why do file folders have to be "manilla" colored? I say bring out the patterns and it will sure make me want to keep those papers filed more!


4. Get a Planner:
Do it. I know, I know ... I can hear it now... "but it's all on my laptop, my phone etc!" . Well yes, but there's nothing like good ol' fashion paper and pen. AND it's proven, if you physically write it down ... you WILL remember it more.

GOOD LUCK (to us all!)

Why Gold is all the Craze in 2015

We had so much fun last week with the Dallas Morning News as we showcased 
our new "GOLD" project at the Mansion on Turtle Creek!

Check out the article HERE!

(Little did I know, I would have to be in the shoot too ;/)

As we told DMN, gold is going to be the hottest trend for 2015, 
and we are excited to be ahead of the game on this one!

Gold no longer has to be the old "brass" you think of in your great-grandmothers guest bathroom... we are here to show you the new and improved shine throughout this space!

Here are a few of our favorite gold scenes and projects that are unique and unexpected!
From light fixtures to lamps ... lighting is a perfect place to bring in the gold accents.

Even a simple charger will help to pop a few specs of gold into your dining table setting.

Step out of the box with these book ends. Gold + Black = BOLD

Looking for a way to make your vanity something really special?! MISSION Accomplished.

Go Gold this YEAR!

Aria Stone and Hot New Trends for 2015

As we gear up for 2015, we ask ourselves the 
question we ask at the end of every year ...

WHAT will be the hottest unusual trend THIS year??

Well, here at TCI, we have a few ideas, and can't wait to implement them.
Our TOP choices for 2015:

1. Metal Accents - Gold or Silver!
2. Additions of Stone - Especially Aria Quartzite 
3. Textural Wallpaper - Grasscloth or Solids
4. Unique Fixtures in Unusual Spaces - Speciality Plumbing Fixtures

HOW do you implement these trends?? 
Here are a few slides to give you a visual for these looks!


- Bring a touch of the unexpected into your bedroom by using an Aria Stone quartzite as artworkBecause as Aria's motto goes .. "Stone is Art". 
(This particular quartzite is a 3CM Verde Acquamarina Slab. ... Simply Beautiful)

- Use a mixture of metals throughout side tables, lighting, and accessories
- Wallpaper an accent wall in a textural wallpaper.


- WOW yourself each day as you step foot into your bathroom by wrapping your bath tub wall surround in a beautiful white quartzite from Aria Stone. 
(This particular stone is a 3CM Bianco Quartzite)
- Give your bathroom a splash of shine with metals throughout your wall sconces, vanity and tub faucets, AND cabinet hardware
- Don't skimp on the plumbing fixtures. They can be the icing on the cake in your master bath retreat if they SAY something about your space.

Gear up for 2015 and jazz up your home! 
Check out our post on Aria Stone HERE

Holidays are Over - Gear up for the NEXT Holiday

If you've been in a grocery store lately .. you've probably noticed the Christmas decor quickly coming down and being replaced by red and chocolate all over the shelves!

Why not make this Valentines Day a unique one for your household??

Many people rely on the traditional chocolate and flowers the day before to get them through the "holiday" season. But we have a few sentimental gifts that will be sure to capture your significant other's heart this year if you prepare just a little ahead of time!!

A momento of a framed art piece or a soft pillow will bring something around the house to always be remembered by. Or maybe a mug to sip your coffee from each day, 
and a candle to smell throughout the week?

Use TCI's tips to help gear up
 ahead of time for this years Valentines!

Sunshine and Song Inspiration

All the cold, gloomy weather has gotten us in the mood to dream a little into the warmer days!

We recently saw a room designed around a SONG. What an adorable idea. 
We've seen inspiration from fashion, family, travels ... but a song. We loved the theme.

So we decided to inspire YOU a little during this cold winter with some SUNSHINE.

Prints, Canvases, or Shower Curtains to start off a great song anyone??

Yellow is such a happy color that we have used in design before, 
and love the happy effect it gives on the space:

Anything goes! From a coffee cup, to a sunburst mirror. 
Each little touch brings in a few rays of sunshine ;)

Having a happy interior will make you feel warm and cozy, even when skies are gray ;)

link to TCI Project

What song would inspire YOU?

It's all in the Details - Cabinet Hardware

Who knew CABINET HARDWARE could change the look of the 
entire cabinet design it is being applied to?

Well, take this hardware for example.....
Wouldn't you agree.... THAT kitchen would be a topic of conversation?!
(in the completely WRONG WAY)

We have a few favorite styles that we love to use in
 kitchen designs and bathroom designs all the time!

 An overall theme .... simple and clean = sophisticated and luxurious. 
We love these Schaub and Company selections:
Instead of selecting a pull or knob with curls and rolls and too many things to look at ... 
go for the sleek and simple.

We love :
- polished metals
- brushed metals
- acrylic
- straight lines
- mixed mediums

A few examples of OUR work -- 
Here this glass drop pull changes this custom vanity instantly!

See Full TCI Project HERE 

A simple metal bar pull creates an interest on a flat panel cabinet drawer!

See Full TCI Project HERE 

Go Jazz up YOUR cabinets for the NEW YEAR!



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