Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bathroom Trends of the Day

We love to complete bathrooms and make them feel as if the atmosphere is a spa.

In order to give our best to our clients, we are constantly doing research to find new and impressive ideas to bring to a space.

These are some of the trends we have found that are being featured on Houzz as incredible bathrooms.


1. Faux Wood Flooring:
We love the look of these wood floor tiles that have come so far from where they started.

2. Brass Gold Fixtures:
Add a little sparkle to the bathroom with gold

3. Bold Shower Doors:
Whether bold showers or no shower doors, this look is one to be documented

4. Glass Block Walls:
This play on the 90's glass block is new, modern, and we love it!

5. Lighting Within Mirrors:
Not only does this provide great task lighting, we love the seamless design aesthetic it gives off as well

Check out more ideas HERE!

Get with TCI to transform your bathroom soon!

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