An Installation for the Books!

Installation days are ALWAYS our favorite.
We love to see everything we've been working on, come together in a beautiful way.

And even more.. we love to see the look on our client's faces!

This stunning home in Flowermound already had amazing "bones" to start off. 
And we helped to bring it all together!

A few presentation layouts from our final presentation of the Living and Dining Room:

 In these sneak peek photos, you can tell how the "work on paper" i.e. the 
presentation.. came to life!

Such a gorgeous, and FUN wallpapered wall.
 We bounced the bright color scheme around the room using similar 
patterns in the family room and kitchen!
 These glass antlers might be our most favorite wall art yet!!

A presentation layout page for the game room. Featuring .... yes... the llamas!!
 Remember them? (hint HERE)

And lastly... the best pool bath around! I mean... really! 
This wallpapered ceiling screams HI!

Can't wait to photograph this one!! 

Designing with YOU in Mind

When it comes to creating a space that is perfect for YOU, 
it is important that the designer has YOU at the forefront of their minds.

Here at TCI  we make it some of our first questions and definitely our top priority to find out what makes you… YOU. 
We always ask a few questions that can play into the design in so many ways…find out what those questions are and HOW they transpire into the design:

1. How does your family live?
- it is important to know which rooms are the most “lived in”
- do you have kids or pets that like to “rearrange” things
- do you prefer to live comfortably with little clutter or more streamlined and organized
This particular client loved to be comfortable… yet wanted a chic appearance. So we combined the soft sofa with the clean white fabric for a great pair.

2. Do you have any particular items that are meaningful to you that you would like to incorporate into your home?
- many times clients will have a piece of furniture passed down through the family or a set of china that has a particular color way that we will use as a jumping off point for the design

The client has a set of china that is displayed in the tops of her cabinets that combined the yellow and gray color ways that now make up her kitchen!

3. What is the color that you are most drawn to?
- most clients have a color that they just LOVE. We love to incorporate this. It is important for each client to feel at home in their HOME.
- this also personalizes the space to make it THEIR OWN!

This client loved the color blue but already had this dining table set that did not incorporate that color. So we put on our thinking caps and were able to pull it all together!!
What makes YOU ... you?

Design Motifs to Dream About

Design motifs are ALL around. We see them in fabrics, on walls and even outdoors!
... and no, we aren't talking about the "pineapple" motif from the 80's.

What are some of TCI's favorite design motifs?!

The Sunburst Motif:
This we see mainly in mirrors and we love to use it in different ways! In groupings, or alone, this circular explosion is a fun way to bring a splash to the room.

The Feather Motif
We just love this one. It can be used on walls as wallpaper (see below) or even as a stand alone accessory! Fill a jar full of feathers and jump on the bandwagon!

The Owl Motif
While this motif is found many times in nurseries and children's rooms (which we think is spectacular), we are also seeing this motif pop up around the house! Even on the front porch...

The Arrow Motif:
We believe this motif began as the staple "anthropology look" and was used as prints in fabrics and bedding -- That was the first look that hooked us with the "arrow" motif. But now we are loving to use this motif in NEW ways such as ARTWORK or WALLPAPER!

The Ginkgo Motif
Lastly, this asian influenced motif is a beautiful modern floral that we love to put to good use.

We used this motif as a banding on this custom shower curtain

What are YOUR favorite motifs?!

Cabinet Door and Drawer Styles - How to create your dream kitchen!

Cabinet door styles can set the stage for the look and feel of the entire kitchen!

But which one do you choose?! How do you even know what’s out there?

We are partnering with Kathi Fleck of 
LoneStar Property Solutions today to tell you that answer!

But FIRST: We tell you TCI’s favorite door style ;) If you know Traci, you know there are always “options”, but “option A” is always the favorite!!

 View TCI full project of this gorgeous kitchen HERE!

 View TCI full project HERE!

  View TCI full project HERE!

  View TCI full project HERE!

 View TCI full project HERE!

If you can't tell... we love this simple, classic, straight lined cabinet style called, "Shaker". Read below to find out more about it and other styles!

Kathi Fleck shares a few of her projects and explains the differences in each door style: 
Shaker doors: Shaker style doors have a frame with recessed flat panels and square edges. With clean lines and a timeless aesthetic, shaker doors are perfect for Contemporary, Craftsman and Classic architecture homes.

Opaque glass doors: These doors, such as the frosted glass doors, are ways to personalize a kitchen and show off china.

Corner drawers: These are a twist on the corner cabinet, pulling out from the corner. You usually have to bend over backward or crawl on your hands and knees to find items inside a corner cabinet, but these fully accessible drawers help solve that problem.

Traditional doors: These cabinet doors can be customized to fit the look and feel of your kitchen design. The ones below are furniture-finished cabinets in antique white with a chocolate glaze.

Flip-up doors: Hydraulic mechanisms help raise these kinds of cabinet door up, rather than you opening them with the traditional sideways motion.
We thank Kathi for her contribution today on different types of cabinet doors! 

Which cabinet style is YOUR favorite? 
Which would you choose to make you kitchen you dream space?!

New Home Journals : Courtney's Edition

New Home Journals: Courtney Edition!

Hello! - Courtney here -- to report back on the 
changes and plans for our new home build.

Our foundation was poured today! YES! 

Of course there was a few hold ups at the city... getting our permit.
 But we are finally cleared and ready to begin.

This is the mess we are looking at ;-/ 
But it all means good things...things are moving along!!
Last week they routed for plumbing and prepped for the foundation -- 
That was when this pic above was taken.

Right now, as the subs are making a mess of our lot, we are in the process of finalizing the finishes and design for the interior of the home!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces that we are incorporating:

FIRST: The linear stone fireplace: 
*Concept Pic
Maybe one of the things I'm most excited about. 
The vein cut "Mare Bianco Travertine" 12x24 Stone fireplace surround. I love the gray/white/cream linear lines in the tile and love 
that it gives off a light and airy feeling:
(I'm still trying to decide whether to add a wrap around mantel or not... suggestions?!)

BUT We actually found a look-a-like at half the cost -- see pic below!

 Here is an installation pic of the stone being used in a flooring application:

SECOND: Our bold graphite and white bathroom.
Instead of going "light" in the bathroom-- i went "bold". With dark gray/graphite tile in the shower and painted charcoal cabinets, the lighter gray flooring will pop and the white quartz countertops will shine! (if i can keep them clean ... ;-/)
*Concept Pic
The (impossible to clean) shower will look similar to this image --

THIRD: The Kitchen! 
With white modified shaker style cabinetry and white granite countertops, I've decided to go with a light warm gray 2x12 glass tile backsplash -- 
to be laid on a straight lay!

*Concept Pic for colors - The actual backsplash tile will be
 2"x12" and not laid in a brick pattern.
*Concept Pic - Very similar to this backsplash without the gloss coating
FOURTH: The Vent Hood.
Also one of my most favorite things about the home. 
This modern wall mount glass canopy vent hood from Frigidaire will be a perfect complement to the stainless steel appliances and light white kitchen.
Another plus -- it has DISHWASHER safe filters! How easy is that?! You just pop them out and throw them in the dishwasher. That's my kind of "cleaning."

Stay tuned next week for more on Terra's New House Journals!!

5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner!

 While many of you may have already "decked your halls" with plenty of spooky decor…. IF you haven't yet, or need a few ideas for MORE frightening fun…

Read on to find a few easy ideas that YOU can do at home!

1.) Chalkboard Paint Family Portrait Pumpkins!
- It's as simple as can be! Grab yourself a pumpkin and a can of Rustoleum Chalk Paint to paint a circle on the pumpkin… Then put your artistic skills to work and draw your family ;)

2.) Natural Fall Banner. 
Take your dog on a nice walk and pick up some bright color leaves along the way! Using string and clothes pins (you can paint the clothes pins for added color) … 
string up your fall finds for a colorful decor piece!

3.) Go Simple. 
With all the fallen leaves around… this is bound to be plenty of empty branches to be found. using a few select pieces, a mason jar and a couple of simplistic white pumpkins… this stylistic setting gave a beautiful bare look.

4.) Handmade Bat Bunting
- print out a picture of a bat and trace it onto black construction paper. Cut out each bat and tape to a piece of string to create your very own "bat bunting!"

5.) Fright Banner
And what holiday is complete without a "pinterest" banner to adorn your mantel?!

Happy Halloween Decorating!!
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