Wednesday, July 20, 2016

HOW TO: Make a Large Room Cozy

Without fail, one of the largest design "fads" of today is big, expansive rooms. 
Opening things up, spreading rooms out and keeping them spacious is something many people love and desire. 

But when it comes to these large rooms, many people have a hard time visualizing how to turn a large "empty" room into something warm and inviting.

We've researched high and wide to compile our favorite 4 tips for doing just that. Enjoy 4 of TCI's favorite projects below:

1. Select a Statement Color: 
While keeping things white and airy throughout the space, we love to select one particular hue to bounce around the room.

2. Repeat a Pattern:
Pulling a pattern from a pillow and popping it in the drapery or another piece of furniture helps to bring the room together.

3. Maximize Seating:
Switch up the types of seating from sofas to chairs to benches. This will allow for different seating options as well as grounding the room.

4. Use Thoughtful Details:
Always place unique and special details in the space to make it your own.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Go for Color in the Bathroom!

Go Big and Bold!

Adding color in the bathroom is a fantastic way to show a personality, brighten up a morning routine and go crazy for color!

Ways and Tips to Integrate Color from TCI:

Colored Acrylic Pulls:
This is one of favorite. Bring in colors from around the bathroom in the hardware!

Be Bold with Pattern in Color:
Bringing in color isn't the same until you put a pattern with it. Really honing in on those tiny details will change the whole room

Use a LOT of it!
This rainbow mosaic in an otherwise WHITE room is to die for.

Check out a few of TCI's BRIGHT colored bathrooms an how we brought in the color!

Offsetting a bright orange wall with orange tile patterned in the shower brought a new life to this bathroom.

Tile and Paint Color are perfect complements to each other:
We use the two to bounce off each other and create color stories throughout the space.

Would you like to take a plunge into color with TCI?!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Styling Secrets Part 2: Coffee Table Essentials

Building on our series from earlier in the week on STYLING, we now move onto the next most important table in the room....

The Coffee Table

We've partnered with Chairish to feature a favorite table of theirs while outlining some of our essential items to be built on this gorgeous table.

Items selected above from Houzz Shop HERE

Read on to hear tips on styling a coffee table from around the web as well as TCI's favorite secrets.

1. A Natural Essential:
Something natural can quickly bring energy to a room, just by a simplistic bloom of flowers or touch of greenery

2. A Statement Essential:
This is a way to show your personality. By adding large or small (varying heights) bold pieces you can add interest to the table immediately 

3. A Book Essential:
You've all heard the "coffee table book" phrase and seen that done over and over. But it REALLY is important to bring in color and texture to a table. You can use to to layer, add height to a short piece or interest your guests

4. The Container Essential:
Having something that you can build inside is important to your coffee table ensemble. Whether it's a tray, small box or chest, this piece can be used to display many treasures.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Styling Secrets: Part 1 Buffets and Sideboards

Styling your tables can always be a stump for many people. 
This week we are taking time to share our top styling tips for each type of table :
A Console Table - Buffet and Sideboard
A Cocktail Table - Coffee Tables

Today we start with console tables!

Try any of these 3 tips and you will have an instant updated look in no time.

1. Traditional Transitional Look -
Pair 2 tall buffet lamps on either side and swap out a large vase in the center with season-appropriate fresh flowers

2. Large Scale Art -
Instead of worrying about what to mount above the console, try resting large art on the console and leaning it on the wall behind

3. Functional - 
Many times a console can double as a mini bar. Find a tray you love and display your favorite spirits

Off you go to style the first console table you see!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Outdoor Fabrics Favorite Fan - The Dog

Who is an outdoor fabric's biggest supporter?? PETS!

And of course, my Ozzy just loves the beautiful Sunbrella fabrics in our backyard!
He can't mess them up, and they are basically indestructible ... 
while beautiful all at the same time!
(I think he needs braces....)

Here are a few reasons to pick Sunbrella fabrics for your back porch:

1: Weather Resistant:

2. Durable for Food Stains and Pets:

3. Attractive Prints and Patterns:

4. Drape-able for Outdoor Curtains :

Are you convinced?? Sunbrella is the way to go... inside the house as well!! 
Just ASK US!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kitchen Appliance Blooper: Location Makes all the Difference

We recently walked into an architectural review of one of our high rise projects and our eyes were met with this drawing ....

Can you spy the strange design flaw??

You got it?? The microwave!

You'd have to be 10' tall to be able to use that microwave functionally.

We quickly realized how many people (even professionals) forget how important location and function are .... and how they go hand in hand. 

As we researched into microwave placements more and more, we found several interesting ways to functionally use a microwave uniquely. 

1. Under Counter.
Depending on how high you counters are, a simple built-in under counter microwave 
can do the trick

2. Built - In Cabinet : 
Building in a microwave at arm height in a bank of cabinets can provide storage below and above a useful appliance

Another great example:

3. Above Counter:
 Quite different than the TALL placement we were stunned with in our architectural review, this microwave is shoulder height and ready to use.

Where do you prefer your microwave?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Statement Backsplash takes the Cake: Our latest find!

Backsplashes in a kitchen OR bathroom can really make the world of difference ... 
and they don't have to boring!

This is a current kitchen remodel we are working on featuring a backsplash that speaks volumes!
The Ann Sacks diamond shaped pattern is impeccable and ready to be 
installed in this gorgeous home.

How can you select the most stunning backsplash? Here are 3 tips!

1. Mix of Materials: Mixing marble and other natural stone in a beautiful pattern is a wonderful way to create an effect.

2. Metallics: A little shimmer and shine makes everyone happy!

3. Dimension: Many new tiles today come in a dimensional pattern and we love the 
look of these!

If you're ready to take the plunge into a backsplash, give us a call today!


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