Alexa Hampton, A Design Legend

A couple of weeks ago we attended an ASID event that featured Alexa Hampton
and her book The Language of Interior Design

She was just as fabulous in person as she is in pictures and her design. She graciously signed each book and had a small chat with us as we met her!

Her design love started from her father, Mark Hampton...a design legend himself. She has now completed hundreds of beautiful interiors and put a book together explaining her theories. 

She briefly spoke about the 4 elements she believes cultivates design: contrast, proportion, color and balance. During her presentation, we not only got to learn about her design...but her personality. 
She is full of spunk and always ready to crack a joke ;) She kept the presentation light and
 happy with lots of personal stories and experiences.

Contrast: She spoke a lot about how she loves book spines and the color contrast 
they can provide in an otherwise neutral room.

Color: Bringing color around the room in unexpected places is always a statement.

 Balance: In order to create the timeless, classic effect that her clients love,
she feels the importance of balance is exceptional.

Proportion: Creating unity between the furniture pieces and their surrounding
architecture is the key to correct proportion.
Thanks, Taylors on Ten, for hosting the event.

All in all, we came away with a fresh look and new inspirations!

A Custom TCI Settee

A custom settee that spent many hours in the "scheming" phase...finally came to life this afternoon when we were able to see it in person for the first time and deliver it to the excited client!

We started with a concept photo and a quick CAD line drawing....

With a few Kravet fabrics and the pewter nailhead, we ended with a fantastic result!

We are very excited about the result! What do you think?

My Own Kitchen Remodel: Fast and Furious

Have I opened a can of worms or what?

This is my kitchen this morning- sigh

I am living "your" side of a kitchen remodel and while I typically 
recommend that my clients stay out of the house as much as possible...
we are in it- and covered with dust!

Here's the deal:

1. New House
2. Not so New Kitchen

Even my kid's friends were questioning the green tile with the herb accents... whoa-

3. My Bright Ideas/ Inspirations


4. The Plan

5. Reality

I will go into a bit more detail when I show you the finished product, 
but for now... please know that I am fully aware of the fun that goes along
with a remodel including....

A. Electrician falling into the trench above while carrying 
the old microwave and balancing a flood light on top-
ohhhh, could have been worse- he's okay:)

B. Contractor having to wash my dog after he walked through the 
wet cement floor yesterday- and folded laundry.

The flip side to this post is that we didn't start this project until September 3 
and I have my #1 team taking care of me during the process.

Thank You....

First and foremost, Kevin, who is making it happen

and the rest of my go to team including:

Barry, Jay, Jeff, Jonathan, Lindsay, Megan, Jef, Kevin, Alan, Mark, Todd

-and my friends and my blondes

The best part is that they are your team too if you call us for a remodel.

Stay tuned!

Fall is Arriving.. Bring the Decor Outside!

Here in Texas, it seems that summer lasts throughout the "fall" season most of the time! But we still like to make ourselves feel like it is Autumn ;) 

While we spend most of our time creating beautiful INTERIORS, it still is important to remember the first thing someone will see when they enter your house...your front door.

We have found a few of our favorite Autumn wreaths online, and most are all DIY projects! Grab a friend, your kids or family and have some fun bringing in the "fall" season! Click on the links to take you to the tutorial for each wreath.

Love this ombre effect on this adorable rosettes,

2.Rustic Wheat Fall Wreath
Feeling a little more earthy or rustic? This one is for you.

3. Acorn Wreath
For a more clean, modern look, try this wreath!

4. Autumn Popcorn Wreath
Want to make a wreath with supplies you may already have in your home? Try this popcorn wreath.

5. Candy Corn Wreath
Looking for a splash of color?? How great is this candy corn inspired wreath?

6. Fall Frame Wreath
For those a little more DIY, and rustic, this is a great option!

7. Rosette Wreath with Monogram
Personalize your wreath with your initial!

8. Indian Corn Wreath
And lastly, bring in the Thanksgiving season with an Indian Corn wreath.

The Way to a Designer's Heart

Do you have a friend, mother, wife, sister, or colleague that is an Interior Designer or just loves to Design? These are 10 things that we find very true when coming from the other side's perspective of design ;)
 From Emily A Clark Blog

1. Don’t get attached to anything….furniture, prints, paint color, etc.
Via Houzz
2. Don’t ask why every lamp in the house is on….and don’t start talking about the peaks in the electricity bill when all the lights are on.
Via Pinterest
3. Pillows are not for comfort…….if the pillows on the couch are strategically placed, chopped in the middle and fluffed - Sit on the floor!
4. If she asks do you notice anything different?… First look at her hair, then start looking at the wall for new pictures or paint color…. 
Via Hooked on Houses

5. If she needs help drawing straight lines, don’t just eyeball it and use a pen to mark on the wall… get a long level and use a pencil…..lesson learned.
6. If she is intently staring at a blank wall, don’t make any plans for the weekend.
Via Lonny Magazine
7. Be prepared to go anywhere at anytime to retrieve a great Goodwill or Craigslist find and don’t question how ugly it is. You might also want to take some security with you. 
8. Don’t just invite people into your house without having at a minimum a weeks notice….not even the guys.

9. A garage is not for parking. It’s for goodwill and craigslist finds that need to be sanded and painted.
10. Just go with it…whatever color, whatever frame, whatever idea….because it will again change sometime in the near future.

Until Next Time,

Transitional High Rise Design

This high rise in Uptown was perfect canvas for a beautiful, transitional design!

The view of downtown Dallas from this beautifully windowed living room is spectacular.  The soft creams, sea-green and blues complement each other so well. A Taylor King sectional and lounge chair are the perfect upholstery to get comfortable in and see the view! CTH Sherrill created this tiny custom cocktail table.

Beautiful mirrors from Arteriors were the backdrop to this simplistic dining room.

A gorgeous cabinet by Hickory Chair was the perfect finishing touch for this combined living/dining.

Moving into the bedroom, the mirrored nightstands from Bernhardt add an extra punch of life to the serene room.

With custom pillow fabric and bedding, this bedroom screams relaxation and great design.

Again, pulling together a complementary color scheme with furniture is our speciality, let us know if you'd like to create your own custom escape!!

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