Banister Features: Same ole' Spindle?

Knee deep in remodels and custom builds these days
and finding my clients wanting to spruce up their stairwell...
to what? Iron balusters... (yawn).

I have to say... they are not for everyone!
For those who like to step out of the box a bit,
keep reading for ways to attract the WOW! factor.


Banisters…is their only purpose to help you up the stairs?? I don’t think so…
this is an excellent place to feature something unique! Something different, and new!

What an adorable lakehouse stairway!

Need an open, airy feel to your stairway to keep it from closing in??
This elegant, iron banister is the perfect conclusion.

Looking for a modern, log cabin feel? Mix your mediums!
Using wood and iron, the modern banister is here!

Another open staircase. These really help your whole room feel about 4′ wider!

Get creative and unique with your wood patterns down the staircase!

House Beautiful

Still wanting the single bar look, but different than the typical?
Carve unique patterns within each column.

Pinterest Source
Forgive the scanned image….but check out the TREE inspired banister!!!
Proves, nothing is too much!


Go for it:)
Until Next Time,

Bright White in the Kitchen!

Does your kitchen have a color scheme?
Do you have a "favorite thing" about your kitchen?
Right now, I am really being drawn to all these WHITE kitchens!

And so are my clients!

I'm working on three custom builds right now and all
have white cabinetry. We're mixing up with some gray
glazed tile, another has white subway tile and the third
is a bit more on the modern rustic side... gorgeous!

Is it for you?

A white kitchen screams clean (when it is clean, so those of you that don't like to clean,
this might not be the best option for you ;).
 A white kitchen also opens up an area to make it feel light and airy.


Using an accent color within the white gives a pop of interest and a color splash.
Navy and white are excellent compliments.

If only we could all have these open windows ;)
This picture was just to pretty not to drool over a bit!

What does your lighting say about you? The light fixtures in a room like a kitchen
can really tell the style in one piece. A traditional light, a modern
 or contemporary light, or eclectic!

Opening your cabinetry with glass panes (or open panes) when neatly
stacked dishes are within, can make the room appear less
closed off and restraining.

White barn sink anyone?

Another example of light fixtures setting the style for the room.
Cover up the fixtures and the room has much less interest until these pop in!

And over sized light fixtures (if they work for your space) are amazing too!
All around a wonderful photo.


Until Next Time,
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