Thursday, September 14, 2017

Make your bathroom wall go WILD.

The latest and greatest trend in a small OR large bathroom is to tile-play. 

What does that mean? Get crazy with your tile. Don't play it safe. Pick something that looks insane in the showroom, but will wake you up in the morning with a bang!

AND Its our little secret -- This can give your bathroom the look of LUXURY you are looking for, without much upkeep. Tile is easy to clean, and will take up a large space... thus eliminating the need for art.

The larger the pattern, the bigger impact it has. 

REPETITION: The same larger pattern on repeat creates rhythm and sanity for a busy yet powerful wall.

ABSTRACT: The various tile work that is actually artwork to the room gives the room a "cleanable" way to decorate 

COLOR: Don't bring in just pattern, but in a fun and whimsical room... pop the color!

SMALL PATTERN: And yes sometimes a smaller pattern can be just the ticket for the space. A more form fitted pattern helps to find a reason in chaos.

Turn those bathrooms into something NEW!

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