Hot Outdoor Design Trends

Welcome to the first "official" week of summer! 
Even though it has felt like summer for a while here, we can say it has officially begun ;)

In honor of the summer season, what better way to kick it off, than to show off the latest outdoor design trends?

The Decoista Architecture and Interior Design website has highlighted many hot trends for Summer 2014, and we want to share a few with you, along with how we are integrating these trends!

Casual Decor with Pops of Color
Begin with hues of blue and white and add in pops of yellow or orange. Then create comfortable furniture such as a hammock or a few nice chaise lounges. We like to add a throw pillow here or there in an accent color, 
or a cute little colored table to the mix for a pop.

Traci Connell Interiors Frisco Project

Cool off with flowing water
Water always relaxes. Whether you are on the beach listening to the waves crashing…or in your backyard pretending you are on the beach ;) 
Incorporate a water feature into your design.
by Castanes Architects

Indoors venture outdoors. 
Make the patio and extension of the living area. 
We just completed this stunning home in fairview with sliding glass doors that lead off the living area into an open patio with outdoor kitchen and pizza oven!
Traci Connell Interiors Fairview Project

Add unique lighting in new places
This requires you to think outside the box. Whether you are dangling lights from your cabana or patio…. or adding under-lights to your chaise lounges…who doesn't oooo and ahhh over some good lighting?
by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Client Project - Blue and Yellow Burst!

We have had several clients who's home we have come in and designed
 a few rooms and then years later they move or build a new home...
and they call us back!

Does anyone remember this home office or bedroom??
See more of this office HERE

See more of this bedroom HERE!

Well now… this long time client is now building a new home and has asked us to
 help with the other areas!

Here are a few of our presentation layouts and design ideas!
Family Room:

Dining Room

One particularly fun area is this bedroom for their 9 yr old daughter. 
It is fun, colorful, and can easily transition her in to the tweens and teens age!!

Anybody have the new house bug?? ;)

Humor Relief: Bathroom Design Fails

As Designers, we usually see things a little different. 
We notice things the average person doesn't.
 But in these circumstances….
ANYbody would notice the strange things going on in these pictures!!

For a little comic relief, and if you need a laugh this Thursday… READ ON!!

--…… really NO words for this one!!! My favorite is the squatting legs on the last vanity!

- Not quite sure what kind of family enjoys a dinner at their dining table 
while sitting next to another family member bathing…..???


- Using this restroom really might help speed up the process. DON'T LOOK DOWN!


- This is unfortunate….. Wouldn't the toilet paper get all wet??


- Wonder how this installation went? Did they install the toilet and 
THEN realize the door wouldn't close?


If you would like an AWESOME bathroom that doesn't look a 
thing like these don't forget to call us ;)

Client Project: Design Delivered - An Online Design Option

Many of you may have heard or read about our Online Design service 
called Design Delivered. This is our most recent client project!

You can read all the details about it HERE!

When we have a DIY client that wants to be able to put it all together themselves and get creative, this is the best package for them! We do all the grunt work of sourcing the product and designing the space, and then with a simple powerpoint of drawings and images along with an excel spreadsheet of vendors, the client can become a 
designer themselves!

This particular client wanted their 2 daughter's rooms designed as well as a custom playroom. We had fun with bold color, patterns and graphics for these 9 and 11 yr olds.

1) We always begin with a floor plan and label it significantly 
so the client can follow our thought process

2) We also do elevations where necessary, to convey art placements

3) All the product sourcing will be done and laid out on the PPT for the client to view and see how we put it together. 
See our design for the custom playroom for these 2 girls!

4) Check out the two different designs below for each of the girls bedrooms!

We had feedback from the girls on their favorite colors and patterns, and went off of that!!

5) Lastly, the client will receive an excel spreadsheet with the image of the product and link to where it can be bought with price. Click and buy! Simple ;)

Do you have a DIY project in mind?? We'd LOVE to help out!!

Top 5 Design and Inspiration Websites and Blogs

Do you find yourself surfing the web for ideas, inspiration, 
or trends about interior design?

What about if you are building a new home or renovating a space?
 Need some ideas to help you along?

We have 5 favorite websites that we LOVE to utilize to their fullest capabilities. 
Step into our world and check them out!

1. Houzz : 
This is a website that allows professionals to create portfolios and upload images of their work. Anyone can go on Houzz and create "idea books" and add any photos that they like to their account. You can search with any keyword such as "sectional" or "white kitchen" and Houzz will show you any and every photo that has to do with that keyword. 

Many people may already be very familiar with this website ;) This website almost acts like another "search engine" in which you can literally search for anything you'd like and then "repin" photos to your "boards" that you create. Anyone can upload images to pinterest from online or your own computer.

DecorPad is a source for decorating, renovating, and home building. Anyone can upload images to their different categories and that makes these photos searchable to the web, giving everyone new ideas and inspiration!

While this is also a great magazine, their website is a great resource for any questions, tips and trends that may be going on in the world. There are many articles and photo galleries to search and browse.

Also another magazine that gives even more information and articles online. This website trends more to the DIY person and gives many tips and ideas for homemade design ideas.

Check these websites out and you might just find yourself 
ready to start your own project!!

Highland Park Home Renovation and Design: 3rd Time's a Charm!

Our wonderful client that we have now completed 2 different homes for has....

You guessed it!

Moved Again! 

This time to a 1936 home in Highland Park.

From brand new Frisco, TX  home, to a high rise in Uptown Dallas, and she has now landed in this adorable Highland Park home that we can't wait to make spectacular.

At one time or another, all of her homes have been the cover photos on our website's homepage. 

Here is a flashback from the past:
Her Highrise Apartment in Uptown :

And she's now completed this amazing project: Highland Park Renovation

Her living/kitchen area demo

We completed multiple areas:

Master Bathroom: A Beautiful Mother of Pearl Hex Insert for her Shower along 
with a creamy white stone flooring.

 A few elevations and drawings to help put a picture together.

And after it all came to LIFE!!

Stunning Kitchen:
White cabinetry, Kashmir White granite, and calcutta marble....couldn't get any better!!

We were very excited to see this kitchen come to life!

And after lots of handwork -- it finally did!!

 And below is the BEFORE pic of the kitchen:

Family Room:

 After the dust and dirt cleared from all the construction, her new family room was begging to be completed! So we began to pull concepts and create a floorplan layout for this space:

Check it out!

 Clean, transitional lines....with a punch of new.

When it was all said and done--- this masterpiece was complete:

This renovation took the old and turned it into brand new in a fantastic way!
 Let us know if you have a renovation just waiting to get started!!
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