Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Home Journals : Courtney's Edition

New Home Journals: Courtney Edition!

Hello! - Courtney here -- to report back on the 
changes and plans for our new home build.

Our foundation was poured today! YES! 

Of course there was a few hold ups at the city... getting our permit.
 But we are finally cleared and ready to begin.

This is the mess we are looking at ;-/ 
But it all means good things...things are moving along!!
Last week they routed for plumbing and prepped for the foundation -- 
That was when this pic above was taken.

Right now, as the subs are making a mess of our lot, we are in the process of finalizing the finishes and design for the interior of the home!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces that we are incorporating:

FIRST: The linear stone fireplace: 
*Concept Pic
Maybe one of the things I'm most excited about. 
The vein cut "Mare Bianco Travertine" 12x24 Stone fireplace surround. I love the gray/white/cream linear lines in the tile and love 
that it gives off a light and airy feeling:
(I'm still trying to decide whether to add a wrap around mantel or not... suggestions?!)

BUT We actually found a look-a-like at half the cost -- see pic below!

 Here is an installation pic of the stone being used in a flooring application:

SECOND: Our bold graphite and white bathroom.
Instead of going "light" in the bathroom-- i went "bold". With dark gray/graphite tile in the shower and painted charcoal cabinets, the lighter gray flooring will pop and the white quartz countertops will shine! (if i can keep them clean ... ;-/)
*Concept Pic
The (impossible to clean) shower will look similar to this image --

THIRD: The Kitchen! 
With white modified shaker style cabinetry and white granite countertops, I've decided to go with a light warm gray 2x12 glass tile backsplash -- 
to be laid on a straight lay!

*Concept Pic for colors - The actual backsplash tile will be
 2"x12" and not laid in a brick pattern.
*Concept Pic - Very similar to this backsplash without the gloss coating
FOURTH: The Vent Hood.
Also one of my most favorite things about the home. 
This modern wall mount glass canopy vent hood from Frigidaire will be a perfect complement to the stainless steel appliances and light white kitchen.
Another plus -- it has DISHWASHER safe filters! How easy is that?! You just pop them out and throw them in the dishwasher. That's my kind of "cleaning."

Stay tuned next week for more on Terra's New House Journals!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner!

 While many of you may have already "decked your halls" with plenty of spooky decor…. IF you haven't yet, or need a few ideas for MORE frightening fun…

Read on to find a few easy ideas that YOU can do at home!

1.) Chalkboard Paint Family Portrait Pumpkins!
- It's as simple as can be! Grab yourself a pumpkin and a can of Rustoleum Chalk Paint to paint a circle on the pumpkin… Then put your artistic skills to work and draw your family ;)

2.) Natural Fall Banner. 
Take your dog on a nice walk and pick up some bright color leaves along the way! Using string and clothes pins (you can paint the clothes pins for added color) … 
string up your fall finds for a colorful decor piece!

3.) Go Simple. 
With all the fallen leaves around… this is bound to be plenty of empty branches to be found. using a few select pieces, a mason jar and a couple of simplistic white pumpkins… this stylistic setting gave a beautiful bare look.

4.) Handmade Bat Bunting
- print out a picture of a bat and trace it onto black construction paper. Cut out each bat and tape to a piece of string to create your very own "bat bunting!"

5.) Fright Banner
And what holiday is complete without a "pinterest" banner to adorn your mantel?!

Happy Halloween Decorating!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Out-of-the-Ordinary ART!

When beginning to think about artwork for a clients home … there are so many variables. 

Art is such a personal thing. 

When we have the chance to step outside the box, we try to REALLY get creative.

This week, we stumbled upon this image:

The "artwork" is suspended from the ceiling! We love art that you wouldn't necessarily see as "art" the first glance you get. You have to take a second look to realize what it really is.

We love to get 3-Dimensional:

There are a variety of art "plates" out there today. We like to take them, and then arrange them in a way that you wouldn't think.

That's our job. Coming up with a new way to look at things.

In this turquoise dining room, we combined a typical canvas art piece with bright colored folded glass plates that flank both sides for a bit of the unexpected.

What do you do with a large empty wall? Many would start with a grouping of canvas pieces, but we took a few colorful glass blown "art pieces" and asymmetrically
 arranged them to take up this blank wall!

You can MIX framed artwork with 3 Dimensional pieces to jazz things up. In this modern living room, we flanked the fireplace with framed abstract art pieces and placed a large 3-D metal art piece on the side wall for a different touch!

Kids rooms are the best for thinking outside the box. In this fun game room, we got "down and dirty" literally and created our own "Paint Bucket" art. 
You might remember our tutorial HERE!!

Think outside the box… be extraordinary!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Optimal Lighting - Bedroom Addition

Bedrooms are multifunctional spaces
So how can you utilize this "living room, dining room, playroom and home office"
 to its maximum potential??

*** LIGHTING ***

It's the key to everything in a space. It can change the color, feel and statement in a room.

We are laying out 4 simple steps to help you decide what works best for YOU!

1. Decide the Type of Lighting you Need
- a ceiling light with a dimmer : this is key to setting the mood for your bedroom
- sconces create a soft ambiance
- floor lamps are nice to light up a dark corner
- nightstand lighting


2. How to utilize the lighting
- make sure they are near outlets so cords aren't being tripped over
- get the correct height of nightstand light:
** bottom of shade is at eye level when you are sitting up in bed


3. Think about how you live
- do you like to read at night, but your spouse is ready for sleep?
- do you wake in the night and need a dim light?


4. Find your style
- lighting is a big part of your design
- it can set the stage for your personal style


Kathi Fleck of Lonestar Property Solutions gives her opinion on 
bedroom lighting today to help YOU out!

"How to Choose the Right Lighting for Each Room
Most rooms perform better with multiple layers of lighting and three types of lighting work well in many rooms, in addition to natural light. 

1: Ambient Light-
You will want an ambient light, which is the general lighting for the room. You flip a switch and the overhead light brightens the room as a general light.

2: Task Light-
This allows you to work on a specific function with adequate light and it can be used with or without the ambient light.

3: Accent Light-
When you have a special object, such as art, or the focus over a fireplace, accent light will direct your attention to this area of the room.

Bedroom Lighting Tips 
-  In addition to the ceiling light, many like the task light of a 

lamp on a dresser or desk in the bedroom.

- The best light for bedrooms is generally warm light, which is more flattering and restful. If you do a lot of reading in your bedroom, however, be sure to keep a 
cool-light shaded task lamp nearby to prevent eyestrain.

As you consider you next remodel, make sure you place a 
special emphasis on the lighting."

Happy Lighting!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Accessories PERFECT for Fall.

It's that time of year again! Bring out the pumpkins, spice candles and faux leaves.

BUT Do you have to?! We have accessories to show you that are PERFECT for Fall, but don't have the kitschy appearance of a bowl full of fake fall leaves!

1. Earth tones. Use natural plant life that brings in the fall colors. Auburn, moss green, and taupes are great starters.

2. Wood Look. Natural wood is always a plus in the fall season. It brings the outdoors inside, which is what everyone wants to do in this crisp season!

3. Lanterns. What says FALL better than a great collection of lanterns?? Fill the inside with the unexpected. Books, or a pop of color to coordinate with your home.

4. Don't forget about your OUTDOORS! Pottery and Plants. Need I say more??

5. Wire baskets and Fall Colors. A touch of coral and rust in the Autumn season just seems to bring a sense of the north-east to Texas! A few sprigs of color mixed in a natural wire basket will brighten up any countertop.

Share your pictures of Fall Accessories on our FACEBOOK PAGE!! We'd love to see them!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gold is the New Silver!

While we still like our silver … TCI is branching out and
 LOVING gold accents in our latest designs!
This is a Powder Bath at the Mansion on Turtle Creek!

For a splash of the unexpected, we think that gold is 
no longer your grandma's favorite accessory. 

It is bold, bright, and unique.


- Brass mixed with blue is a favorite color combo of ours. It brings a touch of 
modern in with the old, making the perfect blend. 
Lighting and even hardware are ways to bring this look in.

** See the gold cup pulls on the blue painted cabinets!?

- Dark, rich, wood tones and gold. Mmmm yes please! This knot ball is a perfect conversation piece, but also adds a new color to the space that coordinates with pillows and accessories throughout.

- Gold BRIGHTENS. Yes, sounds like something you might already know. BUT if you are bold enough to darken your space by painting walls black, or navy… you can quickly add light (spunk) to the space by bringing in gold in the plumbing fixtures, hardware or wall decor!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Creative Storage Solutions for Building a Home

When a homeowner comes to us with their first floor plan to start editing and making it the best it can be, one of their first questions is always, 

Everyone has it … STUFF. And we all need a place to put it! 
(And make it look aesthetically pleasing of course)

So we have collaborated again with Kathi Fleck of Lone Star Property Solutions to help YOU with a few creative ways to "hide" your prized possessions (or junk;)

First : A few of TCI's favorite storage solutions from around the web!
- An under the stair liquor cabinet. Talk about handy!

- Don't want a pile of shoes at the bottom of your stairs where everyone leave them? 
Make a stair… a DRAWER!

- Kitchens are always the best place for creative storage. These are two we love. 
A Platter Divider Drawer!

- And if you look to the bottom left: individual shelves for your rolling pins!

- Lastly, TCI just thought this was too amazing not to share. You want storage? 
Well this children's playroom has it ALL!

LoneStar Property Solutions weighs in on ideas they have put to use:
There are many ways to find space where none seems to exist.
 The key is to look and then look again.

Glimpse beyond a door, look above the window, peek below a table and put a cabinet in a place you never thought to put it before. 
Instead of looking around at eye level, look up and down. Think vertical. 

These clients are avid cooks and spend most of their time in the kitchen. We removed the old cooktop and narrow drawers. Oversized deep drawers allow for easy access for most of their pots and pans.

Most of my clients want to use that corner space and complain about crawling into the corners of underused cabinets. Yet the thought of a wobbly Lazy-Susan caused them to hesitate before putting in new kitchen cabinets. These sturdy Susans are the ideal way to store small appliances and make great use of that corner space.

How do you make use of the corner on an oversized bathroom vanity? This corner cabinet balances the room and cabinet, allowing for items to be hidden from view yet accessible to both sides of the vanity.
 It even houses electrical for keeping the hair dryer, rollers, curling iron plus more.

Hopefully you all have a better idea of some fun and creative ways to STORE!


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