Make your Kitchen Sociable

Your kitchen is a gathering area. 
No matter how wonderful other areas of your house may be, your kitchen
WILL be the magnet.

So how do you make it more sociable while still being functional??

Try these tips!

1. Include a Casual Sitting Area:
Add a small sofa or grouping of chairs so guests will have a place to sit.

2. Create a Cozy Nook:
This can be apart of a table sitting area, and make it look cozy by adding 
pillows and drapery!

3. Open up with Barstools:
Everyone loves to be eye level with the cook, and barstools help to get on "their level"!

4. Make it Bright:
No one likes a dingy space... make it light, bright and airy for happiness all around!

How To - Make a Pretty Patio

Now that the weather is starting to get more mild and beautiful, we all like to relax after a long day ... on the patio ...with a glass of wine!

But what are some easy ways to add some FUN to your space and make it feel more at home?

Try these TIPS!

Maximize Wall Space - add wall planters and succulents for easy care

Add Calming Noises - a water feature is always a nice touch and helps drown out other noises.

Incorporate Drapery: for a pop of color or touch of softness

Hang Decorative Lights: even if they don't put off a whole lot of light, the ambiance is definitely set

Add a fun banner or pendant: a touch of homemade always makes everyone feel better

Steer away from Neutrals and TOWARDS Color!

Now step out and take action!!

Add a Load of Color to Your Laundry Room

We featured our favorite laundry room design we've done yesterday in our blog post on spring cleaning and it sparked another SPRING organization idea....

Laundry Room design.

We are currently working on this gutted laundry room ... check it out!

An awesome light fixture adorns this laundry room remodel's ceiling:

And we spared no expense on this unique tile backsplash for the walls!

But maybe our favorite touch, is this Osborne and Little dog print wallpaper for the dog's room ;)

Laundry rooms don't have to be boring and useless. Why not throw a load of colors in??

1. In cabinetry: Lacquer the cabinets in a bright and fun color

2. Wall covering - show some flirt and make the walls shine!

3. Make the ceiling exciting! Add a unique light fixture and paint the ceiling.

 4. Be bold. Add tile and don't make it the boring stuff.

Can't wait to find a load of colors to add to OUR own laundry rooms!

Spring Sprucing Checklist!

Spring is here and don't forget to clean out all the focal points of your home to make room to breathe and space for a few new pops!

Here are a few tips we've picked up from Houzz for a stunning Spring spruce.

- clear out winter boots or coats
- add hooks for organizing belongings

- move most used items to front and center drawers
- still have dishes from friends that you haven't returned ... make a pile to return!

Laundry Room:
- add a triple sorter laundry bin
- clean out old cleaning products, and throw away unused items

- remove old coffee cups and stacks of papers
- take a peek under the bed

- clean out old medications and move them to a different place as the humidity can be damaging 
- organize cupboards in clean sorted baskets

Check out all these TCI projects on our Houzz portfolio HERE!

TCI Wins: IDS Designer of the Year Awards

Traci Connell Interiors is thrilled to have won 4 awards at the
2015 IDS Designer of the Year Awards!

Check out these beautiful projects we are so proud of!

1st Place Gameroom:
Mixing the rustic and modern was the focus of this bold gameroom. Two completely different design aesthetics merge together to a seamless, interesting space, which can be described as chic, contemporary and rustic.

Check out more of this TCI project HERE.

2nd Place Bedroom:
This client wanted a fresh and airy new look for their bedroom retreat and was ready to purge their traditional gold and brown color ways. With a color scheme of blush and grey and details from top to bottom the client received just the design they were looking for! 
Check out more of this TCI project HERE.

2nd Place Children's Room:
This room was transformed from a secondary bedroom into a sweet baby boy’s nursery. With a theme of Peter the Rabbit and a soft color palette this is a nursery that is a peaceful retreat for the client’s newborn. 
Check out more of this TCI project HERE.

2nd Place Living Spaces:

When this young family decided to move only five houses down the street, it was for no reason other than they fell in love with the southern charm of this home.  This colonial inspired home needed a bit of a facelift and quickly went from colonial to updated classic.
Check out more of this TCI project HERE.

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