Finding Zen in Design

Per our "Ease of Glamour" campaign ... we strive to create spaces that warm a home, create unity and provide useful purposes.

Finding that "niche" that the client loves or hobby they enjoy is a fun task we love to uncover. You'd be surprised how many people love to do random, FUN things!

One of the spaces that we think is unique is a work out room. Many homes have such a place that is devoted to their health, but even more specifically is a YOGA room. 

Having requests for these can be tricky and interesting. Research is our first thing on the list to make spaces such as these top notch.
These are some of our tips to take to note while designing a Zen place.

1. Plenty of natural light: Let the light flow through any window you are able to create.

2. Well ventilated area: The actual temperature is up to the person themselves, but creating a space that moves air easily is a necessity.

3. Adequate space - Typical yoga space is 9'x 9' to have full range of motion for all the poses.

4. Warm color tones: Create something pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul.

5. Create a set apart space: You don't want to be posing around something cooking dinner, if space allows, create a room set apart from everything else.

Hows that for a random Tuesday tip and trend?? Don't we all wish yoga rooms were in our future??

Black MATTE Plumbing Fixtures = Superb

Gold, Black, Chrome ... What finish do YOU prefer in a fixture?

Today, we are here to tell you about the BLACK MATTE look that we are loving so much.

Why do we love them??

A black fixture immediately gets noticed, its sharp lines scream "look at me"

Not only do they look clean and sharp, but they STAY clean. They don't show water spots as easily as their chrome counterpart, and we love that.

We love that you can use black fixtures to go modern, rustic, or industrial. 
They are easily mixed and matched

You won't ever grow tired of these babes... and that's something to be happy about right there.

It's ALMOST Summer time

Summer is approaching ....
In honor of summer, what are some ways to use natural foliage to create 
an atmosphere of sweet summertime.

Do you want to spend your summer evenings in a beautiful place? Try adding vines to your porch or pergola to change it up a bit for the season.

Houzz recently featured a few of their favorite ways to use vines and these are TCI's favorite from the list!

1. Pergola Cover

2. Wall Patterns

And our most favorite:
3. Curtain of Leaves

How dreamy is this?!

Dare to be Dark

We're all about the LIGHT and BRIGHT kitchens, but every once in a while it might be good to switch it up and step out of your comfort zone!

How do you even start to do that? WELL, we are here to tell you how.

1. Go black on the cabinets and white on the walls. This provides enough contrast to bring light into the space and not close in the room. Also, by adding skylights to your renovation you can greatly increase your amount of natural light.

2. Too afraid of changing the cabinet finish? Leave that light and paint one or two walls dark instead and offset it by adding a piece of dark furniture (aka the bar stools) to bounce the dark color around the room.

3. Try the same tactic as #2 but instead just paint one wall of cabinets and offset it with a piece of dark furniture on the opposite side of the room.

4. Don't be afraid of going dark in a galley kitchen. By creating natural light through a window wall or skylights and painting the walls white you can lighten the space in new and different ways.

5. Is all that too scary? Try just painting the island dark and use a color. Such as this dark blue paint featured on Houzz as Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball.

Light or Dark? What's your kitchen preference?!

Design Delivered -- Client Project: A Gold Accented Modern Family Room

Have you been thinking that one (or two) spaces in your home just isn't complete, or maybe it needs to be completely redone? 

We have a service just for you DIYer's out there!

Check out our most recent Design Delivered Project:

We gather all the information from YOU about your space! The dimensions will allow us to draft the floor plan. This amazing client recently moved into their newly built home and were looking for a perfect plan for their family room.

With only a sofa sectional (beautiful one!) that they had selected previously, we ran with the design.

The client loved gold accents and neutrals ... but weren't afraid of a little pop of color! With a love for purple we started with a gray rug with lavender undertones. This jewel tone project speaks VOLUMES

We don't forget about the "jewelry". Gracing each surface with an object of interest, pop of color, or statement piece makes the project come to life. 

And for a REAL difference maker we helped to revamp their fireplace wall. A fireplace is a focal piece of the family room.  The unique paneling pattern and a surround of gold calcutta marble is just what this clean, classic design needed to create it a masterpiece!

Give us a call -- We are ready to send you an email that could change your home!

Sore Thumbs of Design Stick Out? We have Solutions!

Columns ....

Columns, Columns, Columns!

Many times in design, there are the necessary items that we may not think are the "key" to design.
But when things such as columns come into play, we like to think of ways to turn these "sore thumbs" into "WOW" factors. 

What can you do about columns?!
SHAPE: Create a new and different shape with the column

MATERIALS: Use a unique material in a new and different way

FUNCTIONAL: Turn a column into a functional piece of furniture

STORAGE: Enlarge the column and use it for unique storage 

Think outside the box!!

The "Secret Hiding Place" Playroom

Did you catch our carpet squares post this morning?? Check out the rest of this space we completed in this awesome playroom!

We recently completed this incredible playroom for a couple of brothers that wasn't QUITE complete without the "hideaway" closet nearby.

We all see those adorable projects on Pinterest and think... how hard can that be? Tune in to find if we have a Pinterest WIN or a Pinterest FAIL! 

DIY: Clothesline ABC Card Hangers 

Watch as we convert this small Audio/Visual Closet to a playroom hideout for two young boys!

 Some very detailed, picture only, instructions! 

 All we need are a few supplies!  

And some Tylenol maybe?! 

 After measuring, drilling and crawling around in a hot little closet we go from boring storage to a great space for imagination to run wild! Now to add paint and entry curtains! 

We have to make this small space just as fabulous as the adjacent Playroom! 

Would you say it was a Pinterest WIN?

Add a LOAD of Colors to your Laundry Room

Ready to SPRING into action this season? Why not start with a favorite ---

Laundry Room design.

We recently completed this gutted laundry room ... check it out!

An awesome light fixture adorns this laundry room remodel's ceiling:

And we spared no expense on this unique tile backsplash for the walls!

But maybe our favorite touch, is this Osborne and Little dog print wallpaper for the dog's room ;)

Want to see the end result?!

Laundry rooms don't have to be boring and useless. Why not throw a load of colors in??

1. In cabinetry: Lacquer the cabinets in a bright and fun color

2. Wall covering - show some flirt and make the walls shine!

3. Make the ceiling exciting! Add a unique light fixture and paint the ceiling.

 4. Be bold. Add tile and don't make it the boring stuff.

Can't wait to find a load of colors to add to OUR own laundry rooms!

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