Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Make your Home Office more Efficient!

Want to make your home office a less stressful and more efficient space??

If you work from home… or just enjoy using your home office for pleasure, wouldn't you like for it to be a FRESH and fun place??

 Use these 4 tips to get started that we implemented 
in our favorite home office project!

1. Look OUT.
It calms us to look at nature and the natural sunlight. Position your desk to 
where you peer out a window.

2. Use wood with wood grain or painted wood. 
This brings more nature inside as well and tends to be more peaceful as well as natural.

3. Utilize Built - Ins. 
Having options in which to spread things out or reposition yourself throughout the day will help to give your mind a rest, such as a built in hutch to organize your "stuff" or a window seat to "take a break".

4. Be able to see the door. 
Subconsciously this gives your mind ease, knowing that you can see anyone entering… and YOU can also exit to take a breather ;)

Let us know how YOU like to work!

Clearly, WE work very calmly and efficiently in our soothing space ;) 
At least there is a great view!! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

TCI Wins ASID Legacy of Design Awards

ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) held their annual
 Legacy of Design Awards Dinner last night 
and honored many designers across the Texas Chapter with 
awards for their incredible projects.

Traci Connell Interiors is thrilled to announce we were awarded 
6 prestigious Legacy of Design Awards!

Six of our exciting and rewarding projects are now award winning!
 Check them out below:

 FIRST PLACE in Traditional Kitchen

See more of this project here

SECOND PLACE in Contemporary Bedroom

See more of this project here

HONORABLE MENTION in Traditional Kitchen

See more of this project here

HONORABLE MENTION in Traditional Bathroom

See more of this project here

HONORABLE MENTION in Contemporary Living Room

See more of this project here


See more of this project here

We want to THANK all our incredible clients for sharing their homes with us and allowing us to create spaces for them that they love! 

The TCI Team at last night's event!

We also want to thank ASID and Design Guide for featuring us and hosting a fun Legacy of Design awards dinner!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The 3 types of the "Zig-Zag" Pattern

The zigzag pattern has been the talk of the town for some time now! 
But did you know there are actually 3 different KINDS of this pattern?!


Chevron - This pattern comes to a "V". Our favorite places to use this are in a backsplash or on wood floors. We brought life to this dining room with this fun pattern!
Herringbone - Placing rectangles in a staggered zig-zag pattern. It's often found in tweed clothing but has made it's way to kitchens and floors in many homes! See a few ways we incorporated it below:
Flamestitch - This is a zig zag pattern with lots of "peaks", and different gradients of color. It is an age old motif that has been used in many countries. We used it in these curtains and LOVED the end result!

We want to know what YOUR favorite zig-zag pattern is!! Which one would you use the most?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Leave it or Revive it - The answer to painting your brick

Brick -- Do you paint it or leave it 
and let it have "character"??

We unravel the mystery for you. The answer is…. it depends ;)
You knew it wasn't a YES or NO answer didn't you??

When to PAINT IT:

 (this simple coat of gray paint covered up a dark red brick and changed the appearance of the whole living room!) See the full TCI project HERE

1. When it is a "heavy" brick that makes the room seem dark and dingy… a fresh coat of a light color paint can instantly revive it to a bright, happy, and spacious area.
2. When there is another "showstopper" in the room such as an amazing light fixture, or an architectural detail, the natural brick could take away from the focal point. 
3. When you are going for a more contemporary look -- this may go without saying, but a simple solid painted brick gives a much more clean appearance to the space

 (This white painted brick- southern style home is a stunning find nestled in the beautiful landscape) 
See more of this TCI project HERE

When to LEAVE IT:
(The natural brick is the perfect backdrop to this bold masculine space) 
See the full TCI project HERE
1. When it serves as the jumping off point for the color palette -- Use the brick color to form your concept for the entire space and take advantage of the natural character.
2. When the brick is on the floor -- it hides dirt amazingly 
3. When you are searching for more rustic and texture in your design

There are so many options and ways to incorporate brick the
 RIGHT way to make the perfect room.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Centerpiece

Creating the "perfect" centerpiece that is both unique and special, but not kitschy or juvenile … has been the arch-enemy of all designers. 

But it shouldn't be that difficult! 
We like to think that many people "OVER-think" the centerpiece. 

Look to your dining room itself for inspiration. Most of the time, it will be right under your nose and you don't even realize it. 

Here are a few ways we have incorporated 
"less is more" with the concept of the particular space:

1. The "natural" semi rustic feel that the furniture in this space gives off gave us the idea to bring nature indoors and use large leaves inset in natural formed glass jars, echoing the color of the wallpaper, as the trio for the table.

2. Such a sophisticated space, called for a pop of color in a very poised modern floral centerpiece to mirror the floral printed area rug beneath. 

3. Colored glass was the name of the game in these modern dining rooms. A sting-ray blown glass bowl juxtaposed with the glass light fixture, wall art, and glass curio in the following image created the perfect harmony.

4. Geometric shapes brings this breakfast nook together. With the patterns on the window treatments and fabric covered chairs, we chose a simple blue bowl 
with 2 spheres as the perfect combination centerpiece.

5. Also echoing the fabric covered chairs, this modern floral centerpiece mirrors the bold lavender pattern in a unique and well thought out way.

So don't forget to look at your surroundings for the "perfect" idea! 
It might be staring you in the face!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pets of Design: Share your TCI project with your pet!

For a fun break in design tips, we thought we'd share a special part of the design process that we find particularly interesting and exciting :)

As always, we strive to create a space for our clients that reveals who they are and a place they can be comfortable. For some, that means making a nook for their kids…. 
while others it means…
PET friendly!

Pets are important members of many households… 
so therefore they play a huge role in the design process!

We hope these pictures bring a smile to your face as we describe a few tips to make a house more friendly for your furry friends.

- The bedding must be washable

  see more of this TCI project HERE

- the furniture must be durable and scratch free

 see more of this TCI project HERE

- the fabric must be scotch guarded 

see more of this TCI project HERE

- the floor covering must but pet friendly (rugs not having a loop construction)

see more of this TCI project HERE

- and you must have an awesome Animal Hospital to take them to!!

 see more of this TCI project HERE

 - Lastly, you must always take time to give them a pet or two:) 
(say hi to Ozzy, my sweet shitzu)

If you are a past client and have a pet in a TCI project, we'd love to see it!! 
Share your photos on Facebook and tag Traci Connell Interiors!! While you are there, be sure to "like" our page!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Painting your Interior Doors …. Black??

Calling all design goo-roo's.
We want YOU to weigh in on this topic!!

What do you think of the newest design trend… painting your interior doors black??

Here are a few of the ideas around this topic:

1. They are a classy look: A bold statement in an otherwise ordinary space

2. A black door can help to complement the other black colors throughout the space

3. The easily hide: If you have a door panel that you aren't fond of…. 
the black paint camouflages it.

4. A black door can frame out a space: It's almost like looking 
through a piece of artwork!

5. Best one yet -- They hide fingerprints!!

We want to know YOUR thoughts.
 Be sure and leave a comment telling us if this new fad will stick around or not!!


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