Happy New Year: Time for Bubbly!

Ring in the New Year with Bubbles!

Of course, we'll toast using our classic New Year's Eve tradition, but that sparkly midnight 
beverage has me thinking about one of my favorite design elements... 
adding circles to your decor.

These two top pics by Kravet show how you can add some whimsy to 
any room and soften some of those sharp lines.  The fabric collection is from

Another circular motif has shown up all over the lighting world! 

Check out this chandelier from the New York City Holiday Home 2010

Arteriors Home features a carved wood beauty

If you want to go a bit subtler, try a rectangular lamp from Allmodern.com 
that has a soft bubble application-

Love this end table from our friends at Robb and Stuckey:)
 And you can't go wrong incorporating circles on your wall with mirrors!

We'll be raising our glasses with bubbly tonight and looking ahead to 2011-

and enjoying our circle of friends:)

Happy New Year!


Images via* (links above) and www.westcafepdx.com, www.cleverleysnewsletter.com

Pantone announces the 2011 Color of the Year...Honeysuckle!

Is it time to start thinking about 2011 yet?  I'm sure most of you are still winding down, but for you "go getters" who already have the holiday decorations down and are headed to Home Depot for some new paint for a new project... here you are...

Pantone has announced the 
2011 Color of the Year
Honeysuckle 18-2120

Pantone is the leader in forecasting color trends, 
blending textiles and fashion with home interiors. 
(we do what they say:)

They typically get it right... they certainly did last year.  Based on my blog history, you will not be surprised to know that turquoise was the 2010 color of the year!

Does that mean I will now start infusing bubble gum pink into my home...
or more importantly, yours?!!!!

It's probably unlikely, but if you are game, how about in a dining room?

or if you venture out to the bold side- this look by Miles Redd may be appealing:)

Or maybe a bit more subtle by adding a pop of Honeysuckle just in accessories-
take the cues from Elle Decor

or maybe an accent wall?

(talk to me about accent walls if you are considering this...
I have a "thing" about them!)

Bring in a beautiful Robert Abbey gourd lamp...

or go ALL OUT in your high rise or vacation villa!

Pantone states that Honeysuckle is ...

A Color for All Seasons
Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it.

If that is your goal for 2011, go for it!

Until next time,

White...inside or out?

Some of you near and dear to me had a White Christmas in Atlanta!

As happy as I was to hear that, I was a bit sad that my parents' flight
 to Dallas might be delayed today...

but, thanks to a late gift from Santa, they are flying the friendly skies as we speak!

Those of you in states where you will never experience the peaceful 
feeling of a snowfall on Christmas, please enjoy one of my favorite design styles 
where you can always be surrounded by the tranquility of white...

Thanks to Joanie over at Cote de Texas for these beautiful photos~

With a touch of inspiration from Sweden, this relaxed vintage style shines with personality. 

One of my goals this year is to enhance "the twist" in my client interiors by scouring...

more antique stores
vintage shops and 
off the beaten path boutiques

 to add that perfect touch to the room!

Just think shades of white, multitudes of texture, and a touch of whimsy!
More of this design style certainly to come on Classic...with a twist!

What catches your eye?

Until next time,

Images via* Cote de Texas

My Christmas Checklist

The end is in sight! Not that I'm racing to the finish line, but I really want that feeling of ....whew, everything is done and now I can relax.  Is that even possible?

Here are my latest accomplishments:

#1: Gifts wrapped:  Check

#2 Clients taken care of: Check

Lamps for  Glamma arrived and are perfect, window treatments are installed in Garland,
woven woods are up in Plano,
fabric is ordered for West Plano and last consult in 2010 was completed as well!

#3 Computer issues solved: Check

Dell laptop was hurled into swimming pool and now I'm a Mac girl!

...do not get me started on my computer issues... deep breath and sigh-

#4 Parties thrown: Check

#5 Avery's Christmas tree up: Check 
(and wayyyy overdue!)

(I think we need to step it up in this area next year...
check out the sweet trees of some of my colleagues!)

Inspired by Sock Monkeys... I love it- and everything she does:)

Joann and Kelly at Kandrac and Kole created
this beauty for the showhouse they participated in-
big and bold!

Yes, it is time to think about the children now.  Time to bake cookies and shake presents:)

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas~

Until next time,

Images via* Moi, Glamma, Tobi Fairley and Kandrac and Kole

Trying to "Keep Calm and Carry On"...

Add a large purse and
twelve shopping bags...
and that's me!

I have a case of the "Bad Blogger" syndrome and I greatly apologize!
(Burning the candle at both ends puts it mildly:)

Not only has time escaped me, but my laptop has too!
It's not the time of year for my computer to crash...
especially the one with all my files and photos.

Nonetheless, I did manage to keep up with work, but my social media took a dive.

I "tried" to follow this saying that I love...

...the little voice that I constantly hear in my head!

This image is from the website Keep Calm and Carry On and they had an
 interesting blurb regarding the origination of this saying...

It's funny that is was created in Britain but never widely distributed... until now!

To match every space in the home... or office... they offer every color under the sun-

I think this is most appropriate for all
of us these days! 

So if you are still in a crunch for gift ideas, grab a sign from above or check out these
other cute prints I found from the Keep Calm Gallery. They would make a whimsical
addition to a bookcase, small empty wall or on the bathroom mirror!!!!!

Or for a constant reminder, I, for one, should purchase this Iphone case
for the Iphone I don't know how to use yet.

Ok, that is the last of my pouting and I'm redirecting my energy right now!!! But with that
said, if you do know of an Iphone app that I HAVE TO HAVE...
leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

Holiday Decor: Connell Style

Most of you should be all finished with your holiday decorating... right?

Here's a sneak peek at our house, but let me preface it with the fact that not EVERYTHING is turquoise or blue in our home!  Maybe I'm a bit drawn to it these days, but I do know how to incorporate other colors with it.  Our family fondly calls it the "Oyster Bay House"...

Sherwin Williams Color #6206 .

After looking at the pics, they really don't do it justice but here you go!

Family room mantle... red with a bit of blue!

Try this at home... add ribbon of different colors with ornaments tied in-

Love my Santa but he looks a bit tipsy...

A bit of Oyster Bay in the kitchen

Custom artwork by none other than La Montage

Easy centerpiece idea- lidded glass urn with decorative ornaments inside
(battery operated lights on the table garland... need to be replaced!)

More swags of garland... drape them on any clear surface!

A few festive floral pieces added to an existing topper-

The foyer tree

The dreaded stairway garland
(my least favorite part of holiday decorating!)

More art from La Montage and decorative books from Elle Design...
more nailhead for me!
Funny piece of info on the paper angel. I actually made her in a craft class
about 13 years ago and she has survived...barely!

A few of my favorite ornaments starting with sparkle...

and sweetness! Avery's soccer coach made this out of dried pasta ... so cute!

Meaningful... One summer many, many years ago, my mom and I used our feet to
find lots of sand dollars on the ocean floor of Hilton Head Island.
We patiently allowed the sun to bleach them and we added decoupage details,
applied varnish and had ornaments!
Still love them!

 This is funny... Ashley returned from Manchester on Sunday and searched all the Christmas Markets for an "Oyster Bay" ornament for my foyer tree. She was so proud when I opened it only to find that it is the completely wrong shade of blue! I love it anyway!

"The Kid Tree:)"

Our splurge... exterior lights-

Our savings... Mike's work out back...even prettier.

Take the time to drink some eggnog and remember the reason for the season.

Until next time,

Images via *Moi

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