Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your Furniture: Step by Step

Have you ever wanted to WATCH your furniture being made?
If you live in the Dallas Metroplex, here is your chance!

Yes, the bookcase was hand carved (and would look
PERFECT in my house)-

Josey Kennington of Paloma Creations is the newest trade member of the 
DFW Chapter of the Interior Design Society... and we are thrilled
to have her be a part of our group!

Josey hosted our last meeting and gave us a tour of her 
fabulous facility.  Have you ever watched "Designer's
Challenge" on HGTV and seen the clients and designer
visit the factory to see their pieces being created?

Same idea... really quite amazing.

Acrylic. Glass. Mirror. Metal. Wood.
Leather. Marble. Granite. Iron

(she could probably make something out of Silly Putty)

Here are some glimpses from behind the scenes:

Artisan at Work

Almost there-

Check out the details and hand drawn plans-
Any custom piece you can dream up...
or that I can dream up!

(Best part... it only takes a few weeks)


No MDF used here:)


Any paint color... any metallic... any carving

From a picture, piece of fabric or a rough sketch...
here you go-

If you are ready to walk the process... step by step...
call me and we will make it happen with Josey
and her talented team!

Until next time,


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