6 Cost Efficient DIY Ideas for Children's Bedrooms

Kids bedrooms are a place to let go and have fun! 

But we don't always want to spend top dollar for these spaces as well know they will be "well loved" ;) 

Here's a few tips on how YOU can fancy-up your kiddo's bedroom while keeping the budget in tact and having fun!

1. Old wallpaper books: Find a few that a local store is throwing out, and use them to cover the backs of bookcases or make a new design on a wall or closet door.

2. Large Washi Tape: Abaca Interiors used washi tape in modern patterns to create a fun, geometric design.

3. Fabric Art - Cover a canvas or picture frame with a fun, bright colored piece of fabric!

4. Embroidery Hoops - Large and Small, add colorful fabric for a unique look

5. Fabric Pendants - These add fun and flair to any room for close to nothing cost!

6. Wall Decals - These come in all shapes and sizes -- but add a whole new dimension to the space!

Now it's your turn !! Go and jazz up a kids bedroom!!

Top 7 HALLOWEEN Front Porch Decorations

In case you need a reminder -- Halloween is SATURDAY!! 
While it's not the same as decorating for Christmas, 
Halloween decorations can still be fun and cute .. and still tasteful!

Many people go ALL.OUT even on the outside of their homes, and we found some of our favorites to showcase today.

You might want to remember ... the better your decorations are, the more hungry hands will be at your doorstop Saturday night asking for candy ;) ;)

This bat inspired setting with broom sticks resting on the home and scattered pumpkins is a fun, quirky setting and isn't too scary either!

We love this simple shutter idea with painted words and flanking pumpkins for a easy and dramatic scene.

Please... we just couldn't help but to show this! I mean, what's better than a crashed witch in a pot? Totally inspired by my addiction to the Broadway play, Wicked... fun!

Talk about pulling out all the tricks ... from creepy old men, to pumpkins, spiders, hay bails and skulls... this house has it going on.

We love the color change up here. The addition of green and purple brings a splash of fun to the usual orange and black.

From a simple "fall" door to a halloween porch with the addition of one 
awesome spider web rug!

 And lastly ... we don't know if these people love Halloween enough to actually paint their door, or if it's already this color, but either way, this is SUCH a fun home!

A couple of thoughts to leave you with for the week ....


Not Your Average Red - Highpoint Market Finds!

We have been ALL OVER Highpoint Market this week! Not only are our feet tired, but our brains too! We came back with a head-full of ideas ready to implement!

One thing that caught our eye specifically was this ....

But not the brick-red and gold old-world look that all our clients are trying to get rid of ...

A BOLD, and Modern RED. 

This pieces of lacquered furniture from John Richards Collection speak more than words could say.

Yes, they are "gold and red" ... but in no way are they what you had in the 90's!!!

And Accessories can bring in the needed punch of RED as well!!

We recently completed a RED accent room in a clients home based around their pool table!

Using this bright red color as an accent coupled with black and white is such a bold combination that screams new and different.

And I spy the custom llama art modeled after their very own llamas!

To give you a better idea of this look, here are a few of our favorite designs from around Houzz accenting this color!

Whether it's art or wall panels ... it's such a vision in RED!

Stay tuned for more unique finds from Highpoint!!

Best Autumn Retail Picks of the Season!

Fall is finally here!!
 (or at least its starting to feel like it before it gets freezing!)

While we showed you some great pumpkin centerpiece ideas last week, here are some of our favorite buys of the seasons at retail shops you can go and grab them up for yourself!!

Get ready to READY your home for the Fall season!

This pumpkin punch bowl and cups set from Pottery Barn. Lovely.

This wishbone platter from West Elm ... mmmm so yummy.

Pretty much the most precious leaf salt and pepper shaker you've ever seen from Bloomingdale's.

Williams and Sonoma does it again with these pumpkin place card holders ;)

And quickly followed up by this simple, yet adorable pumpkin and burlap wreath. Thanks Williams and Sonoma

These pumpkin spreaders are to die for in cuteness.

Not only did West Elm make platters, but also plates in a variety of Thanksgiving designs!

And come on ... I saved the best for last here -- a cast iron dish with a duck head handle from Habitat.
You're welcome!

Now you have no excuse to say "I just couldn't find anything this season" ... because we've laid it out for you!! 


6 Cabinet Drawer Uses You Didn't Know You NEEDED

We all have "those" cabinet drawers that accumulate JUNK. 
And they usually drive me crazy ... but I can't avoid having them.

Well these 6 drawers not only make me super jealous, but also ready to implement ALL of these in every.single.home..... including my own.

Starting with my personal fav ...
I mean .. come on..... does this even need an explanation?! 

The Cutting Board Drawer:
This is not your typical cutting board drawer .. because we've seen that before. This has a hole in it that drops directly into the trash can. Bring on the onions .. I'm ready to chop!

The Trash Can Drawer:
Yes, we've seen the double trash can drawer as well ... but not with a special slot for the extra trash bag boxes!! I always go on a hunt for the extra bags ... not anymore.

 The Plate Drawer:
No more sliding around or extra stacking necessary. These specially placed pegs hold each plate in every size perfectly in tact.

The Spice Drawer:
Who twists and turns each spice bottle every time you go to search for one? Well, this easy to view spice drawer eliminate this problem!

The Baking Drawer:
With measuring tins, each ingredient is available and ready to go!

See how a drawer can be so much more than just a drawer??

5 Simple Pumpkin Centerpieces to Perfect Your Place

It's officially October and even though it was 95 degrees in Texas today ... 
we are feeling the FALL spirit. And ready to prep our home for the upcoming holidays.

It's easy to go into the attic and pull out all your old Autumn decor out ... but don't you want a fresh look this year? And it STILL be an easy thing to do?

Here are 5 fun ideas by Real Simple that caught our eye!

The Succulent Pumpkin:
This is our personal fav. Simply cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin and clean the inside out ... and insert a succulent planter in the hole!

The Terrarium Pumpkin:
This can be done a couple different ways. Use a glass fish bowl and add moss, small pumpkins and pine cones, OR turn a larger glass vase or bowl upside down on a wood slice and use the same decor items within!

The Decoupage Pumpkin:
This one is a kid favorite. Using Mod-Podge and artificial leaves ... create your own design on the outside of the pumpkin!

 The Stacked Pumpkin:
These slightly resemble mushrooms and we love the stacked appearance. Using wooden skewers, attach a couple of pumpkins on either end and finish the bottom with a little moss!

The Metallic Pumpkin:
Another one of our favs -- using copper leaf sheets and gilding adhesive ... create your own pattern and apply the gilding adhesive where you want the metallic to be, then apply the copper leaf to the pumpkin. Beautiful!

Happy Pumpkin Decorating!
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