Spring Pastels to Pop a Punch

This spring, bring a few pastels in your space to spruce it up!!

Pastels are not a thing of the past! Mix them with some sharp lines, and fun patterns for a 21st century look on the soft color trends.

Whether in furniture or accessories, 
you can mix and match these spring colors with ease.
They remind us of the "easter m&m's" that we love so much. 
The bright colors just make everyone think they taste better!! So therefore, your design taste shall be tastier too with new pastels.

 We love these pastel pieces that can play a huge role in your space. 
- adding a vase of colored spoons on your countertop can bring the pop you are looking for
- changing the legs on a bench is a fun and unexpected way to bring a pastel color in that we love!

Are you ready to jump on the pastel wagon this SPRING?

Surprising Entries and Happy Clients

As we've talked about before, the entryway is the opening chapter to your home. 
The preface, the letter A, the thing that sets the stage for what story your home will tell...

So we LOVE to surprise our clients with unique and fun ideas in an entryway .. however small they may seem, each details makes a huge impact.

This tiny focal wall speak volumes in so many ways!

An unexpected agate pair that color coordinates perfectly with the custom serene artwork

Our favorite surprise of all... a bench nestled into the console table, for cuteness as well as purposeful.

And a vase design that mirrors the artwork thoughts.

While it may seem trivial at first, you can see how quickly it turned into a masterpiece!

4 Craft Spring Projects

Welcome to SPRING! As of this weekend officially ... spring has SPRUNG!

What's better than to start of this happy season with some color and fresh plants? 
Here are a few ideas from Houzz to spruce up your home and make it more spring-like!

1. Spice up last years pots with a fresh coat of paint and new design! From stripes to diamonds, your options are endless.

2. Floral cones could be your next hostess gift or party favor waiting to happen! With a little kraft paper, some paint and washi tape, you have an instant vase to show off and hand off some spring sprigs!

3. Repurpose cans as herb planters. Everyone loves the smell of fresh herbs.. why not make them look appealing as well?

4. String up strands of bulb lights in your back yard for extra added ambiance!

Now get to work for Spring!

Airing this Sunday! A Ron Davis Custom Home Showhouse on Designing Texas

Traci Connell Interiors is SO excited to be revealing the interior concept ideas for

The show will air this Sunday!

Located in a new subdivision in Frisco, The Hills of Kingswood, this show home will incorporate many contemporary details and hot design features. Here is a sneak peek of few of our inspiration ideas and custom drawings created just for this special home!

The Kitchen:

The Master Bath features a wet room concept:

We look forward to showing the the progress of this showstopper!

Would you Choose WOOD Counters?

We have been highlighting some of the top trends of 2016 and today is going to be no different!!

Whether it's a butcher block top or a stained wood piece, adding wood countertops to your kitchen is wonderful for these 3 reasons:

1. Adds an organic feel to the space

2. Provides warmth to a modern space

3. Durability is key

Will you add wood countertops to YOUR kitchen?

Black Matte Plumbing -- ALL the Rage

Gold, Black, Chrome ... What finish do YOU prefer in a fixture?

Today, we are here to tell you about the BLACK MATTE look that we are loving so much.

Why do we love them??

A black fixture immediately gets noticed, its sharp lines scream "look at me"

Not only do they look clean and sharp, but they STAY clean. They don't show water spots as easily as their chrome counterpart, and we love that.

We love that you can use black fixtures to go modern, rustic, or industrial. 
They are easily mixed and matched

You won't ever grow tired of these babes... and that's something to be happy about right there.

LED's Are Making Their Way UP in the Kitchen

Lights are the future of spectacular kitchen design!
You may have heard of different types of lightbulbs buzzing around the market these days, but we are here to tell you why LED lights can be the best decision for YOUR space.

We love to use LED strip lighting in glass cabinets or under-cabinet lighting.
These 3 reasons will convince you this IS the best decision!

1. Energy Savings: 
Extended use lighting such as LED's will increase your lifetime of a bulb
See more of this TCI Project HERE

2. Size:
Underside of cabinets are getting less and less deep and the 1" deep lighting design has needed a change. LED's come in a variety of different sizes for this specific need!
See more of this TCI Project HERE

3. Color:
Beautiful, light and WHITE design is all the rage right now, and we are needing to move away from the yellow lighting that cast "dirty" light on stunning design. LED's shine a soft white light on whatever their design is!
See more of this TCI Project HERE

Are you a LED believer??

Top Requests of Homeowners THIS YEAR Part 2

Style are ever-changing and growing into "new" styles each and every day. And this year is no different. What is another fad of the year so far?

Soft Contemporary

Homeowners no longer want the heavy traditional look that is "of the past" but many don't want ultra-modern either! What is the in-between look that we love so much?? 

A transitional look WE specialize in! 

What characterizes a "soft contemporary" and transitional home? These 4 clues will get you on the right track immediately.

- White Walls and Trim
We love the white on white look and it gives us all the feels. The good feels, the happy feels and the we-want-more feels.

See more of this TCI Project HERE

- Simpler Wide Open Spaces
Combo rooms is the name of the game. Giant spaces that encompass living/dining/and cooking all in one.

See more of this TCI Project HERE

- Light Cabinets with Smaller Hardware
This look is just easier on the eye. It's that simple. Out with the dark, in with the light.

See more of this TCI Project HERE

- Floor to Ceiling Steel Windows
Less wood to block the view through the window and more glass to see through. We love this steel door idea and even got to utilize it on our newest project that ONLY YOU are getting a sneak peek of right now!

 Sneak peek of a BRAND NEW TCI Project

 Sneak peek of a BRAND NEW TCI Project

This wraps up our series on requests that YOU, the homeowner, want THIS year. If you need help implementing don't hesitate to call US!

Top Requests of Homeowners THIS YEAR Part 1

We have been reading some interesting statistics that (the homeowner) are asking for this year. We are loving the new ideas and thoughts that are being brought up.

Here is one of our favorite:


What is this?? Read below to find out!
We are currently working on a "barn" and couldn't be more excited about the modern rustic nature to it.

We like to describe it in the following few points:
Like an old barn might have a "new" twist on something exciting, we strive to make that design happen in your home

1. Mixing the new with the old elements-
Creating a nice middle point for the design
See more of this TCI project HERE

2. Reclaimed Wood -
Used in floors, furniture and doors
See more of this TCI Project HERE

3. Glass and Metal - 
Whether in furniture or building materials, this concepts brings "barn" to a new level

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