Wide Open Spaces

These kind of space CAN be tricky to design. Many clients just can't figure out how
 to create a smooth flowing layout... 
and that is where we come in!

We are excited about a new clients home in Fort Worth which has an incredible OPEN floor plan, with a very large living space. As you can tell from the floor plan below... 
there is enough space to place at least 3 seating groups! WOW!

(I think we rocked it on the space planning if I do say so myself!)

How do you manage to do this without it looking 
overcrowded or jumbled? 

1. It's all about creating the seating groups. Area rugs are a huge help in this area, to pull the groups together and balance them with the space. 

2. Symmetry - Instead of angling items or spacing them unevenly, it is nice to be able to mirror the seating group, set the furniture straight and orderly for a room that holds a lot of pieces.

3. Low Pieces - In order to be able to have a seemingly open plan, use lower backed sofas, low benches and chairs so that the room can been seen over one plane.

Do you have a "wide open space" that needs some TLC??

We'll be sure to post the After shots for this Ft. Worth Beauty!

Forming a Design around a Show Stopper

Many times when we start a design, we like to look for that "one unique piece" 
that will define what the space becomes. 

Whether that is a light fixture, a rug, a sculpture or a statement fabric print.. ANYthing 
can jump start the design, it's just our job to find it!

In this particular current project, we began this dining room around this amazing 
Currey and Co Serena Chandelier
The aqua crystal orbs make the chandelier formal and different at the same time. 

Once we had decided on this "show stopper", we were able to pull wallpaper, 
chairs and fabric to dress the rest of the room.

As you can see, the chandelier is the center! (literally ;)

Check out these design images and guess 
what their showstoppers are!





Let us help you find YOUR "one unique piece"!

Natural and Organic Design

How do you add natural elements into your design?

Our favorite way is to incorporate organic materials with unexpected pieces. This concept can form the entire design of the space!

For example, we just completed a project where the color scheme was a fun "paprika" color mixed with neutrals. When we brought elements such as green moss balls, mushroom plants, and branches into the mix, it completely transformed the space!!

Here are four ways to incorporate a natural look into YOUR space:

1. Use materials such as bark, mushroom, or moss throughout the vignettes. 
Fill a bowl with succulents, or a vase with feathers.

2. Odd numbers and straight lines. Sometimes all you need is a simple display of 3 of the same thing. We like to use glass vases and put a single moss pom pom ball coming from each one.

3. Simplistic is the best. Don't try to over-do. A simple plate with artichokes or a glass vase with the right green sprig will do the trick!

4. Make a terrarium! These are great. Using a glass bowl or lantern, and filling it with cactus, rocks, moss rocks, or succulents makes for a great display.

Give it a try ;)!
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