6 Design Trends Coming in 2016

The new YEAR is fast approaching and what will the design world introduce to us this time?!?

Here are 6 ideas we are finding around the web and Houzz that COULD be interesting and something to discover more about!

1. 2-Toned Cabinets:
Whether it's stained, painted or lacquer ... this might be fun to play around with!

2. Outdoor Fabric Used Indoors:
Bringing the outdoors - in has always been a trend, but now adding it with fabrics and colors is a fun new excitement.

3. Colored Stainless Steel Appliances:
This one might be the most interesting of all! Supposedly these colored stainless don't show fingerprints like stainless appliances are known to do!

4. Extra Large Format Tiles:
Why not?!? Bigger is always better right?

5. Heated Entryway Tiles:
For those of us with cold toes ... this is a crowd fav.

6. Statement Bathroom Mirrors:
While this might not be totally new, this is a fun thing to focus on in the new year!

A Word from TCI ... Spreading Holiday Cheer ... and Tips!

Happy Holidays from Traci Connell Interiors!
At our annual Holiday party this year we were able to have all our employees together in one place for a fun dinner. We welcomed our newest designer, Tara Holland, to the TCI team!

TCI is gearing up for the New Year with new tips, trends and all you need to know to build the perfect home!

A word from each of us at TCI!

Thinking ahead to the New Year ... each of our team members have contributed a "trick of the trade" to share with you regarding planning your next project!

 We know you are in a hurry to get that remodeling project going, but proper planning will help in the end. 
1. Listen to your contractor/designer regarding time frame of project and plan an extra few weeks cushion for completion. Selecting your products early will prevent delays later. 
2. Be prepared mentally for hiccups. There will inevitably be unexpected surprises along the way, so if you know they are coming, you'll be better able to take deep breaths. Keep in mind... it is a process and a team effort!

Like everything, renovating always starts with your budget.  
1.  Before speaking to your designer and contractors, you need to establish your budget for your project.  
2.  Meet with your contractors to discuss your project to make sure your budget is realistic for your renovation.  3.  Assuming that everything matches up, let's get started transforming your home.  Another key point is never cut corners with cheap materials because you will be disappointed.  It's better off to wait if you need to, so you can do it right.

Light it Up! When doing any remodel thinking about lighting is a MUST! Whether it is a decorative chandelier acting as the perfect jewel to a space or accent lighting in bookcases to highlight architectural details; lighting plays a huge roll on how a design plays out. 

Go with an Open and Spacious Floor Plan. Walls are over rated.  Use the positioning of furniture and rugs to help define a space while keeping the overall plan open and less choppy.  

Be open to new ideas!  Don't be afraid to shake it up by adding something different and out of the box. Mixing finishes in a tasteful way or adding a pop of fun color/design through a wallpaper or paint. Trust your designer's guidance throughout the process! 

Enjoy a fresh new look with straighter lines, lighter colors and more white! Clean design = less clutter. Stay organized!

Give your kids fair warning if you plan to use their bathroom to get ready while yours is getting redone!

We can help. If you are considering a large renovation,  custom build or refurnishing some areas, contact TCI today!

There's Something About Navy

We worked together with Paloma Creations to create this custom, one of a kind piece that was featured today on their blog!!
'Tis the season for holiday hosting and this week we've got the perfect piece that will not just get the job done, but it'll do it in style. Today's newest creation is all about a timelessly chic buffet that will keep your guests coming back for holiday cheer... year after year. 
These days it seems as if there are so many neutrals and so little time, but when it comes to this piece, we knew exactly which way to go--navy
Solid and quietly powerful, using navy as a neutral can simultaneously help ground a room and still be the life of the party. While the color choice is absolutely fantastic, the design is even better.
When it comes to what we love most about this buffet, it's all about the doors. The four doors have an intricate cut-out design with clear glass behind them. 
All that's left to do is to pair these with decorative brass knobs, adjustable shelves and that gorgeous paint finish and you have yourself a picture perfect piece.

Choosing the PERFECT Large Chandelier

Part of the fun of a new construction project is being able to do site visits and see the progress that is made each day, week and month that passes!

This site visit was a special one as we were able to see the entryway of this gorgeous home take shape. It helped us begin to visualize what kind of amazing chandelier will be needed for this space.

How can you pick the PERFECT, large, modern chandelier?? 
There are several factors to take into consideration to ensure the RIGHT chandelier is selected for the space and will fit to scale within the design.

1. The Height of the Room:
Do you need something that drops significantly from the ceiling, or sticks closer to the top? If you've got height, you will want you chandelier to drop a good amount.

2. What is Below the Light:
Is this an entryway where no furniture will be below, or a dining room where the light will directly be lighting a specific spot? This will help in choosing a fixture with indirect or direct lighting.

3. The Shape of the Space:
Round, Square or Rectangle? What do you have going on? Many times, you can echo the shape of the space with your fixture!

4. The "Openness" of the Room:
If the room is large, grand and lite well, an open, large chandelier might be the key!

Stay tuned to see what we pick for this custom build's stunning entryway!

Personalize your Gift Wrapping

Sometimes not only is the present inside the box, but it is outside as well! 

As your gifts are rolling in, take some time to think about how you might personalize the wrapping to bring a smile to the recipients face ;) 

Here are 5 Ideas!

1. "Monogram" the packages with Initials:

2. Initial Stamps

3. Bonus Gift

4. Pictures as Name Tags

5. Old handkerchiefs, clothes or fabrics as wrapping:

DIY Ornaments for YOUR Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be like a work of art, or a beautiful tradition, or a story in itself
Why not grace the tree with handmade ornaments that bring special meaning to the tree AND glamour?

We aren't talking the 5 finger reindeer ornament your toddler brought home from Pre-K... we are talking about real, modern, beautiful ornaments that you and your family can make in your home together!

6 DIY Ornaments: 
Be sure to click the link below the image for the directions and blogger who created that ornament!

Silver Paper Starburst:
With a couple of cuts and folds, this stunning starburst can take up plenty of space on your tree!

Paper Reindeer:
Yes while this looks difficult, the blogger has created a printable template for you to use and create one of your own!

 Glass Terrarium Ornament:
Clear glass ornaments can easily be found but filling them with unique and modern plants.

Geo Diamand Ornament:
Something easy yet unique can be an eye catcher for sure!

Gold Dipped Ornaments:
One of our favorites for sure -- A simple solid ornament, dipped in metallic gold paint turns the tree into an instant glam

Wood Log Chalkboard Ornament:
Going for the more natural? This one's for you!

Send us pics if you create one of these beauties for your tree!

Fresh Greenery - The Latest Christmas Trend

The Holiday SEASON is in FULL swing! 

We had the honor and excitement of designing the Christmas decorations for the BMW dealership in Plano.

What is the LATEST and GREATEST this Season?!
A current trend and one of OUR current favorites this holiday season is fresh cedar sprigs and garland to drape, intersperse and sprinkle throughout your home.

We love the use on a staircase ... in a new way. Instead of on top of the banister ... at the base of the balusters!

Topping a window off ....

As apart of an accessory setting ....

Or draped around the entrance to your home to welcome all your season's guests!!

Have you started the holiday decorations yet?!

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