Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips to Make your Home Unique!!

Do you ever wonder "how did they THINK about that" when you visit a friends new 
home or see an image on Pinterest??

Well, we are here to help! A few tips on how to make your home THAT much better 
with a couple easy "fixes".

1. Hide Outlets under your cabinets instead of on your backsplash

What do you notice about this kitchen we completed?? A beautiful backsplash?? 
YES!!! It is not interrupted by "ugly" outlets. We hid them underneath the cabinets 
as shown in the top image!

2. Buy a toilet seat where everyone has their own tabs
This one cracks us up! Hey-- If you are "germy" then what better way to use the 
toilet than with your own personal toilet seat… ?!?! 

3. Recess your outlets in the walls so your furniture can be 
pushed up against the wall
Do you have a console that is pushed away from the wall about 1" because you need to plug that lamp in? We have a solution for you. Recessed outlets cure all problems ;)

source                                                                         source

4. Use slide out drawers for spices
We are currently incorporating this unique cabinetry solution into a custom kitchen of a client. A fun and organized way to store and see your spices!

5. Add a window seat to the landing of your staircase
There is usually a small space of waste space at the landing of a staircase. Why not make that usable space and install a small seat? A great way to bring in color and fabric.

6. Use kitchen drawers as cutting boards
We love this. Using a top shelf that might be too shallow to be an actual drawer, as a cutting board and installing the trash can below for easy trash access.

Let us help you incorporate new and unique space saving solutions into your home!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TCI Open House : A Thank You to Clients and Vendors

We are finally moved into our new office space 
off the Dallas North Tollway and Westgrove and we are loving it!

In celebration, many of our clients and vendors came to see the new design studio!

The drinks were flowing and the cheese and hor d'oeuvres were readily available!

We even threw in a few special details such as a chalkboard table runner ;)

The party was so well received and we are 
very grateful for our amazing clients and vendors!

Jana, with Kravet, came to show a few of the hot spring trends 
from her newest collections:

And Stacy with JF Fabrics had some bold and bright patterns to reveal as well!

Barry with Prosource brought some amazing new tiles and carpets to show off.

We were able to showcase many of our vendors through the custom furniture 
we designed for our office reception area.

And each guest left with an adorable succulent plant ;)

A good time was had by everyone!

Special thanks to my team members, Courtney, Jesus, Paula and my home team... 
Austin, Avery and Ash...wish you were here:(

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Modern Uptown Loft - Big Reveal!

We are so excited to share with you our most recent photographed project!!

Last summer we had the privilege of working with an amazing client 
through a long-distance design process! They lived in El Paso, and their daughter was going to be moving to Dallas to attend Medical School here. 
So we got everything in tip top shape and ready to go for her when she arrived.

In one week, we completed a remodel of this uptown loft, 
AND furniture installation and design!
What a reward it was to stand back and see the result!

After seeing a few color scheme options we proposed, the client decided 
on the bold turquoise, black and white scheme for her main living areas. 
Ahhh. It turned out so crisp and clean.

The wallpaper from ID Collection was the icing on the cake for the entry wall.

This gorgeous chair from Cyan Design was well worth the wait! 
After being backordered, ;(
it finally found it's home in this perfect spot. 

Each little nook was well thought out. With an eclectic mix of turquoise 
and metal / glass, this view from the loft is stunning with this custom 
painted Vanguard console.

Even more of a show stopper is the dining room. With the custom blown 
glass wall plates from Viz Glass and turquoise chandelier from Cyan Design ... 
This dining room can't wait to be used for a dinner party ;)

Upstairs, the client went for a magenta color scheme that we adore! 
This "loft" space is used for her studying and relaxing. The custom wall mural f
rom JF Fabrics is the backdrop to the amazing space.

In her Master Bedroom, we went for a more calming feel to the magenta 
and black color scheme by bringing in white bedding, and drapery. 

The custom artwork from La Montage's artist, Blakely Bering, 
combined all the colors beautifully!

Downstairs, the guest bedroom is nothing but FUN, FUN and Adorable
The citrine and cobalt color scheme was the perfect touch to a small space.

The drapery and art really made this room come to life!

We couldn't be more excited about how this Uptown Loft turned out 
and hope that our sweet client enjoys it everyday! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stylish Children's Rooms...for One of our Own!

Designing a child's room can be both exciting YET challenging! You want it to be 
functional, child-proof, AND stylish + chic.

How do you do it?!

We saw all the new additions to the Young America line at the 
Las Vegas Furniture Market in January and were INSPIRED!

They create sturdy, well made furniture that is both aesthetically 
pleasing AND safe for your child.

The staging they created in their showroom was impeccable. By using unexpected wall decor pieces like bicycle wheels as photo holders (first pic) and wallpapered accent walls (below), these children's rooms took on their own personalities. 

We believe that is the goal for a child's room -- to express their personality! This adorable nursery with pink accents would be perfect for a sweet baby girl!

As we saw all these wonderful ideas at Market ... we also have a children's room of our own in the works! Courtney's baby boy, due this Spring, has a great room forming!

Here are a few sneak peeks of the space:

Stay tuned for more! Let us know if YOU have a children's room to bring to life!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wide Open Spaces

These kind of space CAN be tricky to design. Many clients just can't figure out how
 to create a smooth flowing layout... 
and that is where we come in!

We are excited about a new clients home in Fort Worth which has an incredible OPEN floor plan, with a very large living space. As you can tell from the floor plan below... 
there is enough space to place at least 3 seating groups! WOW!

(I think we rocked it on the space planning if I do say so myself!)

How do you manage to do this without it looking 
overcrowded or jumbled? 

1. It's all about creating the seating groups. Area rugs are a huge help in this area, to pull the groups together and balance them with the space. 

2. Symmetry - Instead of angling items or spacing them unevenly, it is nice to be able to mirror the seating group, set the furniture straight and orderly for a room that holds a lot of pieces.

3. Low Pieces - In order to be able to have a seemingly open plan, use lower backed sofas, low benches and chairs so that the room can been seen over one plane.

Do you have a "wide open space" that needs some TLC??

We'll be sure to post the After shots for this Ft. Worth Beauty!


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