Monday, June 28, 2010

Dallas Summer Market: 5 Days of Favorites!

"What is Market?  Is everything really cheap? Is there food? Can I go?"... these are some of the questions that I hear repeatedly about "Market" in Dallas.  It is actually an event that takes place twice a year at the World Trade Center in downtown Dallas, where furniture reps (as well as clothing, jewelry, etc) showcase their up and coming products for buyers from all over the world.

No... it is not cheap!  These are mostly designer furnishings that are of high quality and mostly only offered to the trade, however, affordable options are abound as well.  Lots of fun food, drinks and people!

My challenge to you is to report my Favorite Finds to you in Five Days!  I am so inspired by what I found, that I'd love to share it with you!

About midway through on Friday, I told my friend Barbara that I'd like her to take a picture of me in a room setting that matched my shirt (not sure why that came out of my mouth but....), so we turned the corner toward my favorite showroom, Global Views, and boy was I happy!

Turquoise and Tangerine Galore!

A new favorite color combo for me (also used in our Jonathan's Place project)

May be much for your family room, so how about tangerine in a guest room?

Great buffet for your dining room or entertainment cabinet

Fun way to add impact to your wall... grouping like items

Think about displaying accessories vertically in your home...
stacking items on display boxes will do the trick

Another thought... turquoise and orange at your beach house or uptown loft?

For your more conservative side, keep bedding neutral and
add a punch with pillows and accessories

A detour from our traditional light fixtures!

How fun is this? Maybe not quite so practical, but we can steal the ideas for
the glass containers and trays at least...

Couldn't resist a touch of whimsy!

Very satisfied after being treated to a yummy lunch of pasta, salad and Fred bread!

Thank you Global Views for the inspiration of fabulous merchandising and terrific products!

Stay tuned for the next four days of fabulous finds-

Until next time,


Images via: Moi

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