Bringing in the "X" Factor!

Who doesn't want a little "X" Factor in their homes?  I have had these particular style benches lurking in my "I need to put these in a project" file for quite some time now and here it is!

Custom Kasmir fabric on Sam Moore bench

We put two in the foyer of the Cheetah Couple's home and they look fabulous!  I call them the "X" factor bench due to the classic base and the incredible versatility of this piece of furniture!

Had to snap this beauty while at the Jonathan Adler store

Here it is in one of his projects... love them with the zebra rug!

Wow! Check out this beauty from Wisteria

So functional! Coffee table ottomans-

We all need somewhere to throw our clothes!

Extra seating is a must-

A little different flavor: a bit bigger, but oh so stylish!

Just a little turquoise which brings me back to the Cheetah Couple who earned this "title" due to their fabulously hip selection of this fabric below:

Custom storage cocktail ottoman by Michael Thomas

Let me know if you want to bring some "X" Factor into your home!

Until next time,

images via: Jonathan Adler, Wisteria, Decorpad, House Beautiful, Nate Berkus, Cumberland Furniture, Domino Magazine, and Moi

Visit "to" Jonathan Adler!

I'm back!  Between the scrapbook project and get-a-way to San Francisco, I'm playing catch up!  I am excited to share a few of my finds from our trip... Hubby was very patient as I took photos of stunning light fixtures, artwork arrangements, window patterns and best of all- the Jonathan Adler store on Fillmore.

Jonathan Adler is a design company dedicated to bringing style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of of grooviness to your home.  His designs are well known for his daring use of color and bold, geometric prints.

Modern use of the chevron in blue

Custom rugs... I want one- all my favorite shapes!

Bright and crisp!

No... it is not the 70's!

Here are a few pics of his design work:

Private Residence in New York

Another private residence in New York... the Donald?

More design inspiration to come, but let me know in the meantime if you are bold enough to go with the "Adler" look in your home!

Until next time,


Images via: Moi, Jonathan Adler

Sticking to Design Boards!

When my youngest daughter entered kindergarten, my goals were to:

1. Learn to play tennis
2. Learn to sew
3. Start scrapbooking

Needless to say, I chose to ramp up my design business instead and left these goals in the dust.  While I have had a bit of guilt over the last 7 years about this, here are my justifications:

1. Took up running instead (and now gave it up due to injury)
2. Contract sewing out
3. The boxes of photos will always be there

Over the weekend, I was forced to delve into #3... Scrapbooking.  My son has an English project and he has to create a Tapestry of Writing: A Personal Autobiography... basically essays complete with photos in a scrapbook.

My reasons for never beginning to create these elaborate memory scrapbook pages for my kids are the following:

1. I would become obsessed with the project (check)
2. Each page would have to look as if it was up for an award (kind of check...had to let this one go!)
3. I could not deal with the mess (check)

In my design business, my "scrapbook" pages are actually "design concept boards" that I create for clients to show them the vision of the room I am proposing.  It tells a story and illustrates the outcome.

Here... I'm in my comfort zone-

Here... not so much
All you Scrapbookers out there... please be kind! My very first attempt (that is our first attempt)-
Other than the fact that my son is now 14 and he was not thrilled with the fact that his friends will see this, we continued on and made this...

And this...

And now we are left with this...

... for as long as we can stand it!

After we complete the next 7 pages, I think I will go back to creating the design boards for my clients and take up "scrapbooking" when I retire:).

Until next time,

Hello, Yellow!

Hello Spring, Hello Yellow!

It all started with a yellow piece of art that I had to have... then I had no where to put and no client that needed it.  It didn't matter because I knew that I was going to design a Yellow and Gray themed room- for someone!  That someone ended up being my 23 year old daughter, who does not have my "design" gene and had no opinion on a new color scheme for her bedroom in Austin... especially since Mom was footing the bill for the bedding:).  I tried to inspire her with this-

As we hauled the pewter colored bedding up to the register, I told her she would need to find bright yellow sheets.  She actually followed through on it and I was determined to find a yellow lamp... and finally I did!

Gotta love Homegoods!

I wish I could post a picture for you but I'm not sure it is ever cleaned up enough to accomplish that task... I'll put the pressure on.  The good news is that one of my clients is going for the combo!  Oh, Canada! took the bait and we have a fabulous plan for her kids' gameroom!  Here are her fabrics from GreenhouseFabrics:

Silver Lining for the sofa

Lemon (similar version for chair)

Ash- window treatments... love it!

Grey- Pillows?  It's "my" classic shape with a dragonfly!

Seashell- "pleather" ottoman with silver nailhead... ahhhh
I will be able to post pictures from Oh, Canada!'s project since she keeps her house tidy:)

Here some other fabulous photos with yellow and gray... you could be next!

Great use of mirrors on the cabinet doors

It doesn't get much better than this!

How about this for a pop?!

Until next time,

Images via: America Daffodil Society, Coastal Living, Greenhouse Fabrics and Moi

Spend your cash on your Backsplash!

I'm headed to work on another backsplash with my client, A & W, this morning, so I thought I'd share the love.  Most homeowners can choose the cabinetry and hardware, countertops and even flooring but get stuck when it comes to the walls.  I can totally understand because there are so many tile options to choose from!

Here are some pictures of the design phase of another one of my projects in progress... I was asked by a local granite and tile showroom to design their backsplashes for their display samples and I felt like a kid in a candy store!  What? Design what I want with no regard to budget!  I like it!

Glass and metal- ooh la la

One of my favorite Emser metallic products on the bottom

Check out the copper with the natural stone

I'll be sure to show you when it is finished!  Two sides are up
with only the middle section to complete... hurry up, Traci!

When thinking about your backsplash project, skip the granite inserts... overdone.  Look to combining glass with metal, stone with glass... you get it.  A little bit goes a long way-

One of my best money saving tips- add nailhead instead of costly inserts
(also note the beveled edge on the tile:)

Vary the size of your tile... go smaller!

Modern look- love the linear tile

Just in case you really want to be inspired, here are some cool tile styles from Mercury Mosaics-

I'll post pictures when the projects are complete!

PS... The Bachelor chose my favorite light fixture:)

Until next time,


Images via: Moi, Mercury Mosaics, web

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