Space Saving Furniture Tips: Sofa Table Wrap

We are on fire in search of unique solutions for you-


The Table Wrap:
Sounds like a sandwich doesn't it!?

Well, don't be fooled. It's a unique space saving piece of furniture that is turning heads.

We recently came across this adorable "furniture piece" and couldn't help but to share it with you!

When you don't have the space for an end table, but still need a place to set your drink, 
what do you do?? Now you'll know you need a sofa table wrap ;)

You can have it customized to the exact size of YOUR sofa arm so that it will
 fit perfectly over where you need it to!

Even if you have a curved sofa arm, or a rolled arm... you're still in luck! This table also comes in a slanted version for that specific purpose!
 You can choose from several different reclaimed wood finishes to customize it just for your taste.
Check out the ottoman wrap table!! It's perfect.

Let us know if YOU have a space saving place you might need a "wrap table" for!!!

A Bench and Table all in one: The Couef!

To: Traci's Cell Phone
From: Candice the Client

Courtney and I couldn't help laughing at our client's text 
message...she thought it was funny too... probably 
because she knew that her BBQ sauce garnished ottoman
getting reupholstered, but hopefully her son is done 
finger painting on furniture!

I teased her that we are going to add permanent 
plastic to all her new furniture on the way, 
and if she doesn't go for that...
Fiberseal to the rescue!

90% of the time, we specify a luxurious type vinyl for
 cocktail ottoman tops when we are designing with 
little ones in mind. It's indestructible.

Speaking of ottomans- take a look at one of our 
new lines found in High Point...

I dig this for the practicality and it's "cuteness"

Check it out.. it has a hidden pull out table-
PERFECT for a cocktail beverage to sit.

From benches and ottomans...

To bar stools and counter stools
(my fav)....

To tables... great for space concerns and serving-

Be the first to add a Couef to your room!

Client Project: Modern Gameroom & Unique Pool Table

The Contemporary Pool Table Craze!

The pool table of your dreams (or the man of the house's dreams)...
 doesn't have to look like THIS:
Thank goodness, our client (previously known as New York, New York
has very good taste and kept us in his good graces by 
custom designing this beauty!

 By Traci Connell Interiors

Here are some pics from our photo shoot of his game room:

-Hold your breath when you check out this light fixture-

Check out a few other pool tables from around Houzz and a tip or two to go with it!

1. It's all about the base.
A pool table top.... well other than the color... is a pool table top. 
So bring out the creativity in the base design of the table. 
Metal or wood? Geometric shapes or freeform? 
It's all up to YOU. Be different.

2. Pair your new table with awesome lighting.
In the world today, we are so over the typical 3-light bar billard light. 
Do something unexpected.

3. Don't be afraid to go outside your box.
The game room / pool table space is the one place in your home you CAN step outside
 your comfort zone with no regrets. Enjoy!

Take the step and go for a new, unique game room look!! 

ASID Design Ovation Award Winners: WOW!

May be a bit sappy here, folks. This past weekend Traci Connell Interiors was surprised 
and honored to win not one, but two ASID Design Ovation Awards

We are so proud of the great work we produce and it is so 
nice to be recognized in the Dallas Design Community
for "good stuff"!

Our Houzz home office show stopper won Second Place-
if you haven't seen it... here it is again:)

... and our swanky Bachelor Uptown kitchen received
Honorable Mention in the Contemporary category

Super clients and top notch design = winning combination!

All of this took place during a challenging time for me,
but it goes to show that if you dig deep, you'll end up on top.

So thank you sweet clients, thank you loyal friends,
thank you M, D, T and T,
thank you A, A, and A xo
and many thanks to my team, Courtney and Jesus.

You have all played an integral part-

Now back to work!

Feelin' Lucky,

Welcome Home... To your Dog Friendly Decor

Here at TCI, we both have furry friends that are what help make our house a home when we walk in the door from a long day of designing ;)

Meet our "mascots": Ozzy, Sam, and Sadie

Your home is your haven...filled with much that you love most, from your most 
comfy chair, to your coziest pillow. 
What better way to be welcomed home than by your furry companion?

1. Personalize it! 
From a plush pillow bed to a soft throw blanket, show your pup some love by adding a decorative monogram to the decor of your home. Even a stylish dog bowl in the color of your decor can be a nice touch.

2. Cozy up!
Create a cuddly nook in almost any room by finding a chic dog bed to make sure your dogs feels the love. Our personal fav -- cover a fluffy pillow in a colorful, pet friendly fabric -- dogs have to be a key element in the design ;)

3. A stylish stash!
Have a "home" for all your dogs toys in a trendy basket that suits your decor. While your out, your dog will know just where to get his or her toys instead of choosing a chair leg to chew on.

Let us know how you make YOUR home dog-friendly for your furry friends!

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