Thursday, April 27, 2017

Design Delivered - An Accessories Project

Have you ever had room that just wasn't "complete"? 

You have all the bones, but the walls are still empty, your windows are lonely and there isn't a spot of color in the place ....

Our Design Delivered packages can help even with that!

This wonderful long-time client has used our Design Delivered packages over the years through rooms of her home. This time she was ready to complete her dining room!

She already had her dining room furniture, but the rest of the canvas was empty. 

We coordinated with existing colors throughout her home to form this sea blue/green and soft yellow color scheme. With a few wall art pieces, mirrors and a new light fixture, the place quickly began looking like TCI had stepped in. We suggested drapery, table linens and accessories to finish it all off!

Keep us posted with your latest project, and just maybe we can transform your space as well!

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