Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Add a LOAD of Colors to your Laundry Room

Ready to SPRING into action this season? Why not start with a favorite ---

Laundry Room design.

We recently completed this gutted laundry room ... check it out!

An awesome light fixture adorns this laundry room remodel's ceiling:

And we spared no expense on this unique tile backsplash for the walls!

But maybe our favorite touch, is this Osborne and Little dog print wallpaper for the dog's room ;)

Want to see the end result?!

Laundry rooms don't have to be boring and useless. Why not throw a load of colors in??

1. In cabinetry: Lacquer the cabinets in a bright and fun color

2. Wall covering - show some flirt and make the walls shine!

3. Make the ceiling exciting! Add a unique light fixture and paint the ceiling.

 4. Be bold. Add tile and don't make it the boring stuff.

Can't wait to find a load of colors to add to OUR own laundry rooms!

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