Our 25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver and Hot!

Yes, it is approaching... quickly.  

At the end of March, Mike and I will have been married for 
25 years!

(in my book, that's a long time:)

We've produced some Rock Stars-

Who always seem to entertain us...

and we are sooooo lucky to be their parents!

(sorry to be a bit sappy, but it is very true... drip, drip)

In celebration of our milestone, I've been thinking about
what to get Mike for our anniversary...

and I think I've found it!

To follow tradition, it needs to be SILVER and what man
after 25 years wouldn't want something - HOT!

Shhhh... don't tell him, but what do you think?

To put here...

...and make this...

... to add to the thighs....


I do have to say that the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven would be the perfect
addition to our outdoor living space... and guess
who's favorite food is pizza?

Mike's  Mine!

On the flip side, guess who likes to cook?

The Outdoor Pizza oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet sits conveniently on the
 counter and can be fired by either natural gas or propane. It has two independently 
controlled burners- one for the bottom baking stone and the second for the oven's 
interior and pizza toppings.

And I told you it was HOT!  It can reach 800 degrees in 20 minutes!

Sooo... maybe it is not what he had in mind but how great is it????!!!

Here's a picture of us on our 20th Wedding Anniversary...

and in about a month, I'll post one of us on our 25th:).

Lots to be thankful for (heart, sigh)...
and then there's pizza-

Until next time,

Images via* Moi, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Hottel Photography and thanks to Dallas Metro Home Improvement for the inspiration

Your Furniture: Step by Step

Have you ever wanted to WATCH your furniture being made?
If you live in the Dallas Metroplex, here is your chance!

Yes, the bookcase was hand carved (and would look
PERFECT in my house)-

Josey Kennington of Paloma Creations is the newest trade member of the 
DFW Chapter of the Interior Design Society... and we are thrilled
to have her be a part of our group!

Josey hosted our last meeting and gave us a tour of her 
fabulous facility.  Have you ever watched "Designer's
Challenge" on HGTV and seen the clients and designer
visit the factory to see their pieces being created?

Same idea... really quite amazing.

Acrylic. Glass. Mirror. Metal. Wood.
Leather. Marble. Granite. Iron

(she could probably make something out of Silly Putty)

Here are some glimpses from behind the scenes:

Artisan at Work

Almost there-

Check out the details and hand drawn plans-
Any custom piece you can dream up...
or that I can dream up!

(Best part... it only takes a few weeks)


No MDF used here:)


Any paint color... any metallic... any carving

From a picture, piece of fabric or a rough sketch...
here you go-

If you are ready to walk the process... step by step...
call me and we will make it happen with Josey
and her talented team!

Until next time,

Working like a Hound dog and covered in Houndstooth!

No.... I didn't go on vacation!  I've been buried in fabric
and working my way out of it!

My M.O. is to be busy and I actually get more done working off a packed checklist.  
In my attempt to shorten the "to do" list and lengthen the "meet with clients" list-

I have hired a Design Assistant!

I look forward to you meeting Noelle in the near future and 
I look forward to increasing my productivity... YES!

We are soooo fortunate to have some great projects in the works.

Here's a glimpse of direction we are going in the "Man Cave"
at my client Kate Spade's house:

Plaid on the runway and plaid on the pillows here!  Kate Spade wants to create a warm,
cozy cabin like feel for her husband to veg out in front of his large "screen".

We are painting the fireplace black, adding window treatments, artwork and 
lots of influences from menswear to make him happy!

The starting point-

Notice another steal from the runway... houndstooth!
Not just for your suits any longer-

I stopped in my tracks when I came along some of these accessories
from Blue Ocean Traders at Market...
Diggin the antelope??

Kate Spade and I are definitely ordering some of these...

I continued to drool when I came across some
show stoppers from Aidan Gray... Wow!

My Fav-

Some of these may have to go into Kate's room as well... we are working on
that one too, but the Man Cave is moving along faster!
Do you have something in your closet that you would put on your chair???!!!!
Until next time,

Allen Bowl: A Celebration of Change!

A busy start to 2011 for Connell Interiors... 
and I'm so excited about this new project!

If you are local to the North Dallas area, you may have 
ventured into Allen Bowl from time to time.

Great spot for bowling... not so great to bring the kids!

Until now-

We are transforming the "Dungeon" as they call it...
a smoky game room with a lot of band aids
into the perfect Party Space!

It's official and here's the skinny:

Woo hoo!

1. Walls are coming down...
2. Entire ceiling is being replaced
3. Brand new flooring
4. Fresh, repaired walls
5. Giant fun murals!
6. New seating areas
7. Spruced up foyer to boot

Here's a glimpse of the Before (gasp)...

No inspiration in there... so here is where I'm finding it-

The current carpet in the main bowling area... perfect start for the revived space!

Here's the flooring we are going with:

...and paint colors to match. 

We are waiting for the mural sketches and will almost be ready to go!

I'll keep you updated with our progress, but I'd love for you
to pay them a visit after the transformation!

Since we are still in the planning stages for a short bit, 
let me know what you'd like to see in 
the Party Room...
we may just have to fit it in!

Until next time,

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