Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dare to be Dark

We're all about the LIGHT and BRIGHT kitchens, but every once in a while it might be good to switch it up and step out of your comfort zone!

How do you even start to do that? WELL, we are here to tell you how.

1. Go black on the cabinets and white on the walls. This provides enough contrast to bring light into the space and not close in the room. Also, by adding skylights to your renovation you can greatly increase your amount of natural light.

2. Too afraid of changing the cabinet finish? Leave that light and paint one or two walls dark instead and offset it by adding a piece of dark furniture (aka the bar stools) to bounce the dark color around the room.

3. Try the same tactic as #2 but instead just paint one wall of cabinets and offset it with a piece of dark furniture on the opposite side of the room.

4. Don't be afraid of going dark in a galley kitchen. By creating natural light through a window wall or skylights and painting the walls white you can lighten the space in new and different ways.

5. Is all that too scary? Try just painting the island dark and use a color. Such as this dark blue paint featured on Houzz as Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball.

Light or Dark? What's your kitchen preference?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vines and Sweet Summertime

Happy first REAL week of summer!
In honor of summer, what are some ways to use natural foliage to create 
an atmosphere of sweet summertime.

Do you want to spend your summer evenings in a beautiful place? Try adding vines to your porch or pergola to change it up a bit for the season.

Houzz recently featured a few of their favorite ways to use vines and these are TCI's favorite from the list!

1. Pergola Cover

2. Wall Patterns

And our most favorite:
3. Curtain of Leaves

How dreamy is this?!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Client Project: How we are Incorporating Geometrics in a New Build

Back to the basics here at TCI -- 


Remember when you were sitting in geometry class in high school? Remember the shapes and patterns you learned?

Well we are pulling out all the GEOMETRICS in our current design, 
in a modern house build.

How can you incorporate geometrics in a new construction?

1. Trimwork:
Check out these rectangular patterned trim work pieces on this wall.  By adding just a simple pattern in a large scale can make a huge impact!

2. Staircase:
Out with the curvy balusters and in with the geometric shapes.

3. Tilework:
No need for boring, bland tile .... pop up the color and pattern with tile that looks similar to this! We are using this modern tile in a new TCI build!

A large scale subway tile laid on a straight lay with a stunning accent tile vertically through the pattern brings many different geometric ideas to the table.

One of our favorite tile designs we are currently using:

SO , are you ready to go back to GEOMETRY class for DESIGN?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pinterest WIN - DIY Clothesline ABC's Hanger

We recently completed this incredible playroom for a couple of brothers that wasn't QUITE complete without the "hideaway" closet nearby.

We all see those adorable projects on Pinterest and think... how hard can that be? Tune in to find if we have a Pinterest WIN or a Pinterest FAIL! 

DIY: Clothesline ABC Card Hangers 

Watch as we convert this small Audio/Visual Closet to a playroom hideout for two young boys!

 Some very detailed, picture only, instructions! 

 All we need are a few supplies!  

And some Tylenol maybe?! 

 After measuring, drilling and crawling around in a hot little closet we go from boring storage to a great space for imagination to run wild! Now to add paint and entry curtains! 

We have to make this small space just as fabulous as the adjacent Playroom! 

Would you say it was a Pinterest WIN?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Unique Functions for the "Sore Thumbs" of Design

Columns ....

Columns, Columns, Columns!

Many times in design, there are the necessary items that we may not think are the "key" to design.
But when things such as columns come into play, we like to think of ways to turn these "sore thumbs" into "WOW" factors. 

What can you do about columns?!
SHAPE: Create a new and different shape with the column

MATERIALS: Use a unique material in a new and different way

FUNCTIONAL: Turn a column into a functional piece of furniture

STORAGE: Enlarge the column and use it for unique storage 

Think outside the box!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

June Checklist - Our Tips to Get it Checked OFF!

Summer is HERE! And June has arrived, are you ready to make this a great summer?
Here are a few tips to get started on the right foot!

Reorganize the Kitchen: Move seasonal appliances like ice cream makers or smoothie blenders to the front and create a "snack bar" for the kids home from school.

TCI Project

Make Space for Summer Crafts: If you provide a dedicated area for the kids to work you'll have a better chance that they won't sit in front of the TV all day.

Organize School Garb: Time to put away the stacks of papers and folders in a neat and tidy fashion.

TCI Project

Lighten up your Decor: Roll up the heavy, dark colored rugs and replace 
with bright and white.

TCI Project

Refresh your Bathroom: Need a new shower curtain or a fresh set of linens? 

TCI Project

And Lastly
Make your Summer MUST-DO List!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A "Glamper" -- Check it OUT

Yes, we know... we are laughing as hard as you are...

It's a "glamorous camper"

Come on guys, I only camp if i can camp in style, and when we ran across this new term and these images, we couldn't help but to share after a long Memorial Day weekend of many campers out there!

Check out what camping could really be like! -- I had no idea this was even possible. Now the opportunities are endless!

Little spaces = more bang for your buck


We love the pop of pattern throughout to bring life into a small space.

I mean ... this is just FUN!

For a classier approach, we are loving this glamper. (ha, I know, i just can't help but to use that word)

And our favorite, ... grays and yellows and white. Ah. I could "glamp" in this!

So whether you camped, or "glamped" this Memorial day, we hope it was wonderful!


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