Kitchen with Warm Fall Colors

Did you know you can actually "go fall" with your decor all year around without even putting out fake pumpkins or leaves?!

Yep - These kitchens pull off that warm fall feel with only colors and textures.

Paint - oranges and deep navys with a basketweave pendant

Stain - These cabinets still pull off a modern look with a warm, rich stain

Deep and moody - A backlit gold island paired with concrete gray and brick/wood textures 

Wood- the richness of wood in a variety of colors scream warm, comfortable and cooler weather

For those of you that Autumn is your favorite season, you may have just found your new kitchen design.

Taking the Steps to Spruce your Staircase

No longer do you have to think of staircases as a "pain" to climb, or dread each step.

We've discovered the secret to making them more beautiful with every level! (we can't speak to the cardio workout you'll get climbing them though ;)

This beautiful staircase of our sweet clients at their beach house has inspired us to dig deeper into staircase design.

Everything from material, shape, size and construction can form what a staircase looks and feels like, and what design mantra it gives.

A closed staircase. This creates choppiness in a space that may be needed to delineate areas. By the use of a color change on the staircase, it adds to the modern black and white feel.

Change of Material: From stone to wood siding, this staircase can now become versatile with the use of textures.

Center support: A seemingly floating staircase is constructed by the use of one center beam throughout the bottom of this staircase giving it an open and airy appearance,

Floating and enclosed baluster: Not the typical "baluster" .... connected from the step to the ceiling for an unconventional support.

Metal + Wood: The under side can be just as important as the tread. With an exposed base, this gives the design a chance to shine with industrial love.

Floating with Side Support: Instead of a center support, this staircase went with side support and an open riser giving a floating appearance.

Make your staircase the extraordinary 

The Ease of Glamour - Living Luxurious

At Traci Connell Interiors, we make it our GOAL, and our JOB to be sure to deliver 
a quality product to our clients. 

What does that mean? Well, we are here to tell you.

Many/most of our clients have pets, children, or simply like to entertain. We recognize the lifestyle and want to make it doable WHILE having a gorgeous interior home.

We have many ways we can incorporate durable products into our design. 

(FiberSeal fabric protectant on sofa)

Our Kravet rep was in our office with these BEAUTIFUL fabrics. Not only were they beautiful, but listen to this -- These indoor fabrics had over 50,000 double rubs (fancy way of saying they will withstand ... a lot) , but they are so soft and pretty and when used INDOORS make for the perfect combo of glamorous and durable.
Better yet was the lush feel of the navy outdoor fabric on the left... the texture was super soft and if it can withstand rain and mildew... then certainly sticky hands. 

Stay tuned for more resources we use daily in our design to make your home 
more livable and while keeping that luxurious look... your friends will never know!

Tile Layouts You Haven't Thought Of

We've all seen the subway tile... countless brick-lays, straight lays all day long. 
These have a time and place... FOR SURE. But want to step it up? Change the game?

Here are 4 new thoughts to consider:

Fish Scales - a small, yet different shape. It mixes the lines of clean and curvy. And turns eyes all day long.

Look DOWN - Think hexagons instead of squares. This changes up the everyday norm and gives you something happy to walk on.

Stripes - You don't have to worry about vertical or horizontal stripes forming your figure like in fashion. Stripes on the floor look great EITHER way.

Large scale - Don't want to see the grout lines, or want to make it appear as one continuous space? Go big or go home.
Try something NEW!

Make your bathroom wall go WILD.

The latest and greatest trend in a small OR large bathroom is to tile-play. 

What does that mean? Get crazy with your tile. Don't play it safe. Pick something that looks insane in the showroom, but will wake you up in the morning with a bang!

AND Its our little secret -- This can give your bathroom the look of LUXURY you are looking for, without much upkeep. Tile is easy to clean, and will take up a large space... thus eliminating the need for art.

The larger the pattern, the bigger impact it has. 

REPETITION: The same larger pattern on repeat creates rhythm and sanity for a busy yet powerful wall.

ABSTRACT: The various tile work that is actually artwork to the room gives the room a "cleanable" way to decorate 

COLOR: Don't bring in just pattern, but in a fun and whimsical room... pop the color!

SMALL PATTERN: And yes sometimes a smaller pattern can be just the ticket for the space. A more form fitted pattern helps to find a reason in chaos.

Turn those bathrooms into something NEW!

Raise a Glass to Home Bars

Home bars are becoming quite the trend in many of the homes we are designing today!

The allow for :
- Extra space
- Storage needs met
- And Beauty

We found 6 well designed bars on Houzz that we loved and want to tell you WHY:

1. The Unique Wine Storage:
They not only took their design theme by the horns, but incorporated it into a shaped bottle holder on the wall!

2. Using the "natural color" as the pop:
By creating all the interiors to be black, white and gray, they allowed the beauty of the exterior to be the color pop of the space.

3. Backlit beauty:
We are ALL about backlighting and we love this medium used here!

4. Sleek and Sophisticated:
We love the formed lines and straight design of this dark, masculine bar

5. Secret Hideaway:
For those that are lacking for space, this closet designed bar is the perfect match!

6. Simple and Clean:
This looks like lots of bars we have done, and we love the simplistic beauty about them!

De-Clutter without going Minimalist

Piggy-backing on our "DeCLUTTER" blogging trend this week, we have realized that many people might associate de cluttering with "minimalism" or extreme modern. BUT it doesn't have to be. 

This is how to achieve a less cluttered home with some love:

1. Go up the walls - "declutter first, storage second". Whether it's in bookcases or built ins, use those walls to hide the clutter.

2. Take FULL advantage of hallways: Mud rooms, storage benches and more. 

3. Tame the kitchen - put away unused appliances. Hide as many things.

4. Secret storage is key: From storage ottomans to fully enclosed closets, hiding is the name of the game.

5. Use what you love: This room is far from minimalist, yet it is completely clutter free!

Decorating Mistakes that Make Your House Look Messy

As designers, our eyes are DRAWN to clutter. If you can de-clutter, you can live more glamorously with EASE.

We have a few tips to help you not make common mistakes that lead to clutter and mess...and we are the queens of creative storage solutions! Hide what you can:)

1. Keep Furniture Away from Walls: 
When furniture pieces are pushed against walls it seems to close the space in and 
appear everything is  lined up.

2. Fluff Your Pillows on your Sofa:
While this may sound silly ... your sofa can look like its in shambles if the cushions 
aren't sitting nicely.

3. Keep Cords Hidden:
Under consoles, by nightstands etc ... keep those cords hidden!

4. Less Clutter on Shelves:
Instead of accessories on accessories ... choose your favorite 5 and arrange them specifically for those pieces.

5. Hang Pictures in an Organized Fashion:
If you have a collage wall or several art images hung on the wall, create order to the space.

Go -- De Clutter -- Enjoy your HOME

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