Spring at LAST. Outlast the year with Pastels

This spring, bring a few pastels in your space to spruce it up!!

Pastels are not a thing of the past! Mix them with some sharp lines, and fun patterns for a 21st century look on the soft color trends.

Whether in furniture or accessories, 
you can mix and match these spring colors with ease.
They remind us of the Easter themed M&M's that we love so much. 
The bright colors just make everyone think they taste better!! So therefore, your design taste shall be tastier too with new pastels.

 We love these pastel pieces that can play a huge role in your space. 
- adding a vase of colored spoons on your countertop can bring the pop you are looking for
- changing the legs on a bench is a fun and unexpected way to bring a pastel color in that we love!

Are you ready to jump on the pastel wagon this SPRING?

HOW TO: Get organized and STAY organized

The blog world is buzzing with tons of organization ideas, yet implementing is another story in my case.

Get organized but keep reading to learn-

HOW TO...Keep Organized
It's a new year, full of new ideas and most of all...resolutions!
How about organization?? Is that one of your resolutions?!

Check out these ideas BHG put out for those like us that love to organize!

1. Separate with Stylish Items
How many stacks of napkins, fabric, or papers do you have that need to be sorted? Go to your nearest office supply store and find a cute clamp for all your organizational needs ;)

2. Visable Storage
If you can see it...FIX IT! Take a trip to Target...buy some clear crates and get to sorting.
You'll be happy you did... I was:)

3. Stand up Straight
Everything looks more organized when it is neatly stacked. Use two pieces of fabric and some beans insert to make a make-shift book end!

4. Ledge Logic
Why not make use of the side of that wall shelf?? A running calendar awaits you.

5. Handle Space
I don't know about your house, but items like scarfs, ties and belts get quickly tangled and thrown on the floor around here! Find a favorite handle at Home Depot for an easy storage solution!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!

Design Delivered: Client Project, A Master Bedroom Retreat

If you have followed Traci for very much time at all, you have probably heard about our "online design" package called Design Delivered!

Well, tighten your seat belts because we have taken off with this service and refined it for YOUR use and ease.

Now, after YOU... the client, choose the room you'd like designed and tell us a little about the space, we will complete the design in a quick and organized fashion. You will then receive a beautiful box in the mail containing samples of your paint, fabric and any other items you'll need to put your room together. 

As always, you'll receive an email with your full custom design, and links to each and every product needed to transform your room.

Check out the soft and relaxing Master Bedroom below!

The client wanted a "retreat" in their home, that was all their own. Away from work, kiddos and TV!
So we created just that.

With a few drawings and elevations we were able to lay out the space just right.
 And then see the full package come together! The beautiful blue-grey, cream and
 ivory really brought this look together. 

We used a washable bedding set that will be perfect in case those kiddos or puppies sneak in. The crypton fabric headboard protects their bed for years to come. 
Even throughout an online design project, we can continue to uphold our standard of livable luxury and durable design.

We loved the whole outcome! Contact us to help make your bedroom (or any room) a perfect retreat!

Go for the Gold...Its a WIN

While we still like our silver … We are branching out and
LOVING gold accents in our latest designs!
This is a Powder Bath at the Mansion on Turtle Creek!

For a splash of the unexpected, we think that gold is 
no longer your grandma's favorite accessory. 

It is bold, bright, and unique.


Brass mixed with blue is a favorite color combo of ours. It brings a touch of 
modern in with the old, making the perfect blend. 
Lighting and even hardware are ways to bring this look in.

** See the gold cup pulls on the blue painted cabinets!?

Dark, rich, wood tones and gold. Mmmm yes please! This knot ball is a perfect conversation piece, but also adds a new color to the space that coordinates with pillows and accessories throughout.

- Gold BRIGHTENS. Yes, sounds like something you might already know. BUT if you are bold enough to darken your space by painting walls black, or navy… you can quickly add light (spunk) to the space by bringing in gold in the plumbing fixtures, hardware or wall decor!


Unusual Trends of the Year

As we get further into 2017, we ask ourselves the 

WHAT will be the hottest unusual trend THIS year??

Well, here at TCI, we have a few ideas, and can't wait to implement them.
Our TOP choices for 2017:

1. Metal Accents - Gold or Silver!
** Won't damage as easily as wood
2. Additions of Stone - Especially Aria Quartzite 
** Completely indestructible and not porous
3. Textural Wallpaper - Grasscloth or Solids
4. Unique Fixtures in Unusual Spaces - Speciality Plumbing Fixtures

HOW do you implement these trends?? 
Here are a few slides to give you a visual for these looks!


- Bring a touch of the unexpected into your bedroom by using an Aria Stone quartzite as artworkBecause as Aria's motto goes .. "Stone is Art". 
(This particular quartzite is a 3CM Verde Acquamarina Slab. ... Simply Beautiful)

- Use a mixture of metals throughout side tables, lighting, and accessories
- Wallpaper an accent wall in a textural wallpaper.


- WOW yourself each day as you step foot into your bathroom by wrapping your bath tub wall surround in a beautiful white quartzite from Aria Stone. 
(This particular stone is a 3CM Bianco Quartzite)
- Give your bathroom a splash of shine with metals throughout your wall sconces, vanity and tub faucets, AND cabinet hardware
- Don't skimp on the plumbing fixtures. They can be the icing on the cake in your master bath retreat if they SAY something about your space.

Gear up for 2017 and jazz up your home! 

A Spring Cleaning Plan that Guards your Glamour

Spring cleaning can be daunting. AND you always seem to slip back into the "old" routine of piles, stacks and mess. 

So how can you choose to loose the junk and guard the glamour that is your home? We're here to tell you 3 tips that will help you keep your luxurious home looking brand new... with EASE!

1. Bust your Dust
- Remove everything 
- Vacuum and Wipe
- Only put back what you need

2. Refresh your Textiles
- Choose indoor/outdoor fabrics for durable, long lasting appeal
- Faux leather IS in
- Take larger area rugs to be professionally cleaned

3. Green and Clean
- Use natural cleansers
- Replace disposables with reusables (less paper towels)

STYLE THAT: Kitchen Edition

Each and every area of the home has a unique way of being styled that makes it just as important as the next.

We've discussed bookcases, nightstands and china cabinets ... today we tackle the arguably the most important statement in the home.
The Kitchen

1. Large Statement Vases in Color Scheme-
Choosing a pair of tall ceramic pieces within the color scheme will instantly spruce up an island or empty corner without cluttering
TCI project

2. Less is Best- 
Instead of lining up the toaster, blender and kitchen aid mixer... neatly tuck them away in a cabinet and choose small groupings of glass cloches or vases to stack in corners of the kitchen cabinets to pop a color or texture or interest instead of a messy appliance. 
TCI project

3. Whispy Florals:
Bring some height to your room by adding a tall vase of faux whispy florals for a change of texture and medium 
TCI project

4. Food Items as Decor:
You guessed it! Speaking of a kitchen...use items such as lemons for a yellow color scheme, oranges, etc to add to a bowl will bring a natural element to the kitchen 
TCI project

Cook up some beautiful designs!

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