Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Innately Durable Kitchen Seating

Kitchens are the most used, most messy, most beautiful, and many times most focal point of a home.

Which means ...
It gets a LOT of use.

While we can use faux leathers many times to make beautiful furniture pieces, there is one type of seating that is wipeable, stain proof and inherently durable.

Plastic and Metal Seating:

Metal seating can come in a variety of colors. From gunmetal, to painted colored metal, to bright metals... what used to be a farmhouse classic has now transformed to a modern, clean lined vision to keep kitchens cleaner!

Another beautiful way to showcase good design that won't fall victim to ketchup stains or red wine is to set your table with plastic. Yes... you heard us right... plastic. Check out this design below from Houzz that gives us a great picture of plastic ;)

Acrylic: We LOVE. This clear backed beauty creates ease, style and chic design for many different styles. 

Whether traditional, modern, or a little in between this acrylic chair look will be able to stay clean for years to come.

And guess what -- acrylic comes in COLORS too! To fit any color scheme or design. These tips are our tricks to keeping a space glamorous with EASE.

At TCI, that is our goal... and mission. 

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