Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Taking the Steps to Spruce your Staircase

No longer do you have to think of staircases as a "pain" to climb, or dread each step.

We've discovered the secret to making them more beautiful with every level! (we can't speak to the cardio workout you'll get climbing them though ;)

This beautiful staircase of our sweet clients at their beach house has inspired us to dig deeper into staircase design.

Everything from material, shape, size and construction can form what a staircase looks and feels like, and what design mantra it gives.

A closed staircase. This creates choppiness in a space that may be needed to delineate areas. By the use of a color change on the staircase, it adds to the modern black and white feel.

Change of Material: From stone to wood siding, this staircase can now become versatile with the use of textures.

Center support: A seemingly floating staircase is constructed by the use of one center beam throughout the bottom of this staircase giving it an open and airy appearance,

Floating and enclosed baluster: Not the typical "baluster" .... connected from the step to the ceiling for an unconventional support.

Metal + Wood: The under side can be just as important as the tread. With an exposed base, this gives the design a chance to shine with industrial love.

Floating with Side Support: Instead of a center support, this staircase went with side support and an open riser giving a floating appearance.

Make your staircase the extraordinary 

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