Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tile Layouts You Haven't Thought Of

We've all seen the subway tile... countless brick-lays, straight lays all day long. 
These have a time and place... FOR SURE. But want to step it up? Change the game?

Here are 4 new thoughts to consider:

Fish Scales - a small, yet different shape. It mixes the lines of clean and curvy. And turns eyes all day long.

Look DOWN - Think hexagons instead of squares. This changes up the everyday norm and gives you something happy to walk on.

Stripes - You don't have to worry about vertical or horizontal stripes forming your figure like in fashion. Stripes on the floor look great EITHER way.

Large scale - Don't want to see the grout lines, or want to make it appear as one continuous space? Go big or go home.
Try something NEW!

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