Wednesday, December 30, 2015

6 Design Trends Coming in 2016

The new YEAR is fast approaching and what will the design world introduce to us this time?!?

Here are 6 ideas we are finding around the web and Houzz that COULD be interesting and something to discover more about!

1. 2-Toned Cabinets:
Whether it's stained, painted or lacquer ... this might be fun to play around with!

2. Outdoor Fabric Used Indoors:
Bringing the outdoors - in has always been a trend, but now adding it with fabrics and colors is a fun new excitement.

3. Colored Stainless Steel Appliances:
This one might be the most interesting of all! Supposedly these colored stainless don't show fingerprints like stainless appliances are known to do!

4. Extra Large Format Tiles:
Why not?!? Bigger is always better right?

5. Heated Entryway Tiles:
For those of us with cold toes ... this is a crowd fav.

6. Statement Bathroom Mirrors:
While this might not be totally new, this is a fun thing to focus on in the new year!

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