Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday's Tip of the Day - Yoga Rooms!

Per our "Ease of Glamour" campaign ... we strive to create spaces that warm a home, create unity and provide useful purposes.

Finding that "niche" that the client loves or hobby they enjoy is a fun task we love to uncover. You'd be surprised how many people love to do random, FUN things!

One of the spaces that we think is unique is a work out room. Many homes have such a place that is devoted to their health, but even more specifically is a YOGA room. 

Having requests for these can be tricky and interesting. Research is our first thing on the list to make spaces such as these top notch.
These are some of our tips to take to note while designing a Zen place.

1. Plenty of natural light: Let the light flow through any window you are able to create.

2. Well ventilated area: The actual temperature is up to the person themselves, but creating a space that moves air easily is a necessity.

3. Adequate space - Typical yoga space is 9'x 9' to have full range of motion for all the poses.

4. Warm color tones: Create something pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul.

5. Create a set apart space: You don't want to be posing around something cooking dinner, if space allows, create a room set apart from everything else.

Hows that for a random Thursday tip and trend?? Don't we all wish yoga rooms were in our future??

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glamour Guard Your House for Christmas Fun

Do you have lots of Christmas fun approaching in the next few weeks??

Christmas parties bring friends, family and fun all together... but with it comes MESS. While most of the mess is cleanable... we want ALL the mess to be gone. No remnants of any stains leftover from the night before. 

Rugs take the brunt of the action. It's where people step, eat over, and drink over. We want to protect those beautiful rugs.

How do we make this happen?? 

We use our friends at Fiberseal to not only protect our furniture but our RUGS as well. 

By adding a layer of protection, the liquid then beads up on the fibers instead of soaking in, allowing it to be easily wiped up and not STAIN.

So fill that rug with presents and a beautifully decorated tree and sit back in ease knowing it will survive the Christmas season!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving from Traci Connell Interiors

Thank you to our wonderful clients, colleagues, and vendors for making this year another great one for TCI.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

3 Modern Thanksgiving Tablescapes

2 DAYS! 

Yep, hope you have your turkeys brining and your pumpkin spice candle burning.!

Need some last minute inspirations for your Thanksgiving table? Here are the top 3 ideas we love the most from around our favorite blogs!

The pops of gold with the chalkboard and woodsy feel to this table really does us in!

Why be the same? Mix it up with different plates and even a special placemat for the kiddos on the end! (our fav part!)

But we all know the TRUEST design is the color the food brings to the table. MMMmm can we join this family for dinner?!?!

Happy Early Thanksgiving and happy cooking/decorating!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cable Knit Craze

What will be your TEXTURE of choice this winter??

We are falling in love with the cable knit craze that so many have jumped on the bandwagon for.
Not only is it comfy, soft and beautiful, but the thick twists and turns in the pattern give off a relaxed and textural vibe.

From blankets, to pillows and everything in between ... you can "cable knit" just about anything.

We love this classic pouf knitted.

A cable knit pattern on a rug is also soft on the feet,  and comfy on the eyes.
This marled cable knit throw just may be one of our favs. Adorable and functional.

Here's how a few used cable knit into their designs:

Accent throw blankets on the bed are perfect for showing off a little texture and spice. Since they are "accents" it works best since the cable knit texture doesn't jive too well with washable/and sleeping. This is simply a piece to be just beautiful.

This cable knit rug transforms this minimalist entry. Adding a new dimension of design that wasn't present before.

What shall be YOUR choice this winter?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Glamour Guard Your Fabrics for No Foul Play!

Yep .... thats the face you know you don't ever want to see. BUT when you partner with Traci Connell Interiors to design and reform your home, you can be sure that even when you do see that face, that your fabrics are safe. 

How, you ask!? 
You think it sounds impossible. But when you see the ways TCI can "glamour guard" your home, allowing for an "ease of glamour", you won't think twice.

We recently attended a CEU about performance fabrics and came away with a wealth of knowledge ready to implement in your homes immediately!

Check out these demonstrations!
A spill of red wine --

GONE! Like it never happened! Crypton fabrics at their finest 
This gray Sunbrella fabric had a bleach pen taken to it, and after a wipe off --- nothing was damaged!

The best part is, these fabrics FEEL and LOOK luxurious and glamourous. Anyone would want them in their homes. 

TCI Project

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tricks and Trends to Find the Way through Winter

Here in Texas, the weather has changed overnight from high 80's to low 60's during the day! 
(Which if you're from around here, you know the 60's are considered cold)

As with every change in season, it brings fresh perspective, new ideas and motivation. 
We are pumped to share our latest ideas to get your home in "winter shape".

To get you inspired, we splashed a few of our key elements together for a mood board:

1. Gray and textural furniture:
What screams winter more than cozy and what is cozier than a piece of furniture you can sink into with a soft, textural fabric. And gray is light and bright to complement WHITE, which is the key color for winter.
This particular sectional is from Arhaus and we are LOVING their furniture line. Check them out!

2. Crystal Light Fixtures:
The "icicle" metaphor is played up in these fixtures, what a fun way to sparkle light throughout your home

3. Color Scheme:
White, white, and white when paired with an icy blue, gray and a pop of navy is the scheme for this winter

4. Acrylic Chairs:
We love the look of acrylic furniture, and this winter we feel it sets the tone for the cool season

5. Fur and Sheepskin:
Not only is it soft and warm, but the white color especially follows suit perfectly with the winder scheme.

6. Marble Tables:
Again, pulling as much white into your home as possible, marble top tables are not only dainty, gorgeous but bring a solid cool stone texture to pair with your textured fabrics.

7. A Muted Rug:
Bring in that icy blue gray color into your room by selecting a rug that echoes a snowflake pattern abstractly in a muted tone.

8. Accessories
Don't forget candles, glass and mirrored objects to reflect the ring of the season!!

So while all these elements are wonderful in their own ways, HOW do you implement these into a room setting??

We are excited to show you a few sneak peeks from a recent TCI project that brings many of these ideas into play.

Winter inspirations *icy blue colors *crystal light fixture *snowflake inspired wallpaper

Winter inspirations *white on white *blue gray color scheme *textural furniture

Winter inspiration *acrylic furniture *white beauty

Winter inspiration *winter white accessories *silver *muted area rug *icy blue 

Enjoy the cooler weather and get to designing!


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