HOW TO: Create a Sociable Kitchen

Following our Kitchen series this week ...
Your kitchen is a gathering area. 
No matter how wonderful other areas of your house may be, your kitchen
WILL be the magnet.

So how do you make it more sociable while still being functional??

Try these tips!

1. Include a Casual Sitting Area:
Add a small sofa or grouping of chairs so guests will have a place to sit.

2. Create a Cozy Nook:
This can be apart of a table sitting area, and make it look cozy by adding 
pillows and drapery!

3. Open up with Barstools:
Everyone loves to be eye level with the cook, and barstools help to get on "their level"!

4. Make it Bright:
No one likes a dingy space... make it light, bright and airy for happiness all around!

Innately Durable Kitchen Seating

Kitchens are the most used, most messy, most beautiful, and many times most focal point of a home.

Which means ...
It gets a LOT of use.

While we can use faux leathers many times to make beautiful furniture pieces, there is one type of seating that is wipeable, stain proof and inherently durable.

Plastic and Metal Seating:

Metal seating can come in a variety of colors. From gunmetal, to painted colored metal, to bright metals... what used to be a farmhouse classic has now transformed to a modern, clean lined vision to keep kitchens cleaner!

Another beautiful way to showcase good design that won't fall victim to ketchup stains or red wine is to set your table with plastic. Yes... you heard us right... plastic. Check out this design below from Houzz that gives us a great picture of plastic ;)

Acrylic: We LOVE. This clear backed beauty creates ease, style and chic design for many different styles. 

Whether traditional, modern, or a little in between this acrylic chair look will be able to stay clean for years to come.

And guess what -- acrylic comes in COLORS too! To fit any color scheme or design. These tips are our tricks to keeping a space glamorous with EASE.

At TCI, that is our goal... and mission. 

Springtime Crafts to Spark your Interest

Welcome to SPRING! 

What's better than to start of this happy season with some color and fresh plants? 
Here are a few ideas from Houzz to spruce up your home and make it more spring-like!

1. Spice up last years pots with a fresh coat of paint and new design! From stripes to diamonds, your options are endless.

2. Floral cones could be your next hostess gift or party favor waiting to happen! With a little kraft paper, some paint and washi tape, you have an instant vase to show off and hand off some spring sprigs!

3. Repurpose cans as herb planters. Everyone loves the smell of fresh herbs.. why not make them look appealing as well?

4. String up strands of bulb lights in your back yard for extra added ambiance!

Now get to work for Spring!

Spring Sprucing Tips To Ready your House for Easter

Spring is here and don't forget to clean out all the focal points of your home to make room to breathe and space for a few new pops!

Here are a few tips we've picked up from Houzz for a stunning Spring spruce.

- clear out winter boots or coats
- add hooks for organizing belongings

- move most used items to front and center drawers
- still have dishes from friends that you haven't returned ... make a pile to return!

Laundry Room:
- add a triple sorter laundry bin
- clean out old cleaning products, and throw away unused items

- remove old coffee cups and stacks of papers
- take a peek under the bed

- clean out old medications and move them to a different place as the humidity can be damaging 
- organize cupboards in clean sorted baskets

Check out all these TCI projects on our Houzz portfolio HERE!

Paint, Paint, Durable Paint. And Multiple Colors on One Wall?!

We are here to answer that question!!

Why paint your walls multiple colors??  Because that goes against every ounce of our being to actually say that ;)

But First - Scrubbable Paint: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr all have options that allow your walls to be wiped clean and used as often as needed ;)

Well there is a time and place for everything ... and multiple wall paint has it's place!

1. Delineate a Space - 
Choosing colors that coordinate with the color scheme and "arranging" them on the wall can help to make the room "understood"

2. Draw the Eye Up
Do you have tall ceilings or want to accentuate the height of the room? Paint the top half a special color!

3. Create a Unique Space:
This would be perfect or a nook or kids bedroom.... The ombre look is all the rage!

4. Set the "Scene" - 
This particular room was turned into "story time" by a faux chair rail effect using paint

5. Accentuate Proportions - 
Without the paint in this room, it would seem very small. By using bright colors in unique places, it brings out larger spaces that you didn't know existed!

We like this idea -- but definitely only when following these rules!! 

Bringing the Ease into Faucets and Plumbing Fixtures... Glamorously

Lately, we have been selecting plumbing fixture after plumbing fixture!

And our first decision is always... how can we make this selection glamorous AND useful? 

Some of the top brands have come out with touchless technology that is invigorating:
This idea allows you to use your kitchen sink without contaminating the handle with raw meat or a messy chocolate covered hand.

Our 2nd question is always ... what will the finish be?
Our current top two finishes are POLISHED NICKEL and CHROME.

(the Delta Vero Collection)

According to Houzz, read on the find out the difference between the two finishes!


If you like a smooth, shiny finish but are tired of chrome, try polished nickel. 
It's darker than chrome, and with different levels of lighting it can appear to change in color.

(an American Standard Faucet from our visit to Ferguson for a custom Highland Park build!)

(a Brizo Faucet from our visit to Ferguson for a custom Highland Park build!)

Advantages: Easy to clean. A durable finish. A great alternative to brushed nickel.

Disadvantages: More expensive. It's hard to find matching accessories or fixtures for it.

Styles it works with: Like chrome, it looks great in a variety of settings: modern, 
contemporary, traditional and eclectic.


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