Client Project: The Wall Mounted Toilet

Toilets ... who knew they could be "cool" ?

We have two projects we are featuring with this new design of a "wall mounted toilet"! One project is complete and one is under construction ... keep reading to find out more!

We are ecstatic to reveal this handsome guest half bath.

There are so many unique pieces about this guest bath. 
But among them ... is the specialty toilet!!

One of the MOST custom and unique pieces of this house. 
The wall mounted toilet. 
The tank of this toilet is stored within the wall to create a more clean, and space efficient style.

This project is a finish out at the Residences at Stoneleigh ... and we can't WAIT to see how the end project looks!

The tank has been installed in the wall .... and we are waiting to finish a little more construction before the toilet can be mounted!

Here are our choices from Duravit that are in the running! 
The seamless design along with user friendly functions and comfort makes these toilets hot on the market!

 The overall effect produced by the interplay of attractive design, stylish materials, light, color and functionality creates a desired atmosphere.

We were so enthralled by this toilet we wanted to share a few other spaces from Houzz that have used this wall mounted toilet.

What do you think about the wall mounted toilet??

Client Project: Kitchen Color Scheme - Turquoise and Yellow

Kitchens are meant to be bright and happy. They should make you WANT to be in them ... to cook, to live ... and lets me honest .. to clean ;)

A color scheme that we are loving to implement is a bright and 
happy turquoise and yellow scheme.

As always, we used a base scheme of whites, grays and neutrals to set the stage ... then by adding pops of yellow and turquoise in the banding on a roman shade, accessories on the counter, and fabrics, we accomplished our goal!

TCI Project Link

When you are bringing such a bright color to a room, it's best to only introduce it in small doses... or unique places. Like a light fixture or bowl of fruit.

TCI Project Link

We grabbed a few turquoise and yellow "pops" from around Houzz to show YOU how bringing these small items into a space makes a huge difference!

Teal Small Pendant - We love this ombre look and daintiness of this pendant.

Yellow Metal Chair - Easy to clean, bright and happy to look at!

White and Yellow Chevron Tile - Want to be a little more bold?? This will do it for you ;)

Large Turquoise Carafe - The blue iciness of this crystal clear carafe is almost too good to look at!

And a final product can be completed!! 
We even brought this color scheme into the open adjacent family room.

TCI Project Link

What bright colors would you choose for your dream kitchen?? 

How to Dress your Windows!

Window treatments speak a whole new language. In so many ways. But they are also necessary in so many ways. We need them to soften windows, add color, introduce pattern....

There are terminologies that are associated with drapes that sound like foreign languages! 

We are here to simplify a few of the most important types of windows that may require window treatments for YOU!

Bay Windows:
You can do a couple of different treatments on bay windows. In this photo, we created 3 custom cornice board to join together and perfectly fit the angles of the window. If you choose to go with drapes, we are sure to use angled bracket connectors on your drapery rods so they we can match the angle on point.

Tall Windows:
How tall is too tall? No window can be too tall. These homes had some serious height on their windows and we chose to take the drapes all the way above both sets of windows in order to draw the eye UP instead of cutting it off halfway.

Arched or Interest Windows:
If you have a window grouping that has an arched top, or a mullion pattern that you want to show off, how do you handle it without covering up the interesting part? Here we chose to create a modern cafe curtain that was traversing and was mounted below the interest but still followed the curve of the window.

Shuttered Windows:
Many people don't know the "etiquette" when it comes to shuttered windows and drapes. Should you, could you, add curtains? The answer is yes. You CAN, but you also don't have to. When we add drapes to shuttered windows we usually create a one-width panel and pull them to either side, not to block more of the window than necessary.

Doors with Windows:
Roman Shades -- is the answer to this game. We do it all the time .. and love it.

And the real name of the game is ... let TCI help you create your dream window treatments for your incredible windows!

Client Project: Award Winning Tween Bedroom and Suite to Grow With

These sweet spaces brought home first place and second place awards last week at the ASID Legacy of Design ceremony! 

We all know that a pre-teen or teenagers bedroom is a HUGE deal in the life that that teen. Ladies, think back to your teen room ... posters, bedspreads, paint color ... 
you wanted it ALL.

Well we are excited to reveal to you this ULTIMATE preteen room that will grow with this sweet girl far into her teenage years.

With a combination of teals, turquoises, purples and white ... we emphasized this color scheme with a band of color throughout the entire room. The scalloped pendant above the desk/sitting area is every girl's dream, with its soft lines and unique look.

High gloss mirrors and fun lamp shades speak a million words when it comes to designing a teens room. We also loved this greek key dresser for its shape and texture!

This sweet girl is lucky enough to also have her own sitting room / hang out space! 
Words can't describe the "cool factor" of this room.

With a daybed sofa and upholstered wall adjacent from the ombre painted wall with applied circles throughout ... The acrylic hanging chair is just the icing on the cake!!

No girls room would be complete without a few art pieces of fashion design right??

If this doesn't make you want to rewind life and redo YOUR teen room, I don't know what will!

A New Fad - Refrigerators in Bathrooms!?

At TCI, we are always looking for new and interesting aspects to add to our design ... whether it is a color, pattern, shape or object ... we want to offer our clients the most unique possibilities!

When we stumbled across this Houzz story, we couldn't help but wonder what client might need JUST THIS in their master suite?

A Refrigerator.

It's brilliant ... I mean, who wants to walk through the house in the middle of the night, or after a long relaxing shower to go to the kitchen? Why not keep a small stash in your master suite??

Here are a few reasons WHY:

1. For keeping a bottle of wine chilled to enjoy in the master suite. We all know this would be nice ;)

2. Beauty products such as lotions, eye creams or natural beauty aids are best kept cold.

3. You will want to stay hydrated while soaking in a long hot bath ... water bottles stocked in the fridge is an excellent choice.

4. Many medicines are kept refrigerated ... and this way it doesn't mix with your foods in the kitchen.

5. Why not? They're easy to hide!

So are YOU our client that needs this new discovery??

The Beauty in Upholstered Headboards

We feel that an upholstered headboard is the icing on the cake of a beautiful bedroom. 
The top of the bed is usually where the eye immediate is drawn to. And we want THAT to be a statement.

Many times wood or other mediums CAN be the answer, but we love the look of a good upholstered headboard all day long.

WHY? Here are a few reasons:

1. You can play with the shape of the headboard to add movement:
When pattern can be lacking in the room, you can dress up the lines on the headboard for a "new kind of pattern"

2. Tufting:
This creates depth and a softness that can't be replicated in any other way

3. Texture and Color:
When the rest of the room is otherwise light and neutral, popping a darker color headboard creates balance and contrast without adding a new element.

4. Nailhead and Trim:
Fun can be the name of the game with using nailhead or trim to create a new pattern within a headboard!

5. Focal Point:
And in some cases -- the headboard IS the art in the room. Let it be!

Whats your choice of headboards?!

Client Project: A Fresh Bathroom with an Industrial Twist

We have been on a roll recently with finished projects and love to show you each and every one of them!! Completing something beautiful ... from whatever condition it began in, is so rewarding for us and our clients!

Today we are VERY proud to show you the overhaul of this remodeled bathroom. 
First, we show you the FINAL PRODUCT!

As always, every good remodel begins with the floor plan. In this particular project, we rearranged much of the existing floorplan to give more functionality and sense to the space.

 Now take a look at where we BEGAN:

We obviously came a LONG WAY. We've opened up the space immensely by knocking down walls and creating a galley style master bath.

A free standing tub in a smaller scale, helps to not take up to much space, yet still gives a unique and functional purpose in this space.

One of our favorite aspects of the entire bathroom space is the sliding stained doors on a track system that lead into the closet. We were able to "hide" a space that might not want to be seen often and still open up the bathroom space with the use of these doors.

Instead of typical vanity lights, we chose hanging sconces to give the space a taste of industrial and uniqueness.

A large walk in shower was created at the end of the galley bathroom by using frameless glass and a combination of subway tiles and a glass accent mosaic strip.

At the end of the day, we can officially say, this bathroom renovation was a huge overhaul and a HUGE success when it comes to functionality, design and aesthetics!

Reno's CAN be fun too!! ;)

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