Client Project: Not Teal, Not Turquoise, But a Beautiful Blue!

It's not teal.... It's not turquoise... But we LOVE it!

In a current client project, we have gotten ourselves in somewhat of a pickle, 
and we are ok with it!

We've selected a "mediterranean blue", as we like to call it,
 for our color palette in this modern home. 

Even though it's difficult to find the color, we are searching high and low...and digging deeper to pop as much as we can with this lovely color.

You can see the fabric and art that sparked our initial interest. 

And then it just exploded in color when we found these amazing rugs at Cyan!

We hit the jackpot with these bright blue beauties and can't wait to see the final outcome. 

Ever found a color that you love, but is a tricky one to match?

In the Works...Magenta Modern Loft Project!!

 Welcome to Friday!!

 This week we have been knee deep in fabrics and furniture.... and loving it ;)

In the midst of it, we have come up with a great 
concept for our client in an uptown loft here in Dallas.

Magenta, Gray and White

This modern loft space will be an exquisite end result and we can't wait to see it!!!

Here are a few concept photos from Houzz we LOVED.
(and while you're checking Houzz out, be sure to drop by our updated portfolio!)

With that bright note....Happy Weekend!!

Sourcing -- The Modern Recliner

Whew!! After a busy day of designing and sourcing, we are feeling very inspired... excited.... and ready for a good nap!! ;)

Color and furnishing just make such a difference and impression on us each day. AND each day, we see something new that we haven't ever run across before then.

TODAY, we found that the traditional "recliner" can actually become a MODERN lounge chair to prop up your feet!

Thanks to Vanguard Furniture , this modern interpretation 
of the "recliner" has transformed how we see it!!

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