Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Organized and Look Good!

I don't know about you guys - But each year, I tell myself I WILL  
be more organized THIS year.

And I'm on a mission.... I'm headed into my own master bathroom remodel, 
so it's time to clean out the clutter and when it goes back,
it needs to go back in STYLE!

Here are 4 good reasons to be organized and HOW to do it while looking good!

1. Use colorful boxes to hide the "junk":
Just the soft rainbow of coordinating colors makes me happy. AND makes me want to keep being organized (that's the key... if it's pretty, it makes you want to keep it up!!)


2. Labels, Labels, Labels:
Not only do they help to sort different items, it also helps the brain to see everything in an organized fashion and not in disarray. 


3. More Pretty:
Why do file folders have to be "manilla" colored? I say bring out the patterns and it will sure make me want to keep those papers filed more!


4. Get a Planner:
Do it. I know, I know ... I can hear it now... "but it's all on my laptop, my phone etc!" . Well yes, but there's nothing like good ol' fashion paper and pen. AND it's proven, if you physically write it down ... you WILL remember it more.

GOOD LUCK (to us all!)

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